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Friday, June 29, 2018

Top Dems Tell Followers: "Resist" Trump - What Do They Really Mean?

Ever since Trump's victory 20 months ago, all the rotten Democrat establishment from rancid Hillary and Obama down to local politicians to have expressed the need for people to 'resist' him

Resist.. Resist.. Resist

Because no one on the left have the courage to state openly what they really wish would happen to the President, even monkey-woman Maxine Waters because they know that means serious jail time, the word 'resist' becomes opague
Let's pretend we were unhappy with Trump (for the record we're more than overjoyed at his presidency) and see him as some kind of Hitler-like monster who will enslave every person of color and force gays to repent and blah blah..

Now how do we resist..  What is that word supposed to mean

There's voting, sure..  But we're nutty-nut liberals who feel our closet dyke queen was prevented her rightful place on the throne of power..
She deserved it. She's wanted to be President since before she was born and put up with a sham marriage to Bill to get his political and financial contacts and don't forget she's a woman which means in today's world she's supposed to be superior to the male sex..  it was her turn!

Obama and Hillary were supposed to be the beginning of a 1,000 year Democrat Reich

How is voting in mid-terms an the 2020 election 'resisting'?
So let's see.. Well there's writing to the local Senator, etc..

If we liberal losers write to people in our party, they already are obstructing and acting like petulant children toward Trump which makes us happy, and what's the point of writing to a Republican

And if we as liberal losers vent to a Trump supporter or threaten him/her and their families as we liberals badly want to do, then we go to jail (as rightly scum like that should)

So how do we 'resist' a sitting President who in spite of the news whipping people into a frenzy that he could be impeached at any moment so stay tuned or keep reading, really is not ever based on everything known to this point..
Do we march in the streets and protest and hold signs and sing songs?

The extreme radical hippie scum of the 1960s spent years trying to alter US foreign policy by protesting Vietnam - some protested it as early as 1965..  people were still protesting in 8 years later when the Paris Peace Accords were signed in 1973

If we loony liberals protest for 8 years that way, what's the point?   Assuming Trump wins a 2nd term, it would be out of office 8 years from now no matter what

So how do we resist?
Block ICE facilities and threaten people who work for Trump and kick them out of restaurants and stores?

Do we want to get arrested over that?   Does that soften Trump's stances on any policy or make him doubly determined to carry out agendas we on the left disagree with?

Do we try another 'occupy' movement like we did a decade ago?

We liberal assholes were so incompetent, we occupied everything BUT actual Wall Street
You see where this is going?

These pieces of shit at the top.. the ones who want the power and control of this nation want Trump gone and not in a resign or volunteer abdicate way so they use all the millions of mindless minions who believe in social-progressive liberalism to try to do it for them

So they use cloak words like 'resist' and that way if some deranged bitch or bastard crosses the line and tries something violent while inspired by what that old cunt Hillary said on the campaign trail or diarrhea colored Maxine Waters said to supporters at a rally, they will disavow themselves in a heartbeat of any intent to have their followers take the law into their own hands
So now its completely acceptable to say 'Fuck Trump!' and for people to hope and desire he be taken out..  It's now cool and social media does nothing to censor it

Yet go on Twitter or Facebook and wish Hillary or Waters or Samantha Bee get cancer..  simply Wish it (as if any person has the power make that come true) and you may find yourself with a suspended account

The truth is there's no way an everyday person can honestly resist any sitting government official of any political stripe.  Certainly not to have someone removed

We know because we tried with Obama
No amount of writing or venting or protesting

Not even hunger strikes mean anything unless it was someone like say Obama and he's so thin to begin with, could one even tell if he did not eat for weeks or had a cheeseburger 10 min ago?

Of course not like he or Hillary or any of the Democrat power rot would ever sacrifice any part of themselves for idiots who love and adore them and to which they at the top purposely keep insulated from

So pay attention to the rhetoric on the left in the coming weeks..
No one with anything to lose is outwardly going to say their true desires; it will be cloaked in double meanings and subtle inferences

We just know one day those on the left are going to cross some dangerous lines and good, decent people out there will be forced to have to resist the resistors.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Yay! - Justice Kennedy retiring - Another Trump Victory

~ Piece of crap Lebron James representing the faces of liberals yesterday

Well the big news from yesterday which sent the mentally disturbed liberals into even more of a frantic tantrum-like tizzy was that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced as of the end of July, he was retiring

This of course means the opportunity for Trump to select a 2nd Justice to take the bench..

By rights, Ruth Bader Ginsburg should be retiring as well since she's 85 years old (4 years older than Kennedy) but like most liberals, Trump-hate takes precedence over any practicality and she's stated she will not retire while he's President
Trump yesterday said some complimentary things about Kennedy.. 

Really not sure why since he was a terrible Justice who while a Reagan appointee, really served on the bench as a moderate-liberal and voted on such in many issues that the Court had to decide on over the years

The worst and most far reaching was giving gays/lesbians the right to marry which as in other issues over the decades, the Court overstepped their legal boundaries to make law instead of interpret
The gay marriage issue should have been decided by either the states through ballot referendums or voting in their legislatures, or on a Federal level by both houses of Congress passing it and the President signing like every other important piece of legislation

But the gays kept losing in state referendums, especially the liberal state of California so those fucks just decided to bypass it all and present their case to 9 old people in black robes.

The gays got their way thanks to a 5-4 vote to force 320+ million people to accept something completely abhorrent to God and pretend as something that is real
Rotten Justice Kennedy was the deciding vote becoming their champion

“No longer may this liberty be denied No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice and family.”


So if we were President, we wouldn't have said a single positive thing about him
Also during his time on the bench, Kennedy disappointed conservatives in 1992, when he co-wrote an opinion reaffirming the constitutional right to abortion an later defended affirmative action

Amazing decades later those people still need hand-outs and hand-ups because they can't or won't try to succeed on their own

Yesterday was one of those moments where the left was howling and threatening everything under the sun from resistance to revolution and those on the right were closing their eyes and thinking 'Thank God that Trump won the election'

We know we were..
Over the decades, the Court like everything else in society has been continually moving in a liberal social-progressive direction and its gotten to the point that people now expect this to always occur, even those who are unhappy with it

So when Trump in his policies and ultimately his Supreme Court selection shows that rule of law matters more than pleasing and appeasing the wants of minorities who expect to gain more and more power and benefits because the Democrats court them vis a vis identity politics

When a minority group is genuinely oppressed, they fight for equality..

When a group has achieved equality as all have in this nation, they then fight for dominance..
So now the focus will be on who Trump selects and really it wouldn't matter if he dug up Oliver Wendell Holmes or Louis Brandeis from the grave, the Democrats would do everything in their power to deprive Trump of another victory

Of course they shot their load on themselves with the Neil Gorsuch nomination

In the past, filibusters could be used to block nominees to the Court where 60 votes were needed to overturn

But their hatred of the President was so irrational that they used filibuster to block someone overall widely respected and non-controversial so the Republicans implemented the 'nuclear option' where from now on, confirmation is based on a straight Yes/No vote
So we hope whoever the President selects is even more conservative than Gorsuch and certainly more than Kennedy

If fact we would love to see another conservative black Justice

A genuinely conservative black female Justice would be even better

Not only would the beliefs and values of tens of millions of people be protected but it would be a nice middle finger or thumb in the eye of evil Democrats who try to convey the notion that all blacks must think and feel the same on everything in total lockstep
And to fight passionately against the nomination of the first black woman to be a Justice would smack so badly of racism by those who pretend to fight it

You know if a nomination like this ever occurred, you'd see everyone from mainstream media to celebrities to comedians make one racially offensive joke or remark after another because that's deep down the type of people the left are

The same people who were hyper-sensitive to anyone making fun of Obama had a field day degrading the race and humanity of W Bush cabinet members Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell as nothing more than house servants and traitors

America is such a beautiful wonderful nation.. Always has been.. Always will be

But if we have one big fault, its we allow those on the political left to get away with repeated attempts to destroy our country from within and there's no true legal or physical recourse to put down the danger

We just keep tolerating it and being oblivious while all the media apparatuses that are supposed to shine a light on the evil to warn us all, end up siding with them
We have no clue who Trump will select..

We just hope its something the political left is absolutely sickened by

Their social-progressive fantasy world Must end and when it does, it will be one Supreme Court selection at a time.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

In Admiration of Booker T Washington

Sometimes it seems we feel negatively toward blacks and thus use at times strong words or unflattering descriptions just to make a point

Truth is that with the exception of those in the public eye who feel the need to enter the social/[political arena and/or spout anti-Trump nonsense,  there really are no black people that we feel any negativity or hostility toward as individuals

Certainly no one in normal day to day life.
We do freely admit we hate any and all groups of people as political/social movement entities and absolutely abhor this concept that infested the Democrats called identity politics

The Individual is always more important to us than the Collective and anyone who thinks different, we will criticize.

If we had to state which black person in all of US History we admire and respect most, it would be quite easy and take no time to come up with an answer:

Booker T Washington (1856-1915)
He's mostly forgotten in history especially among blacks because by the radical 1960s his views were not deemed aggressive or harsh enough in his assessments of whites and did not promote the mindset among most lost souls of that day of revolution through violence.

We wanted to share some quotes of his and make brief comments to show how correct he was in his assessment of race and the nation at large and in our way demonstrate why Washington and not MLK deserved a national holiday
"There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles,  they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly because they want sympathy and  partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs"

This quote was from over 100 years ago and is just so amazing and accurate in terms of what is still happening today

Arguing fake oppression and pushing white guilt/shame is a profession.. 

If those who currently do it were honest and admitted life in 2018 for a black person has never ever been better in the history of the world, there'd be no NAACP or any other organization that supposedly fights for people of color
"No race can prosper till it learns that there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem"

In this, he is addressing the black community of his time that felt bitter they were not given their 40 acres & a mule as promised by the government and equally resentful at their 'brothers' and 'sisters' who did get an education and make something of themselves

And Washington's quote goes deeper than the obvious to express you can't be expected to be treated with respect and dignity by others especially whites until you as blacks conduct yourself with respect and dignity in how you go about life.

Compare that mindset with a loser like Maxine Waters or the whole 'Resist' movement

Do you really think Washington's dignity and self-worth came from being called pandered and patronized with a hyphenated name of absolute nothingness promoting where his ancestry came from as more important than where he was living?!
"Few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on him, and to let him know that you trust him"

As is obvious by the quote, Washington believed in the Individual..  Individual spirit.. Individual achievement & accomplishment

The mindset ingrained in blacks is if one is successful they are Obligated to pull up their community even if those they are trying to pull up made no effort on their own to achieve anything..

Those who refuse to embrace this collective mindset are called 'Uncle Tom', 'Oreos' and 'house niggers' by other blacks
No other group of people whether it be race, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation demands this of members who make something of themselves then seeks to destroy if one doesn't comply..

Who else degrades their own with horrible epithets just because they want to better themselves

Who else mocks their own in school for reading, studying and wanting to be educated

Only the black community does this - If you are black and don't act like a rapper thug or talk ebonics, the black community will very quickly ostracize you
"I have begun everything with the idea that I could succeed, and I never had much patience with the multitudes of people who are always ready to explain why one cannot succeed."

As a typical liberal black or white guilt/shame sycophant why there's so much black on black crime or why so many blacks still live in poverty or why 1 in 4 blacks will be incarcerated at some point or why the percentage rate of drug/alcohol abuse and of men abandoning their families and being 'deadbeat dads' is so much greater than the white community..

They of course will blame the system, institutionalized racism and/or Caucasians specifically

Be a black person who shines a light publicly on their rots and that person will be destroyed by the black community at large.
Poverty.. lack of education.. crime.. opioid addiction..  Always someone else's fault

It's like the old adage.. 'give someone a fish and they are fed for a day; teach someone to fish and they are fed for a lifetime..'

Well some people just don't want to learn to fish and get bitter that others can and that they're only provided 1 fish a day instead of 2 or 3.. 

Washington looked at these people at disdain and disgust and did so as brief as humanly possible because he understood that what matters most in this world is what you do as an Individual to make your life and those in your immediate circle better
And lastly..

"We do not want the men of another color for our brothers-in-law, but we do want them for our brothers."

A most powerful and correct expression if there was one..

Every time a black gets together sexually/romantically with a white and forms a family or creates offspring, is it the black community who suffers far more than the white

With whites, their DNA is forever altered as the black chromosomes become the dominate genetic trait in offspring forevermore
But blacks lose so much more - their culture, history, values, beliefs, traditions all get diluted as well and the child is absolutely clueless who he/she is

Plus it is so representative of what happened to them as slaves where white owners would mate with their black slaves, produce offspring and then at a certain age make them work the fields or domestic duties in the plantation home as if no part of them was connected to the white impregnator.

Certainly blacks should always be conscious of this but so many aren't
Booker T Washington was quite concerned.. 

The idea of whites marrying his people and creating more bi-racial children with no identity was sickening to him and it really should be to people of all colors today

Really just amazing how accurate someone can be who lived and died over 100 years ago and how much of his brilliance is ignored or unknown by people today, especially blacks.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Understanding Why So Many Are So Emotionally Unhinged

If you haven't noticed over the last week or two, the mentally disturbed despicable left has really ratcheted up the nuttiness

It is not just pathetic restaurant owners denying service to those who work under Trump or bitter bitches n' bastard patrons harassing them by screaming nonsense about families being separated

The poison is just everywhere and hard to escape even in daily life..
For instance on Facebook, yours truly has many friends but have had to block all postings that go into my feed because I'm personally tired of seeing anti-Trump nonsense

On a few occasions I've outright un-friended people I know

Even on something as innocent as a group to celebrate 19th century artists and their artwork, I look today at a posting of a very famous painting that depicts a distraught woman and some pathetic woman has to politicize it in the comment section by expressing that is how she feels as a citizen since 2016

So we're going to try to understand why this is going on and do it as objectively as is possible

Before we can get into the current wave of left-leaning lamentations, we must understand where the original wave of wackiness started; why so many people cried so hysterically and went into mental shutdown mode

First you must understand that we as Americans are very soft compared to our grandparents and those who came before them

The last time we faced any real continued adversity as a people was the Great Depression; it was everywhere and one could not get away from it or hide from it or be sheltered by government from it
Every event since that time and the overall structure of the society was to promote a sort of normalcy; a feeling of 'things are bad but no fear - government is here'

Some sacrifices were made by individuals during WWII but there never was a sincere threat of an invasion into continental US

Then there were post WWII fears of nuclear war, a stagnant economy, a stock market crash, etc..  All things that everyday people could reason in their minds that some entity higher than them would prevent problems or know how to quickly fix
So let's jump ahead to the 2016 election

The media has been rottenly liberal biased for decades but for most of modern political history, they made some effort to hide it from viewers and readers

This past election, not only did all media apparatuses make it known who they supported, but took a very active role in determining the outcome, from providing Hillary with questions before debates, to writing fluff pieces then showing her campaign for approval to distorting polls to make it seem Trump had no chance to win
This was the biggie.. 

It made every Democrat feel like this election was over weeks before people voted and tried to deflate every Trump supporter's motivation to go to the polls to vote

Evil to the core ABC and Washington Post even released a joint-sponsored poll a couple weeks prior to election which said Trump was down by 12 points to Hillary

Part of the reason so many polls were so wrong was that pollers are very selective.. They may poll 60% liberal, 40% conservative and then present their findings as if it was a 50/50 split

Other times Trump supporters were so sick of being beaten down by others during the election, many decided to keep their true feelings to themselves.
So everyone on the left was emotionally set up for a massive mental-emotional crushing

The man that the media referred to as a monster and Hitler, etc who they said would and could never win..


So much of the hysterics by the left after the election is the fault of the media as well as Hillary's campaign; they worked to create a cognitive dissonance there only one outcome could be a reality and nothing else could be conceivable
We Americans being mostly emotionally soft people, well half of our citizens were just not strong enough on the inside to deal with an election loss like mature adults; they reverted into frightened children

That's why so many were so delusional, they actually held out hope and prayed they could sway the Electoral College to invalidate an election so to vote Hillary; an act of complete bullshit the Trump-hating media did everything to present as potential reality.

They never wanted to present the possibility that Trump could win and that rancid bitch dyke never made any effort after the election to calm all the inconsolable supporters by telling them all the shit she said during the campaign was just empty rhetoric
So from that, you got snowflakes and emotionally unhinged college students drawing in coloring books while sitting in safe spaces and 'Never Trump' and 'Resist' like some coup was staged

Which of course from this fucked up mindset, came the belief that the election just Had to be hijacked by the Russians with some kind of Trump-Putin collusion

Can't be that 50 million+ Americans felt Trump was the best candidate to clean up all the mess left by the black pretzel stick?
So let's jump now to the present..  Why has the extreme left been even more intense and dangerous in their words and actions?

Simple..  They know they are losing the PR battle and could possibly lose mid-term elections and worse..

All the rhetoric in the world does not defeat a booming economy and GDP near or eventually over 4% growth compared to 8 years under the thin poo-colored monkey
If Trump really was terrible and a danger to the nation, the economy was in the toilet, jobs stagnant, genuine danger that North Korea would start another world war, etc,  they'd sit back quiet and content as they'd watch Republicans turn on each other and try as hard as they could to push the President to resign

They'd feel quite relaxed and smug knowing they'd get back both houses of Congress this November than win 2020 in a true landslide making Trump just an irritant and buffoon to them

But he is a danger to the left and the worst thing possible for that side

A success
We as Trump supporters know the list of achievements so no need to go over them here

So the Democrats especially the extreme leftists are scared

They wanted him impeached and removed even before he was inaugurated, which is a constitutional impossibility and all throughout 2017, the media drumbeat was 'don't worry - he will be gone by Christmas' which was really a sadistic thing to do to people who share their worldviews

So people like brillo-pad head Maxine Waters, and Robert 'I only fuck blacks' DeNiro, etc have become so deeply unhinged it is getting scary even from an observational standpoint
Honesty, we predict right here and now that if Trump wins re-election, the left will turn violent and start to riot and loot and become anarchistic..

We don't want to see it but they're so disturbed, it just feels unavoidable

That is how deranged many in our nation are based on 2 years of nonstop fear mongering by a media that takes no responsibility or seeks to diffuse tensions
We'll end today's post with a very interesting comment that Scott Adams, creator of the comic strip 'Dilbert' made regarding what's going on today vs past history

He said in many ways what is happening now is reminiscent of what happened in 1860

The Democrats then were so traumatized by the election victory of a Republican President that wasn't even on the ballot in any Southern state that a mere month after, secession occurred because South Carolina could not accept the results of a free election
They saw Lincoln's election as the end of the world, or at least the end of their way of life so it was the final straw of decades of tensions not just between sections of the nation but political parties

Will it come to that in today's world?

Certainly not in the same manner with armies fighting across one another in open fields but the situation is the most politically toxic today since 1860
By hook or by crook, something needs to happen to get the extreme left into line; that we are a civilized nation of laws and mindless animal theatrics will only be tolerated to a point.

Worst part of all this is these terrible people live and work among us

But we've survived as a nation up to this point; hopefully we can continue.

Monday, June 25, 2018

What Was Expected of an Immigrant entering Ellis Island back in 1900's

So last week's topic was illegal immigration and that mean ol' Trump separating those poor Children; those beautiful small innocent Children away from their parents..   Oh the humanity!

And of course Trump weakened because we guess who could stand up to the onslaught of continual propaganda bullshit and saber rattling by the mentally disturbed left

It is amazing how Stepford wife-like liberals are..  50% of the nation seems to genuinely want open borders so we take in every single piece of trash, whether or not they have the capability to contribute to the greater US society
Their distorted logic is not based on law but on a poem!

"Give me your tired.. your poor..."

Even back at the turn of the century, those words etched on the Statue of Liberty were pure fantasy nonsense because it had absolutely nothing to do with how government then as now determined who was granted v denied access into this nation

Every person who entered Ellis Island had to be medically examined, went through a short interview and had to take a 29 question test
This is what you would have to fill out if you were coming to America in 1907:

Ellis Island Immigration Questionnaire

Directions: You must answer all the questions. This questionnaire along with your Immigration Card must be turned in to the Legal Inspector when you arrive at Ellis Island. If you fail the legal inspection, you will be deported.

Your manifest number (from your ship)

What is your full name?
How old are you?

Are you male or female?

Are you married, single, widowed or divorced?

What is your occupation?

Are you able to read and write? (yes or no)
What country are you from?

What is your race? (note: no question was asked about religion)

What was your last permanent place of residence? (city and country)

What is the name and address of a relative from your native country?

What is your final destination in America? (city and state)
Your number on the immigration list?

Do you have a ticket to your final destination? (yes or no)

Who paid for your passage?

How much money do you have? (at least the equivalent of $50 dollars was preferred)

Have you been to America before? If so when, where and how long?
Are you meeting a relative here in America?  If so, who and their address?

Have you been in a prison, charity almshouse, or insane asylum?

Are you a polygamist?  (Yes or No)

Are you an anarchist? (a real anarchist would have to be a fool to say yes)

Are you coming to America for a job?  What and where will you work?
What is the condition of your health?

Are you deformed or crippled?

How tall are you?

What is your skin color?

What color are your eyes and hair? (much like on today’s driver’s license)
Do you have any identifying marks? (scars, birthmarks, or tattoos)

Where were you born? (city and country)

The highlighted questions are what mattered most - that those who enter this nation are NOT sick & poor and at least the head of the household could demonstrate they possessed some skill or ability which would make them employable or contribute to the society is some economic way.
Those who were diseased, penniless or showed they would be a financial burden on society were denied entrance and deported back to their home country.

So Trump wants immigrants to come into our nation Legally and have it based on merit so the people entering will be law abiding citizens who contribute in a positive way to this country

And the despicable evil on the left want to destroy him for it

Of course if black bastard Obama or closet dyke Hillary said the exact same thing, all the liberal leaning lemmings would start chanting and demanding.
Said it before & say it again..   Legal and Illegal immigrants are NOT the same thing..

We as a country need to always be open-armed and welcoming to all Legal immigrants who wish to make a new start here

And we need to 100% kick out ALL illegals, young and old, adult & child, supposed 'dreamers' and non..    Everyone who is here who is undocumented and snuck in especially across the southern border
So Democrats want to keep families together.. that's their slogan?

OK.. Then families, children and adults should be kicked out together

There liberals..  Happy?

We doubt it.