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Monday, May 21, 2018

Thoughts on a Wedding Celebrating Black Exceptionalism

~  Mulatto Meghan married this and the world celebrated..

So over the weekend, Prince Harry who is 3rd or 4th in line to a British crown that in the 21st century means Absolutely NOTHING married a classless half colored American who is zealously liberal

Why anyone should have give a shit, especially here where we fought a bloody revolution over two centuries ago to rid ourselves of the stench of monarchy, is baffling..

For weeks we had to be bombarded with hype over the wedding of two deeply meaningless people whose lives do not affect any of us
~ Is Harry also a bi-sexual?  Nothing about this scumbag surprises us
Guess that mulatto Meghan was so determined to be a princess, that she who is also half Jewish didn't mind that at one time in Harry's past he dressed up as a Nazi officer for a costume party including red armband with black swastika because he thought it was funny or 'cool'

Half-Jewish Meghan also must not know or care about history since she's embracing a nation that expelled her people for nearly 700 years..  Only in the early 19th century were they allowed to return.. in small numbers mind you..

A Jew falling for a man who once did that is like a black woman falling in love with a guy who once dressed in blackface..  Maybe Harry has.. who knows..
~ Harry having fun at the party
We do know she possesses no character or soul.

She planned the wedding including colored choir and colored reverend - guess she's not so "Jewish" after all..

A big extravagant celebration of black dominance in Britain which those absolute idiots who live there embrace as joyfully as so many do here
So this needless extravagance came and went this past Saturday and this cunt is now a 'princess' whatever that means in a world where monarchs possess absolutely no power or authority over anything; mere symbolic heads meant as tourism tools.

The farce cost the British taxpayers the equivalent of $45 million US dollars, most if it in security to protect Harry and his nigger

It absolutely should not matter to us but it just is so sickening.. Every aspect of this
The world really wasn't celebrating these two people..

They were celebrating social progressivism..  Celebrating interracial love, bi-racial family and multiculturalism..  That is why so many cared.. Those who openly expressed caring we mean

Of course bi-racial relationships are sickening enough when its average Joes and Jungle Bunnies..
But when it forever taints a monarchy that in one form or another has been in existence for nearly 1,000 years it is bile inducing and the UK equivalent of the permanent taint of that black fuck Obama in the White House

We doubt Trump did this when inaugurated, but if yours truly won the 2016 election, the entire building from Oval Office to bedrooms and bathrooms would have been fumigated to remove the Obama family contamination..

So the Brits pissed away $45 million dollars on these two classless fucks; money that could have been used to help their citizens in so many ways

Most of that money spent on security as if anyone would think either piece of shit worthy of attacking

This is the same rotten country that is working with their EU buddies to salvage the Iran nuclear deal

But that's how governments do things..  They demand total loyalty from its citizenry, tax them to death and then use that money for a myriad of wasteful ventures and celebrations instead of it actually benefiting the people in sincere ways
If we had to give any kind of wedding 'wishes' for the newlyweds, its this:

We wish them a very tumultuous and unhappy marriage that leads to divorce and hopefully no children

What else could we who pride ourselves on 100% blunt honesty express?