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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

It's a Financial Deadbeat World & It Could Not Survive Any Other Way

Sorry we've been a away a few days but here we are so onto today's topic

Some of you have probably heard this fact before but economically speaking the world goes on and on based on one thing.. 

Without everyone in constant perpetual debt to one another, borrowing today and paying back later with interest, the entire financial system comes to a crashing halt

Often we talk about this in terms of the micro level of the everyday individual who works n' works making incremental money while needing mortgages, car loans and credit cards to live any semblance of a comfortable existence

Of course we're written quite often on US debt load and how we can never default because our #1 lender who bails us out time and time again is not another nation but is the Federal Reserve, a private bank that we allowed in 1913 to control our nation's finances.
But other nations are in terrible debt problems too which to international banks means customers

And when those banks are unable to lend to developing or actually important nations when their finances run out and look like they're ready to default, there's always US created international banks like the World Bank, Bank of International Settlements and the most well known, the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

We always allow people from other nations to be heads of it, but really we run it because we contribute the most money and have the largest voting bloc
So now we come to Argentina

They've always in some kind of financial trouble and recently looked like they would default on their debts for the 2nd time in 17 years  (they defaulted in 2001 and 15 years later (2016), they restructured enough to please their creditors at the detriment of their people

Wonder if that's why less than 2 years later, they were desperate and ultimately secured a $30 billion loan from the US owned IMF which is really just a credit line to pay off other banks and financials and should only last a couple years at best before new loans are taken out

Only 3 nations do not borrow from global banks - North Korea, Iran & Cuba and we wouldn't be surprised if after Trump talks to NK's Kim, that number ultimately dwindles to 2..
The IMF has at its disposal over $1 Trillion to lend to other nations and because the US has 85% of the votes when it comes to decision making, we contributed 85% of its funding.. you and we.

The US is the largest donor to the World Bank at $1.5 Trillion which is half a trillion more than #2 donor Germany.

All the money goes in circles up in the clouds if you will and those on ground level never see any benefit..  Only more financial pain because the everyday people are the ones who always pay the debts back in higher taxes on some level.
So when you hear people say that banks run the world, it really is accurate

For all the pomp and bluster of the various nations of the world, no one ever has the guts to 100% default on their debts and middle-finger their creditors

They either play a constant financial shell game while gutting their domestic economy, become the national equivalent of worthless beggars, or are in complete denial about how bad their financial situation is

Ironic though how much of our tax dollars go to lend to other nations through these 'banks' while we owe so much on a national, state and local level..
But if everyone paid off all their debts, the world stops and chaos ensues

That's how the bankers set it up long, long before any of us were born

That does not mean as individuals you should not try to break free from the tentacles of banks and debt at all costs..

It only means everyone and everything else in this existence we call life can not.