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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Feb is Black History Month, Today is White History Day

Normally the day after a State of the Union address, one goes about analyzing and grading it

But really the only aspect of it that we recall is how often those absolute worthless bastard Democrats would stay in their seats and not applaud no matter how many times Trump extended olive branches or spoke of policy they actually agree on
Improve infrastructure  -  they sit

Honoring and respecting veterans - they sit and ignore

Parents of two black daughters murdered by Hispanic illegals - they sit and look away

Mentioning that a family making under $24k will not pay a penny in tax with his plan - the supposed champions of the poor sit while some actually were texting on their phones

Giving assistance to ex-cons (they're mostly blacks) who can't get jobs - they sit especially the black Congresspeople as they chit chat with each other
That's why our version of the State of the Union (written yesterday) was better because we didn't need 90 minutes to attack who needed attacking and it was devoid of flowery words and other bullshit that means nothing to enemies of the state i.e. liberals

But that is that..  Time moves on to the next news inconsequentiality..  one that starts tomorrow

We're going to have 28 days of complete total irrelevance and importance shoved in our faces called 'Black History Month' where we're all forced to learn about people who were on the periphery of historical relevance and treated like they were the main focus
For example, everyone knows about the Boston Massacre which was one of the events leading up to the American Revolution and everyone loves mentioning the name Crispus Attackus because he was one of the 5 who were shot and killed by the British as in 'see, blacks fought for our liberty'

OK..  Name the other 4 who were slain?

Name any of the other 4 who's lives were cut in the prime of their lives and died protesting the Crown?
Bet you'd know their names if they were negroes because your schoolteachers would have drilled those names into your memory as fervent as they did Attackus

The other dead were Samuel Gray, James Caldwell, Samuel Maverick and Patrick Carr..

We looked it up on the Boston Massacre historical website and guess which of the five names was listed first?   Yep..
So in anticipation of Black History Month, we're going to take one day.. this day.. and celebrate White History

We're not doing this because we believe one race is superior to another - choosing to feel pride in something you did not accomplish or achieve is absolutely idiotic - but it seems people, especially blacks and white-guilters really forget how much Caucasians have contributed to this nation from its inception

Did you know every person involved in the discovery of the New World and those who came over on the Mayflower in 1620 were white?

Not a single black contributed anything to the discovery of any of the territories which became the 13 colonies much less had even the smallest input in the creation of any county, city or township or really much of anything for most of our history as a nation

Peanut butter and jazz excluded

Did you know around 250,000 men served in the Continental Army during American Revolution, with 243,000 of them being whites?

History loves focusing on the 7,000 blacks who served as being more important but they weren't
Also did you know a few thousand blacks did fight for the British and shot/killed those on our side?

Isn't that just lovely..

Did you know every learned, intellectual responsible for the creation of this nation from the Constitution to Bill of Rights to establishment of the laws that set up this nation were done by someone not black?

Did you know there actually was a time when life did not revolve around them?
Did you know for most of US history up until Vietnam, blacks in the military have been very small and inconsequential in numbers compared to whites yet their service is always made more important and their contribution given far more gravitas than deserved?

For instance, during the Civil War, Massachusetts sent to the front lines 64 regiments of men..

How many of those are talked about?   How many soppy revisionist movies were made on regiments from Mass?

Just the 54th.. 
No one gives a shit about the 53rd or 55th; how many of them died and left widows and fatherless sons or lost limbs in battle fighting to preserve the Union

Nope.. only the colored regiment matters in teaching history and we're all taught to accept this way of thinking as perfectly acceptable because it makes people feel good like eating nutrition-less candy.. 

Did you know every invention of any importance from the steam engine to automobile to the locomotive to electricity to airplanes to computers to cell phones was by someone white?
We could go on but we'd be writing for days and days to mention all the accomplishments and acts of significance that matter by white people

Honestly, its sickening and pathetic we'd even have to waste time writing something like what we just did

But that's how horrible this society has gotten with the incessant need to promote, placate and pander to a black race that has contributed so little compared to other races and yet needs to constantly trumpet itself
The inferiority complex stench which they emanate is quite repulsive

We hope one day they get it through their damn heads that the only thing that matters is the self; the Individual and to celebrate personal accomplishment and achievement in life rather than continually take pride in something as worthless as skin color

Other groups, especially Jewish people had it far far worse than blacks;  they don't like hearing it but it is true
We have a feeling 100 years from now, it will still be a Black History Month and every single street, school, building and park will be named after someone black and it won't change a thing

No we're not glass half-empty sorts..

When it comes to race, blacks and this incessant need to feel pride in something as silly as being proud over eye color, we've always seen the 'glass' as completely empty

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

How We Wish the 2018 State of the Union Would Go..

Tonight, Trump will be delivering his 2nd State of the Union address in front of Congress

Really all that is required of a President legally is to present it in writing to the Speaker of the House and nothing more but in the age of television, Presidents started appearing in person to deliver the State of the Union out loud to an audience

So what will be said tonight?

We'll all find out soon enough and of course since all media have copies of the speech in advance, they'll give away all tinteresting nuggets good and bad before he speaks..

What to us is more important is what the State of the Union speech Should be saying ficticious shortened version of what we would like him to say:
To the American people..

2017 in many ways has been the best year for this nation since the Obama years

He was and in fact is a rotten, despicable man and I've done my best to roll back as many of his disastrous policies as possible with much more work to do in 2018

By extension there is a toxic stench in the air in Washington left behind by that deeply despicable man which is connected to the obstructionist position of Congressional Democrats and up to the massive widespread corruption in the FBI
We all know who was behind the order given to wiretap me during the election and create and perpetuate the lie of collusion between myself and Russia

The corruption all starts at the top with a small small man with smaller ego and blacker soul - Ultimately the truth will come out

So much illegality and rottenness in the political power recesses of Washington..  Can you imagine how horrible it would have been had that vile Hillary won?
My administration has had to work hard and overcome a lot of obstacles and pettiness and yet we've accomplished a lot in my goal as President to make America safer, stronger and rebuild the economy

I admit now that its passed into law, my tax plan is very faulty and honestly I'm not sure if it really will translate to anything meaningful for the middle and lower classes but I had to try something after years of 1.5% GDP growth so we'll see..

My focus this year will be on getting funding to finally start building the wall..  I know I promised Mexico will pay for it but right now I just need Congress to advance the funding..
When illegals enter our nation, they are not the best and brightest..  They aren't doctors, scientists and engineers with PhD's sneaking across the border

These people come in.. get welfare, health benefits, good education for their children and give nothing in return; in many cases they are criminals who bring drugs into our nation and commit violent crimes

Democrats will always support illegals because it means votes and establishment Republicans support illegals because it means cheap labor

My focus and concern is on America
Also later this year the Supreme Court will be voting on the constitutionality of my executive order to keep bad people from the Middle East out of our country and if so, we hope it will stop these petty lower court liberal judges from making law instead of interpreting it

There are a lot of things to get done to make this country better and it's going to be difficult because Democrats are just so evil to their core and wrong on pretty much every value and belief they hold dear

They call themselves loyal opposition but nothing loyal about them

But I am more determined than ever to continue to improve this nation after decades of incompetent leadership from the two dunce Bushes to immoral and unethical Bill Clinton to the last 8 years of a true black snake
It won't be easy.. A lot of work ahead and a lying, deceitful mainstream media that will not cover this Administration with any fairness or objectivity

Past Presidents such as Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson threw these rotten scummy people into jail because they shown themselves to be saboteurs and enemies to the state...  I admit its rather tempting

50% of this country are good, decent, hardworking people who love this nation, its history and traditions and want to see us succeed; the other 50% are not

But I am President of all of America I will continue to make this country great again in spite of them and I will do so by any means possible even if I have to pathetically pander to every group who desperately needs it to feel better about themselves
Even Presidents have to make sacrifices and if I have to talk down to certain racial, ethnic or gender groups because they need preferential treatment, so be it

The State of the Union is Good and getting Better..

We're on the right track and we won't get distracted or detailed by noise and fake news..

God Bless America.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Tax Cuts Creating New Jobs - The Ultimate Dupe

Yesterday we heard that thanks to the Trump tax cuts, Starbucks was giving its employees raises and stock options

Add them to what seems dozens of major corporations giving bonuses and other perks to those already working for them to share in the wealth as it were of all that money these businesses will be saving

Trump certainly trumps it (pun meant) at every speech
Hmm..  Could have sworn the big selling point of getting the tax cuts passed was it would create NEW jobs...

We've yet to hear any news story of a corporation saying that thanks to the tax cuts, they will be expanding hiring

So what you have is a continuation of a society where those who work get a little tiny bit more that ends up not being much of anything and those who do not have much of anything including a job pretty much in the same situation
We support Trump on a lot of things but we've Hated this tax plan since it was first brought up during the 2016 campaign and we haven't changed one iota on it

So many people out of work and no one in positions of power really ever wants to do anything to alleviate it..

All they want to do is reform welfare (Trump has said he desires tackling this issue sometime in 2018)

And no, we do not consider an increase in food service or hospitality jobs where people make bare-bones to be satisfactory job creation
It's like all these God Damn 'Dreamers' that everyone is supposed to feel such great empathy for as if these people are the only ones with dreams

There are a million of them.. They are illegals.

Doesn't matter if it was purposeful or of no fault of their own, they are here illegally and should All be kicked the hell out; treated like any other illegal in any other circumstance
Every job an illegal 'dreamer' holds is a job that a native born or LEGAL immigrant can be doing and a lot of them hold good paying jobs

1 million illegals kicked out.. 1 million new job openings for people who are true citizens

But nope, that's not how we're all supposed to think and everyone Dem and Rep including Trump is positioning themselves to want to help these damn people stay and yet kick out others
The only reason Trump hasn't already signed some Executive Order allowing them to stay is he's trying to use DACA as a bargaining chip to get Dems to agree to pay for a wall that we were all told Mexico was to be paying for

And if the Dems hold firm and don't agree to compromise which they shouldn't since its obvious Trump is not sincere in kicking them out, then expect something to protect those people soon after..

No consistency whatsoever in policy
Government just wants to appear like they're doing something and businesses care more about the perception they they are tolerant, racially/ethnically diverse entities promoting a better world through their slick ad campaigns

There are currently 1.5 million Less people in the workforce today vs 2000

Our current population is over 327 million - in 2000 it was over 282 million

In 18 years, US population has grown by 45 million and we have 1.5 million Less people working!
Maybe eventually these heartless, soulless businesses will develop a conscious and focus on hiring more people for good paying jobs so we really can get the economy turning and not treat 2.8 to 3% quarterly growth as a celebration

We doubt it..

What should have happened is instead of tax cuts, it should have been set up as tax deductions
If Company ABC shows they hired X number of new employees during a calendar year without dumping current workers in a form of employment shell game, they see their tax rate halved..  If not, it stays at the current pre-Trump rate

That and that alone would have stimulated businesses to hire... Greed

Instead what happened with the tax cuts is no different than a person giving another $1000 in the belief the money would be used for necessities and instead that person went on a vacation
And then to show how inconsistent he is, Trump goes to Davos, Switzerland over the weekend which is where the wealthiest and most powerful of the financial world get together to figure out new ways to suck more wealth from the nations of the world and force everyone everyone into a financial global world order that they can control and manage

And he talks 'America First' but then emphasizes the importance of global trade and global cooperation and respect for global law...

Trump has done a lot of positive things so far and on non-economic policy we're pretty much in total support and agreement

But economically his worldview and policies are just as fucked up as Obama's and every other President we've had regardless of party

It's just sad and disappointing because when it comes to midterms and ultimately 2020 re-election, on economic matters working people and those seeking good paying jobs are fucked no matter who is in office

Friday, January 26, 2018

The Most Beautiful Letter in the Alphabet -- 'I'

Today's post is going to focus on Individualism which is different than individuality

Individuality takes its form in shallow empty presentations like choosing to wear your polo collar up when everyone wears it down and dying your hair blue or pink

Often what one thinks is individuality is actually conformism such as people needlessly getting tattoos to feel cool and rebellious when nearly everyone now has at least 2-3;  the true individuals do not have any
Individualism is far more important and in this society far more difficult to achieve and maintain

Everyone has expectations and demands upon them as to how they will act and behave and think and be..

For instance it is just a given that assuming a young person does well in high school, he/she will just automatically go to college
Doesn't matter if he/she really wants to go or has any clue why they're going or what they will get out of the experience academically, they're just supposed to go

The conformist allows the parent(s) to make the decision for them and keep going to school;  the individual either attends college because he/she chooses to do so or decides it is not the path for them at this time and doesn't

Like in this example, individualism takes bravery, great inner strength to put up with peer pressure and naysayers and a true commitment to the reality that you and you alone are captain of your own ship
This is extremely scary to many people; to make decisions to go against the tide and put themselves at risk of suffering for their choices.  Of course one's decisions to go against the grain could result in great financial and emotional reward as well but most don't see that possibility

We do not live in a society that encourages individualism

Individuality?  Sure.. 
Want to buy a CD?  Rap or hip hop or country or classical?  Go ahead.. Amazon gets your money no matter

Want to be a lawyer or doctor or a painter or a burger flipper..  Up to you..

But society is constructed such that you better be Something or everyone looks down on you and life is extremely difficult in terms of money, friendships, a love life, etc
'What do you do?'      I am being..

'No no..  I mean what do you for a living?'     I live to just Be

People will look at you as if you're insane.. 

Behavioral conditioning, folks..
And of course what is really going on when asked 'what do you do' is you're being sized up to see if you're worth their time to know - can they use you later on vis a vis networking or do you make enough $$ to be worth the bother of going on a date and possibly spreading their legs later..

No one is interested in one who Is..  Only one who Does

But that is individualism - to paraphrase Thoreau, to see a fork in the road and choose the path less traveled
Society does not want individualism..  It can not survive if everyone thought outside the box, questioned everything, lived spartan yet contented existences and made life choices which did not allow them to be controlled by others i.e. employers, spouses, etc

How could the local supermarket charge $2.70 for a half gallon of milk and $13.99/lb for NY Strip steak if everyone looked at the prices and went 'Fuck that!'

This is why to live the life of an individual can be very unhappy at times but if its one's true nature, how much happier can one be to live the life others expect of you
Individualism means you Do or you not Do.. or you Do when you are ready to Do and not a moment before..  And when you wish to stop Doing, you do not Do a moment further no matter what others think or want

It means when you create, no other has input..  They can suggest and you can block them out

What is yours is yours and no other; what choices you make big or small are made by you and you alone decide
There is no 'we' or 'us' and any choices/decisions made involving others are made because you wish to and not because you have to or are obligated to

People really have no full comprehension how much they are told what to think and believe and how to act and conduct themselves in the everyday world..

If one really takes the time to think, how much of who one person is is based on their own thoughts and feelings vs a need to fit in with others..
For example - do you have a favorite baseball team? 

How did you get to be a loyal fan -- Was it based on where you were born and everyone else liking them?  Was it a parent who loved that team and thus you ended up as well as a way of bonding and pleasing him/her?  Was it that local news covered them all the time so a familiarity was created like comfort food?

How much of that decision was really yours?
Personally it is the Texas Rangers.. 

Never been to Texas.. Don't know anyone there..  Don't live anywhere near there

I made a decision based on certain factors of my own choosing that I would root for them and so I do and when I wish to stop and ever find another to support, I will with no baggage from others impacting it

It's not even a rival team to the city I live in so there was no rebelliousness in it

My choice.. My decision..
Now in the grand scheme, choosing a baseball team to follow is inconsequential but it goes to a greater point..

When one takes stock of their life and all decisions, likes/dislikes big and small, quite often one did not arrive at these decisions on our own; subconscious conforming to others was involved

You see so many quotes on individualism.. All basically treated as little soundbites and blurb the mind absorbs for a fraction of a second
It takes work..  Real work to be an Individual and can not be achieved by buying new clothes or getting a wild haircut

You have to sift through your past, your life choices big and small and figure what was really your decision vs what did you decide that conformed to others

Why do I drink or smoke or eat cheeseburgers or vote Dem/Rep?

And you have to be comfortable in the reality that your personal choices may not be liked or understood by others and it does not matter
President Trump is an Individual (other than the pathetic race/gender pandering) and you see how others react to him.. 

With deep seething hatred

So much easier to swim in the ocean with the other fishies in the same direction

That is if you're into easy..

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Is Evil Something They Are.. Or Something They Do?

~ "I will get Trump one way or another.. You just watch! Heh Heh Heh.."

It is far too early to say if Trump will go down as one of the greatest Presidents ever (stopping the racial and gender pandering while ignoring who actually voted for him would help) but we can say he's among the toughest and strongest

We don't mean this in a physical sense - after all Washington chopped down cherry trees and Lincoln split rails
But when you look at the pure evil surrounding him in Washington from Democrats to some in his own party to the FBI, the lobbyists, media, globalists and other special interests, etc, the word 'swamp' doesn't do it justice

It is a morass.

And all the crap he's had to deal with on a non-stop basis of course started with him entering the ring to decide to run back in late 2015

And just how much evil is out there, we're just learning more and more as time passes
On Tuesday, a whistleblower revealed to Congress that clandestine, offsite meetings between high ranking FBI and Department of Justice officals took place in which ways were discussed to Trump after the 2016 election according to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI)

The bombshell revelation all but confirms a "secret society" alluded to in text messages released last Friday between two anti-Trump FBI employees tasked with investigating both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Recently as part of the 384 page document delivery, the Department of Justice notified Congressional investigators that five months of text messages from December 14, 2016 to May 17, 2017 have gone missing
Trump tweeted in response, "Where are the 50,000 important text messages between FBI lovers Lisa Page and Peter Strzok?  Blaming Samsung!"

And while Strzok and Page's communications for five months after the election apparently won't see the light of day, what we do know is that right before the election, Strzok and Page texted about an "insurance policy" against Donald Trump becoming President.

"I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy's office - that there's no way he [Trump] gets elected - but I'm afraid we can't take that risk." writes FBI counterintelligence officer Peter Strzok to FBI lawyer Lisa Page, with whom he was having an extramarital affair while spearheading both the Clinton email inquiry and the early Trump-Russia probe
'Andy' is Andrew McCabe who was then assistant Director in the FBI now currently holds the Director position

Strzok added, "It's like a life insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you're 40." 

Of course the enemy to the state i.e Democrats and FBI would like to paint this as rogue agents and not indicative of anything bigger but we all know that's now how things work

Everyone takes marching orders from someone
You don't illegally try to topple a candidacy for Pesident because of difference in politics and policy.. 

There are always those at or near the very top of the food chain that want to acquire or retain power, and who's egos are of monstrous proportions..  Sometimes they are people in the public; sometimes they are those who pull the strings behind the scenes

We really wouldn't be the least bit surprised if ultimately it came out all this was done with Team Hillary's coordination and/or black Obama's approval

Nothing yet but.. We're just saying it wouldn't surprise a bit.
So there's that..   Then there's all this continued bullshit the enemies to the state (Democrats) and mainstream news keep desperately pushing of a Trump-Russia collusion

Senator Johnson mentioned above is the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, said in a radio interview mentioned a "jaw-dropping" text message last year by Strozk sent to his mistress Page that suggests he saw no evidence of Trump campaign collusion.

May 19th, 2017-  'You and I both know the odds are nothing. If I thought it was likely, I'd be there no question.  I hesitate in part because of my gut sense and concern that there's no big there there.'
Johnson said that the text referred to the Mueller investigation, which had kicked off two days earlier. Strzok joined that team, but was removed in July after the Justice Department’s inspector general discovered his anti-Trump text exchanges with Page.

As the FBI’s deputy counterintelligence chief, Strzok had been picked in July 2016 to oversee the investigation into possible Trump campaign collusion with the Russian government

In other words the text message came almost one year after the anti-Trump FBI agent had already done preliminary work on whether there was any Trump collusion. Prior to that, he was a top investigator on the Clinton email inquiry.
Of course special prosecutor Robert Mueller who is desperate to find something to nail Trump with so there's rumors he's trying to build an obstruction of justice case but it becomes increasingly obvious by the day that the obstructionists in this matter are the FBI and/or DOJ

Makes us wonder in a chicken/egg sorta way - Is evil something all those concerned in destroying Trump ARE or just something they DO?