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Monday, December 31, 2018

2019 New Year's Resolutions & Another Thank You to You

~ 2019 New Year's Eve fireworks in Sydney, Australia..

It's almost New Year's 2019 in the US and that means time for some new year's resolutions..  Ours is simple n' sweet..

We at A&G in 2019 resolve to:

Continue to be honest and truthful; blunt if need be, to present points of view you will not find elsewhere
Continue to provoke thought in our followers and always encourage you to decide for yourself even if it means completely disagreeing with what we express; our goal has always been to stimulate thought and debate.. We will be just as committed in the new year..

Continue to respect and appreciate our ever-growing readership which has expanded over the last 8+ years to levels we never anticipated when first starting out, and it is all through your kind word of mouth

Continue to promote Individuality over the mindset of the collective and demonstrate that overall America is a most Beautiful, Special and Blessed nation full of goodness & for the most part good people (liberal social progressive white guilt ideologues being the exception)
Lastly we resolve to continue making A&G the best it can be as we approach the new year and a place you will want to return to as often in the future as you've shown in the present.

Thank you for your continued readership and loyalty

We will be back Wed Jan 2nd

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Credit Card Fraud: Do C.C. Companies Really Care?

Yesterday morning, yours truly wakes up to a phone call from my credit card company - seems there were some potential fraudulent purchases made on my card the previous evening and they wanted to see if I really made those charges or no

After informing the person on the phone that I did not, basically I had to confirm some information on file, go over some potential fraud transactions, then my account was to be closed until a new card with new numbers would be sent to me..

I am positive this exact scenario has happened to many of you at some point and the process works out the same - you find out someone used your card, you let the card company know, you aren't charged and get a new card..  Done
But two questions remained from this situation which left me curious:

1)  Did the card company know who was responsible for the fraud?

2)  Did they genuinely care to find out and go after the criminal(s)?

The answer to #1 I never found out because the person on the phone didn't wish to tell me anything - I wasn't going to be charged and wasn't responsible for the transactions so that was the end of my involvement in the matter

The answer to #2 I ended up talking with people and then looking it up on the internet to confirm they were correct in their cynicism
Essentially it comes down to this:  If the credit card fraud comes to around $1,000 or less, they really do not care to take the time or commit the resources to perusing the matter

Unless the fraudster is a repeat offender or uses the stolen card number for large purchases, then he, she or they got away with theft without a worry

Fraud is something that credit card companies basically bake into the cake, meaning they assume every year they will take financial losses based on people stealing and using others' card so as long as the fiscal year total doesn't exceed lets say $75 to $90 million, they just shrug and write off the fraud.
Here are some scenarios based on a website I researched on this topic and what credit card companies will or will not bother to do:

Scenario 1: You lose your wallet, someone steals your credit card, test-charges it at a gas station, goes and buys some merchandise at Wal-Mart and it all addes up to less than $600.

Result: You call, they close your account, send you a new card, and toss that fraud into the “never going to get it back” pile. In some cases, they can charge it back to the merchant. In other cases, they can’t.

Either way, they won’t pull the video from Wal-Mart. And they won’t try to prosecute the perp, though if you file a police report, your local police department may try to catch him. Or may not.. The credit card issuer almost certainly will not make an attempt, however.
Scenario 2: Your card number is included in a large-scale compromise (not identity theft, but maybe a merchant is hacked and loses a bunch of credit card numbers). There may or may not be fraud charges.

Result: The bank usually catches this before you do. When they do, there’s almost no fraud to charge off (or very little, comparatively).

If it’s fraud from the merchant involved in the compromise, the bank will put it back on the merchant to eat the fraud. They close your account and issue a new card.

Based on the nature of the compromise, the bank may pursue legal action against the merchant or work with LEAs to find the responsible parties, but frequently these hackers vanish into the mist.
Scenario 3: Your scummy cousin steals his elderly grandmother’s credit cards, changes the pin number, pulls out huge cash advances and buys drugs (this scenario occurs more frequently than many realize)

Result: If the bank finds evidence that it was a family member committing the fraud (even in cases of identity theft), investigators will do their best to hold the original cardholder responsible..

Cash fraud on credit cards is frequently from a relative/friend of the cardholder. Banks will usually require a police report to even consider forgiving the fraud.

So if someone fraudulently uses a card, hope its not family or someone you know or you're on the hook
Scenario 4: Habitual perps:  People who continually steal cards from others, then while faking the victims' identities, request credit limit increases then basically go to down, charging up a storm

Result: Investigators will eventually set up a couple of attempted sting operations..  If they succeed, great.. If not, the credit company gives up and stops pursuit

Scenario 5: Full on identity theft by a ring/someone you don’t know.

Result: Investigators look for patterns in the ID theft to find any leads to follow. Again, they work with law enforcement agents and other banks to find any trends in an attempt to stop the ring.

Then, they try to sell you their identity protection insurance.
So the conclusion is that in most cases, it costs the bank more in money and manpower to go after the criminals than to just simply write off the fraud or charge it back to the merchant.

Only with large-scale compromises, familiar fraud (scummy cousin), and repeat offenders will the bank try to go after the perpetrator. Though in almost every case, the cardholder signs an affidavit, so at least there’s a record.

Now compare all this to a person who steals $5 from a cash register or walks out of a supermarket with a unpaid loaf of bread..

Think that will be ignored and written off?

Kind of a fucked up financial and criminal system we live in, yes?

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Doth How We Hate Liberal Media.. Let Us Count the Ways

God how we hate liberals..   deeply, Deeply, DEEPLY so..

Especially the media.

Remember Monday.. Christmas Eve day.. Dow drops 650 points because of partial government shutdown fears and by implication that Trump is an asshole who doesn't know what the hell he's doing

Remember all scare tactics that this was the beginning of great big pullback that would lead to a massive run and then look out.. 2008 all over again..

Remember that?
Yesterday, the first trading day after Christmas the Dow went up 1,086 points to close at 22,878

Where are the liberal feces in the media to report that turnaround?

The feces ridden media then made a big deal that Trump had not ever visited the troops in all his time in office compared to the black tar Obama who visited within the first couple months then rewarded' the troops by keeping them there the full 8 years of his Presidency
Then Trump went over to Iraq on Christmas evening.. The troops were incredibly excited and he told them that his goal was to bring them home like he will be doing in Syria as soon as possible

The liberal fuck media covered it briefly.

Then they kept making a big deal over the last couple days over the partial shutdown as if it meant something to most of the 320+ million Americans who function perfectly well without the Federal government and its contingent of lifetime security employees
Remember the government shutdowns of 1995 & 1996 between Bill Clinton and the Republican controlled Congress?

Most likely not..    Why?  Because it wasn't worth remembering just like this partial shutdown will not be remembered by anyone

Besides, no one is ever affected in any meaningful way from a shutdown since welfare, Social Security. food stamps, etc never stops being delivered to those who need it (and many in some urban communities who do not)
And if let's say Trump wins, gets his $5 billion and the partial shutdown ends?

You know those deeply despicable people will never give Trump credit

One bullshit sensationalist non-news story after another

No one knows what the future will hold in 2019 but right now.. this second.. this very moment, Trump's first 2 years in office while not perfect is the best of any President in post WWII America, accomplishing more and boosting the overall economy greater than any before him
And the liberal hate is so distorted and mentally sick, they can not and will not give a great President who was far superior to their mulatto mother-trucker any credit whatsoever, even daring to suggest Obama should somehow get the credit for a full recovery which never took place during his 8 years of hell..

Their hate makes us hate and the cycle goes on and on

And it is pretty pathetic when people of color have seen their unemployment rate go down 47% in just 4 years (2018 v 2014) and yet are so slave/plantation minded, they overwhelmingly voted Democrat in November's midterms in spite of Trumps constant nauseating pandering to those people including recent legislation to help ex-convicts (mostly black) find work after they're released
We don't expect donkeys to change how they think - asses be asses

We do hope in 2019, Trump starts changing back to the very aggressive, take no shit candidate that destroyed the competition among fellow GOP nominees and then that rancid dyke Hillary and not be conciliatory toward the bertuccia Nancy Pelosi

'Bertuccia is Italian for ugly old Italian woman
Sorry but it is impossible to speak even with basic neutral subtlety about a group of people who are just so genuinely rotten and evil to the core, and who control every single apparatus of public discourse and information gathering from news to entertainment in all its forms

We've seen liberals over the decades work in single minded concentration to destroy everything about America that is good and wholesome and moral and pure

Now they're in overdrive.
And those media outlets who claim to be conservative..  Actually they never have..  They are 'fair and balanced' or deluge the reader with endless 'gotcha' captions to get you to click to appease their advertisers

Few to no media outlet, establishment or otherwise speaks in brutally honest truth about the state of the nation and the world

We're happy to do it but certainly there must be others out there?

You'd think?!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

One Raindrop At a Time Upon The Blissfully Unaware

Well we're back...  Hope you had a good Christmas and onward we go..

Guess if we were like all the TV and print news, we would talk nonstop about this partial government shutdown as if it was supposed to mean something terrible for the nation

Or maybe make reference to the drop in the stock market on Monday by 650 points or whatever which is really only 2.8% of its valuation i.e. not a big deal and we all know then there is a dip, the deeply greedy swoop in to buy more stocks and everything returns to normal
No we're going to talk once again about how distorted advertising is when it comes to accurately projecting race, ethnicity and sexual orientation in our society and use T-Mobile as our starting point

For those customers who use that cellphone company, every week through their app for 'T-Mobile Tuesdays' they give their users discounts on things like RedBox or Dunkin Donuts, etc..

So being Tuesday, yours truly clicked the app to see what were the deals for the week
At the very top, it says 'Holiday deals, all wrapped up' and the photo shows 4 people in their 20s opening gifts and laughing together in someone's home..  3 women, one being black with intentional nappy frizz and 1 black man

Um, ok..

Then I scroll down..  There is an offer for $5 off a movie ticket..

In the photo there are 5 people in their 20s in a movie theater smiling for a selfie (because who doesn't take group selfies in a theater)..

2 whites, 2 Hispanics and one mulatto female with that exaggerated nappy frizz hairstyle to show they're 50% white but 100% embrace their blackness
Next was a discount for 25 cents off per gallon of gas..

In the picture are two female friends in their 20s smiling and laughing in a car - the driver, the one in the position of control and dominance in an automobile was, you guessed it -- black.. the passenger is white

Then next is a discount for $20 dining credit through some company

In the accompanying photo are 4 people in their 20s (guess everyone over 29 is dead in the world of advertising) - there are two couples..  2 whites and 2 blacks but they're not sitting together at the restaurant table

Nope.. one side has a pretty white girl with a colored guy and on the other side of the table, a weak emasculated white guy is sitting next to what is supposed to be his frizzed out nappy-haired mulatto girlfriend

Fuckin' Hell!
At the bottom of the page there's a woman who looks Hispanic or Indian holding her phone and smiling at it as it says 'Play for a chance to Win' next to it..

Guess all the white struggling actors were too busy being restaurant servers and busing tables to head over to T-Mobile's casting call

A few weeks ago, T-Mobile had a theme for its discount app called 'Tis' the Season for Giving' and the accompanying photo was a loving couple, one giving a gift to another

Except this was a couple of faggots.. One behind the other with one arm wrapped in an embrace and the other giving his gift of 'love'
Only 10% of people are gay but in the world of advertising its 50%

This is just one of millions of examples of the horrible society we've created mainly because those bothered by it never felt like bothering to do anything about it

And now its a part of our daily lives..  This onslaught of black exceptionalism and secular progressivism that no one can escape, especially the young and impressionable who have this force-fed every day through pop culture and the public school system

Every ad has to have blacks in it.. one.. two.. everyone..  Sometimes black couples.. sometimes whole families..
Sometimes a token white is allowed if she plays the role of leg spreader of the black male and the mixed children which come out of her

Let's put it this way..  If you turned on any TV channel and played a 'game' where you took a shot of vodka every time you saw a commercial with needless black representation, you'd be thoroughly drunk in 15 minutes and probably be dead of alcohol poisoning within 30

There are certain statistical facts you must remember and keep remembering no matter how hard white guilt/shame liberals want you to ignore..
- Blacks only represent 14% of the population.. 1 in 7.. That's it..

- Only 10% of all marriages are between people who are black/white

- Only 8% of all children born in this nation are mulatto

They are Not the majority in Any segment of our society!
And yet Madison Avenue and the corporations they work for along with movies, television and all other forms of liberal control continue to depict a phony world where blacks are the dominant race and dominant population, everyone is dating outside their race and bi-racial children are not only 'beautiful' but cool

You are married to a person of your own race/ethnicity and your children have a true identity as a result?

'What losers you are.. Get with the times, man!  Gotta get yourself someone different than you who doesn't share your history, traditions, culture and values - Everyone's doin' it..  Haven't you heard?'

That's the hard push..
Now the question that no one asks or bothers to answer is 'Why'

Simple.. To have a true globalized world with one centralized government (UN), one centralized set of laws.. one centralized currency and taxation..   You have to have everyone become One

No national identity.. No racial, ethnic or religious identity

Just secular, agnostic/atheist and 50 degrees of caramel

Heterosexual.. Homosexual.. Bisexual.. Pansexual or you like to fuck sheep..  No one judges anyone
No one holds any moral compass..  We're all people and should love and accept and tolerate one another..  Well unless you're Conservative or Southern or Midwestern or Christian - then it OK to be as vicious and derogatory as possible

No distinctions.. No differences.. No 1st place.. No winners.. No losers  Everyone gets a ribbon

All just Earthlings under the auspice of a centralized world controlled by centralized banking

Absolutely nothing is accidental.. Not in an advertisement or movie or TV show and not when it comes to social change
Any social change happens only because others more powerful than us allow it and see some kind of financial profit or ability to control the collective easier

So something like a T-Mobile app may seem harmless or inconsequential

It's just a rain drop among so many that keeps falling upon the saturated brains of the blissfully unaware

Friday, December 21, 2018

We Thought Trump Folded.. Were We Wrong?

Seems with Christmas nearly upon us, some of us at A&G have taken the decision to post things light, frothy and in the holiday spirit of 'fun' so to avoid anything tense or critical that might spoil Christmas cheer

Guess yours truly will briefly play the Grinch

We at A&G love Trump overall..  policy wise we couldn't ask for a better President and we state this very often here

But it does not mean one can not also feel a maddening feeling of frustration either; a feeling of 'Wake up, Sir!  ~ shake shake~  Where's the aggressive dominant bastard I voted for?'
We know Geminis can be all over the place mentally (his astrological sign) and so inconsistent in thought and deed but still..

On Monday his Press Secretary states Trump has decided there will be no partial shutdown and he will find the $5 billion elsewhere, which really was a downer since Dems saw it as a victory

Then yesterday he supposedly came to his senses and said there will be a shutdown and it will be prolonged if need be (Yay! if he's sincere.. Who knows?)
Republicans in control of the House for another 10 days got the $5 billion wall appropriation bill passed on Thurs and yet the Republican controlled Senate refuses to support it!


Last week Trump said if there was a shutdown, he'd happily take credit..

Today in a tweet, he said it would be a Democrat shutdown
That part doesn't matter all too much except to show that its sometimes very hard to figure if what Trump says, he will follow through on

In two years as President, he's yet to get into a true bare-knuckles scrap with those Evil, rotten Democrats over anything

He tried to dismantle Obamacare..  The Senate failed him because that fucking cadaver John McCain, a man not worth spitting on, did a spiteful 180 and reversed his promise to support the measure,  then thankfully died

Trump never re-engaged those parasites on the left over it
The whole battle over Justice Kavanaugh, even though he got his nominee through, that was still not a situation where Trump could use Presidential power to punish liberals

This is the first true test of how strong Trump really is or isn't

Remember this is not a full shutdown.. only a partial one.  Only Federal government employees are affected so if you're not one of them or dependent on their paycheck to survive, don't feel bad for them
Government employees have more benefits, perks and job security than you in the public sector will ever have and if one is colored, they can practically rape or kill someone and not even receive a pay reduction much less job termination

Social Security checks will still be sent..  So will welfare and food stamps and every other kind of financial assistance that 1/3 of the nation depends on to survive

So let government be shutdown and if it takes a full year to get those G-D Democrats to put the nation before their political party, then so be it

Assuming of course Trump has the courage to follow through with the tough talk
Then there's this whole thing with the pullout of troops from Syria which we support

But why the Hell is the Commander in Chief taking a posture of asking why our troops are still there instead of simply saying 'I ordered them pulled out of Syria..  Done!'

God knows how many times he tweets things where he seems to demand and you and we take care of something that only he as President has the power to actually do!

And it just makes him look so weak to the Enemy of the State - Dems
When we think of Democrats, we see them as they are and not as they wish to be seen, and to us they are rats and roaches

And just like in real life when you have an infestation, you have to control it; to really go after them or they will spread and contaminate every every aspect of your home and essentially take over

No different here except Republicans especially Presidents have either never seen Democrats in an accurate light or just didn't care or wish to bother confronting them
In a way, the old South of the 19th century was the same - for better or worse, the North refused to deal with slavery directly one way or another for 80 years; took the cowardly way of compromise

So obvious Republicans do that now with Democrats - been happening for decades where you have a complete refusal to engage the enemy and fight a protracted war as to what direction this nation is headed - traditional and conservative or immoral and social progressive?

Guess who won that and seems to keep winning?
Wonder if Trump can be the modern version of Lincoln and make a concerted effort to genuinely put the Democrats down or will he treat this fight and the next two years as a series of weak compromises as the liberal-controlled House works feverishly to impeach him?

How Trump handles this border wall fight will tell us a lot and right now we wouldn't place a dime's wager one way or another

Our next posting will be on Wednesday, Dec 26th unless something genuinely important happens, and government partial shutdown is not worthy of a pre-Christmas post

Merry Christmas to all our wonderful, loyal readers!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Interesting Trivia On How Christmas Songs Came To Be (Pt 2)

Hope you liked yesterday's post which was part I..

Today is Part II, explaining how many other famous Christmas and holiday favorites came to be..

We hope you find it just as interesting & enjoy along with the winter themed Civil War art~
'The First Noel' -- It is a traditional classical English Christmas carol of the early 19th century with its current form of Cornish origin (Cornwall is located in the southwest part of England)

The melody is unusual among English folk melodies in that it consists of one musical phrase repeated twice, followed by a refrain which is a variation on that phrase
'Jingle Bells' -- Written and published under the title "One Horse Open Sleigh" in the autumn of 1857.   Even though it is now associated with the Christmas and holiday season, it was actually originally written for American Thanksgiving

The song was often used as a drinking song at parties: people would jingle the ice in their glasses as they sung.

'O Little Town of Bethlehem' -- The text was written by Phillips Brooks (1835–1893), an Episcopal priest, rector of the Church of the Holy Trinity, Philadelphia. He was inspired by visiting the village of Bethlehem in the Sanjak of Jerusalem in 1865.

Three years later, he wrote the poem for his church and his organist, Lewis Redner, added the music.
'Joy to the World' -- The words are by English hymn writer Isaac Watts, based on the second half of Psalm 98 in the Bible. The song was first published in 1719

The music was adapted and arranged to Watts' lyrics by Lowell Mason in 1839 from an older melody which was then believed to have originated from Handel, not least because the theme of the refrain (And heaven and nature sing...) appears in the orchestra opening and accompaniment of the recitative Comfort ye from Handel's 'Messiah'
'Sleigh Ride' -- Composed by Leroy Anderson. The composer had the original idea for the piece during a heat wave in July 1946 and finished the work in February 1948.

It was originally an instrumental piece; the lyrics, about a person who would like to ride in a sleigh on a winter's day with another person, were written by Mitchell Parish in 1950.

The orchestral version was first recorded in 1949 by Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra

Although "Sleigh Ride" is often associated with Christmas, and appears on Christmas compilation albums, the song's lyrics mention no holiday or religion (apart from certain recordings, such as those by the Carpenters that substitute "Christmas party" for "birthday party" in the song's bridge)
'Happy Holiday' -- Happy Holiday" was introduced by Bing Crosby in the 1942 film Holiday Inn, where it is performed in a medley with the title song.

While it is commonly regarded as a Christmas song, in the film it is performed on New Year's Eve, and expresses a wish for the listener to enjoy "happy holidays" throughout the entire year.

For better or worse, the song helped to popularize the phrase "Happy Holidays" as a common greeting during the Christmas and holiday season in the United States
' My Favorite Things' -- A popular number from the 1959 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical 'The Sound of Music.'

The song was first sung as a duet between Maria (played by Mary Martin) and Mother Abbess (Patricia Neway) in the original 1959 Broadway production and by Julie Andrews in The Garry Moore Show's 1961 Christmas special and the 1965 film.

The song was written to be sung by a young woman scared of facing new responsibilities outside the convent but the Winter-time imagery of the lyrics has made "My Favorite Things" a popular selection during the Christmas Holiday season,

The song mentions Silver White Winters, Whiskers on kittens, Snowflakes, Bright copper kettle, Warm-woolen mittens, Brown Paper Packages tied up with Strings, Sleigh Bells, Geese flying at night, etc
'Toyland' -- from the operetta 'Babes in Toyland', composed around 1903 by Victor Herbert with a libretto by Glen MacDonough which wove together various characters from Mother Goose nursery rhymes into a Christmas-themed musical extravaganza. 

'The Little Drummer Boy' --  Originally known as "Carol of the Drum", written by American classical music composer and teacher Katherine Kennicott Davis in 1941 based on a traditional Czech carol.

It was recorded in 1955 by the Trapp Family Singers and further popularized by a 1958 recording by the Harry Simeone Chorale
 'I'll Be Home For Christmas' -- recorded in 1943 by Bing Crosby;  originally written to honor soldiers overseas who longed to be home at Christmastime

The song is sung from the point of view of a soldier stationed overseas during WWII, writing a letter to his family. In the message, he tells the family he will be coming home and to prepare the holiday for him, and requests snow, mistletoe, and presents on the tree. 

The song ends on a melancholy note, with the soldier saying, "I'll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams".
When the song was originally pitched to people in the music business, they turned it down because the final line was too sad for all those separated from their loved ones in the military. 

Bing ultimately decided to record it and it became a top-ten hit..

There are many many other Christmas & Holiday songs out there but hopefully you enjoyed the ones we presented..