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Friday, May 18, 2018

Media, Death & Tragedy: Everything is Weighted

Earlier today there was a school shooting at at place called Santa Fe High School where some sadly students were killed

And we know based on what happened a few months ago in South Florida, the media and anti-gun zealots will have a field day using the tragedy for their own nefarious social-political ends while making 'stars' out of the students who survived assuming they become vocal anti-gun proponents too..

So for today's posting we're going to cut through the crap and express how the news media really thinks when it comes to tragedies involving loss of life and why most events get little to no coverage and why they salivate over mass killings like a school shooting...
We're going to pretend the corporate liberal fuck media has one representative whom one can speak to and we will basically interview him/her..

The answers may be fictitious but clearly represent how news media thinks..

OK, so a month ago 15 teenagers who played for a youth hockey team in Saskatchewan, Canada tragically died when a tractor trailer slammed into their bus..  Many there are still in mourning over it..

'Well 15 youth deaths are sad but they're not American teenagers so.. ~shrug..   Plus no gun was involved so we can not turn that into something to advance social progressivism like we exploited in Parkland, Fl..   Not interested..'
What about the recent event yesterday that a student and teacher were killed in a bus crash in New Jersey ..  Why does that not get the same kind of news coverage?

'Well see that's only 2 people dead and what national news reporting apparatus is going to bother covering That?!   Two measly deaths?  Yawn..  Anyone famous?  No?  Move on..'

Well how about the recent story of an anti-Trump nut who was "ranting about the president" and actively firing gunshots at the Trump National Doral golf and spa resort in northwest Miami-Dade last night and who was shot multiple times by police

That should be newsworthy just like a school shooting right?
'Ehh.. No one wounded.. No one died and since we the media hate Trump and secretly wish a fate upon him that we in the press don't have the guts to say publicly, this is a minor story at best...'

How about a student in Washington DC who was shot yesterday while walking home from school?

'OK we like that it was a minor that died and it involved a handgun.. good.. good..  But it happened off campus and both the victim and the killer were both black and we're just not going to shine a light on that..  Had the killer been white, Oh Boy Oh Boy..  Otherwise.  Pass..'
So Mr/Ms Media, death and tragedy only matter when its in certain circumstances that will attract the viewers' morbid or salacious interests and/or can advance extreme liberal social political policies?

'To quote your Sarah Palin..  "You Betcha!"'

One last question to you, the corporate liberal fuck media..  Can you name any of the victims of the Parkland, Fl school shootings?   Just one teenager who died that day...

'What does that matter?!!'

So that is why no matter how many people die today or everyday by events not considered natural causes, their fatalities will be trivial and inconsequential in comparison to something the media deems 'juicy'