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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Understanding Establishment Conservatives i.e. the Koch (Sucker) Brothers

When it comes to rottenness in American politics, unfortunately it is not exclusive to Democrats

The GOP has its own fair share of individuals and groups who want to take the nation in directions which would be economically or socially harmful to most citizens

Nowadays the term for these selfish, terrible people who have contaminated the Republican party for many decades are called 'establishment' but the more familiar name for them is fiscal Conservatives

So what do these terms mean in a real context?
An establishment or fiscal conservative (the words are interchangeable) in their perfect world would have government completely stay out of their business so they could make unlimited amounts of money and pay as little or no taxes on it

They also hate and despise all social safety nets like social security, Medicare, welfare, and any other program established to help the truly poor, needy and disabled especially if they have to have any part of their wealth taxed to pay for it.

They also believe very strongly in the double standard
For instance while they hate programs like mentioned above as what they call government charity and despise that people financially destitute can file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy from creditors

Yet they fully embrace Chapter 13 bankruptcy which benefits corporations and when they lose money from bad investments or a market crash, are the first to hold out their hands for reimbursement as they did in 2008

Most people like this the public has no clue about..  Unlike wealthy liberals needing constant ego stroking, these people are content being out of sight
Two of the more vocal establishment Republicans however are the despicable Koch Brothers whom we've hated for many years

They are probably a little familiar to some because throughout the 2016 GOP primaries, they went out of their way to support any and every candidate other than Trump and refuse to support GOP candidates in the mid-terms who do not have their specific profit-first and neocon world view

The Koch brothers came from a very wealthy family that runs and still operates Koch Industries

A quick background from Wikipedia:

"Koch Industries, Inc. is an American multinational corporation based in Wichita, Kansas. 

Its subsidiaries are involved in the manufacturing, refining, and distribution of petroleum, chemicals, energy, fiber, intermediates and polymers, minerals, fertilizers, pulp and paper, chemical technology equipment, ranching, finance, commodities trading, and investing. 

Koch owns Invista, Georgia-Pacific (Brawny paper towels, Dixie cups, etc..), Molex, Flint Hills Resources, Koch Pipeline, Koch Fertilizer, Koch Minerals, Matador Cattle Company, and Guardian Industries. 

The firm employs 120,000 people in 60 countries, with about half of its business in the United States. The company is the largest landowner in the Athabasca oil sands (located in northern Alberta, Canada)"
Like pretty much all business people especially with corporations that large, the Koch brothers only care about the Koch brothers

They loved Trump's tax cuts and want him to do more and more and more

They hate his current trade wars because it may hurt them, even though we have deficits with other nations in the hundreds of billions which hurt and threaten hundreds of other US companies and tens of thousands of American jobs that are connected to them

The Koch brothers also loved the Bush bastard boys (41 & 43) because they made constant war in the Middle East as part of the goal of a globalist new world order which besides being ideologically in line with the Koch's, made them a lot of money
The reason we focus on them is to make you understand not just what an absolute miracle it was that Trump won in spite of so many enemies coming at him from all sides but to show even with all his successes, there are those on the right who want him torn down as badly as those on the left

Pretty pathetic isn't it..

This blog will always represent the everyday person in the daily struggle to survive and create a better world based on true equality (not identity politics), individuality over the collective and where basic American values are preserved and embraced

And doesn't matter if one is a registered Democrat or Republican or some other political bastardization, if a person or entity is against the core values we expressed above we will attack them
The Koch brothers like the rest of the establishment/fiscal conservatives represent the worst aspects of the Republican party and the sooner they find themselves isolated and on the outside looking in, the better

Trump represents the best aspects of the GOP as we see it; his bank account may show him to be a one-percenter but his policies continue to show he cares about everyday people and wants to leave a positive mark upon all, even his detestable, mentally sick haters

Now if that isn't a compassionate conservative, we don't know what one is

Monday, July 30, 2018

Maybe Alexander Hamilton Had a Point

Well start with a quote by Alexander Hamilton:

"The voice of the people has been said to be the voice of God; and, however generally this maxim has been quoted and believed, it is not true to fact. The people are turbulent and changing, they seldom judge or determine right."

Historically speaking we used to really hate Hamilton
It wasn't just because of his economic philosophies of the nation being perpetually in debt to other nations and global bankers as a positive thing

It was also how he looked at the common everyday person as basically ignorant and/or easily manipulated trash who should have as little input and say in government as humanly possible.

Over the last couple years when observing the reaction of many to Trump's 2016 victory and all the good he's done over the last 18 months..  you know, common liberal folk who live on the coasts and who especially reside in urban areas..

Well let's just say our harsh assessment of Hamilton has softened a bit
What is the basic difference between normal everyday folk who support the President and those who hate and despise him?

Those who tend to think and vote conservative want leaders in office who will make their lives better; to have a direct impact especially when it comes to the ability to find and hold onto a job, pay their bills, achieve their goals & dreams, etc..

Those who tend to think and vote liberal particularly in the last few decades see every group as a victim to the evil white man and so there must be constant social change to bring about political overthrow about even if it leads to violence
Conservative everyday folk just want to be treated as equals and given respect as individuals

Liberal everyday folk want everyone non-white to be treated as superior even if it means liberal whites have to embrace a secondary subservient status to achieve this

And they wish Trump you-know-what because he will not cower to them in the ways they demand of a wealthy Caucasian man

So they act mentally insane and at times violent like the destruction of Trump's star on the Hollywood walk of fame
The same pure despicable evil in the hearts of those on the left was in full display a year or so ago when they sought to destroy all symbols and tear down all flags representing the beautiful Confederacy

Most people do not realize everything the extreme left common rabble do is taken from the playbook of Communist-Leninist Russia 100 years ago when they overthrew the Czar then established their even more oppressive rule

Taking down of all visual symbols and remnants of Russia's history; blighting out the open practice of all religions, using mob rule and constant violence by the absolute scum of the society to silence dissent and impose fear

Political intolerance, 'us v them'... The Nazis of course did that part as well too..
You better believe there are a lot of deeply worthless people who live among us and they're not all so easily identifiable when they keep their mouths shut

But when they open it to talk politics, thenthey're easy to identify - Deep, deranged despisal for Trump..  Deep hatred for this nation and its history..  Even hating every aspect of the formation of this hemisphere going back to Columbus

Our attitude on that has always been this:   If you hate America so much, then sell your house.. sell your car.. sell your spouse and kids to the first American Indian you meet at one of their casinos then move back to Europe or jump in the ocean and drown

See, that's the beauty of this country.. Always choices
Every generation there always seems to be mindless animals who want to cause chaos and destruction to push their socialist-Marxist, fascist or anarchistic beliefs upon others

They get the news.. they get the attention.. Often they end up making the policies we all are forced to live by then get hysterical when a strong President says 'Nope.. no more'

Thankfully they always get put down most violently by those in charge because you can not have a nation where those who yell the loudest and cause the most destruction while really the statistical minority get to win

That's been the biggest problem with the nation over many decades
For instance blacks only represent 1 in 7 Americans (14%) yet thanks to a very cowardly white-guilt/shame ridden society, we allow those people to really think they are the majority race and deserve exceptional rather than equal status

We're going to be addressing the big taboo topic no one wants to ever talk about so be prepared..

You say 'nigger' or anything even that would remotely imply you don't see them as your betters and your career and reputation is mud
The word quite frankly is nauseating but why did we secede the power to control our individual and collective word choices to blacks?

Why did we allow 'racist' to be more of a social anathema than 'rapist'?

Why did we allow for a setting where whites can not say nigger and blacks can say it repeatedly and everyone is supposed be OK with being told 'you are not allowed to say that'
Why does society treat 'nigger' as more profane than 'motherfucker' or 'cocksucker' or any other classless word?  Why is it called 'N' word or astericks used i.e. 'ni**er'

If we are supposed to know what 'N' means then just G-D say the word

Is it any worse a word than 100 other degrading terms used towards blacks which will not get censored or flagged in comment sections?  And who got to have final say?
Why did we become a nation that tolerates hyphenated terms like 'Af-Am' (we can't stomach typing it) instead of black which is what the coloreds of the Civil Rights and Black Panther movements fought so passionately to be termed?

Why must every book, website (except ours), newspaper, etc use the 'Af-Ar' as if to tell free people in a free society this is what you Must say?  Why did we ever allow this?  To patronize their fragile, delicate sensibilities?

Why is it treated as 'fun' or 'cool' to see movies and TV where whites are put in their place by blacks and why are liberal white guilt/shame fucks the ones who enjoy seeing it depicted the most?
Equality is all one deserves.. Nothing more.. Nothing less

So while we still look at Alexander Hamilton in a very negative light, over the last 18 months of Trump's Presidency, we can concede that when it comes to everyday liberal folk, they're just so ignorant and putrid in their convictions and so discontent and determined to change to society to their way of thinking to the detriment of Real Americans..

Well we kinda-sorta wish some people didn't possess the right to vote

Friday, July 27, 2018

4.1% 2Q GDP Growth.. And That is Why Trump Will Win in '20

Before we start today's post, you may have wondered why we have written pretty much nothing on the Mueller investigation into Trump or any aspect of Russian 'collusion' or that prostitute Stormy Daniels or Trump's attorney Michael Cohen recording recording a conversation, etc..

Answer is simple..   We don't write on things that do not matter

There was no collusion just like there was no Russian meddling in our election that affected anyone's ability to vote or have their ballot cast..
We also do not care if Trump had sex with her or anyone else - in fact we'd be shocked if a billionaire had not ever dipped his 'pen' in other women's "ink".. 

Someone like Pence, we'd care.. Trump?  We'd only care if he turned gay

Besides what ultimately will matter most when it comes to mid terms and the 2020 election is the economy and today GDP for the second quarter of 2018 was a very, very impressive 4.1% growth
Of course the evil fuck-liberal media will minimize it or just ignore it outright but that number is a big deal

The last time the nation surpassed the 4% mark was 3Q of 2014 and currently is only the 5th time overall in the last 10 years or 40 quarterly periods

Most normal Americans (and we will include moderate Democrats) are content if they have jobs with opportunities for upward mobility, feel safe and free of foreign threat or war and don't feel their personal freedoms are being infringed..
People like us do not make the local and national news

They instead focus on the fringe.. the politically insane.. the dregs and absolute Losers of our society

Most blacks for instance are no difference than anyone else - they want to work, want a better life for themselves and their families;  Same with every group of people

Most people are not social-political activists with a mixture of hatred for country and victimization in their hearts like those barnyard animal NFL players who kneel and all the riff-raff that are employed just to protest and agitate
The fuck-liberal media wants chaos; wants to exploit others to push their social-progressive, globalist economic interests

So like a heavily perfumed old french whore, they lay in bed with the far-left zealots who push identity politics and victimization and black lives 'matter' and keep the lie going that Trump & Putin colluded for the Donald to win the election and he's Putin's bitch..

But ultimately these dregs don't realize that what ultimately matters to most people who love this nation (those on the far left do not) is a strong consistent economic recovery

And whatever faults people may see in Trump as President or person, GDP numbers like today will keep him in office
The last time the nation enjoyed 4% annual growth was 2000 when Clinton was finishing up his 2nd term..  In fact during that period, the nation was at 4% or higher annual growth for 4 straight years (1997-2000)

Whether it be due to 9/11, recession or the market collapse of 2008, we haven't had grown near that number since..

So if Trump can somehow get the economy churning successfully to where the 4% mark is surpassed annually, no parasite on the left will beat him in 2020

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Understanding the #1 Enemy of the State

~  Uhh Uhh.. (animal moans)..  Gotta.. Get.. Trump.. Uhhh! (animal groans)

With all this constant nuttiness by mentally sick liberals over the last 20 months since the election and their deranged hunger to get Trump out of office by any means necessary, no one really asks the question that matters?

What are are these America-hating fucks really achieving?

If they force Trump to quit being President before his term is up or decides not to run for re-election, his VP Mike Pence would become President or run in 2020
He is even more conservative and traditional in social values than Trump and is beloved by both Trump supporters and the conservative GOP establishment

In other words, if these rotten bastard Democrats ever succeed in impeaching the President or forcing him to leave office early, they'd just be uniting the party even more than it is now with currently Trump having a 92% approval level among GOP voters

Meanwhile the Democrats can't decide if they want to be a party that is patriotic and loves this nation or a socialist-Marxist leftist party of every cesspool gutter group getting treated like they're superior to 'evil' whites as they turn the nation into Cuba or some backwards African enclave
The Democrats remind us a lot of the book 'Lord of the Flies'; just a bunch of mindless animals willing to devour each other to take control of a nation that by rights any intelligent populace would never allow such vermin to possess any political power

But the hate is so deep.. 

And our side mostly snickers or maybe vents to the like-minded
As we said before, people like those on the left you have to treat as the bullies and empty intimidators they are - with a good 4-5 solid punches to the nose as a start

Figurative..  Literal..  Take it as you like

They really think they can hurt Trump..  Laughable
How does anyone hurt a multi-billionaire who didn't spend his life with political aspirations unlike say Hillary who wanted to be President before her first pre-Bill Clinton lesbian relationship, much less first menstration.

How does a common liberal piece of crap really believe he/she can 'hurt' someone like that?

As people, liberals have been despicable bitches and bastards for many decades; wanting to destroy every aspect of what makes America beautiful from within since the days of the pot-smoking hippie losers of the '60s who deluded themselves into thinking they made a difference in ending Vietnam

The silent majority then as in now completely ignored them; figured once they got jobs and got married, had kids, those people would be such political idiots

It doesn't work that way unfortunately

Giving Communist-Socialist Marxists a taste of the benefits of Capitalism only make them feel guilty much the way those same leftist trash hate that their Caucasian and actually wish blacks were their superiors as attrition for whatever they think their ancestors did

Messed up, we know..  They really do think like this
Feels like a broken record here but as we keep expressing, it is not good enough that Trump is in office and making practical policy decisions to improve everyday people's lives

No one reports the steady drop in unemployment, the accomplishments overseas due to a strong, tough-talking manner and all the other successes he's had

Trump needs to figure out how to go on the Attack vs the media and the far-left fuckers that aren't content to just simply win an election or get a President removed

Their aims are larger and more dangerous
The far left need to be put down like a sick, violent animal..   

How?  We have many ideas but since we're not in any position of power, it will never come to any fruition so no need to type it..

But the threat will always be there until they are dealt with
They remind us so much of the anarchistic and Communist movements of 1900-1920s.. 

They were rabid.. violent..  destructive.. 

They provoked many a labor-riot, one of them assassinated a President (McKinley) and were responsible for putting pipe bombs in government officials' mailboxes

We see the current far-left fucks with the same diseased minds but we don't want the government or Trump to wait until they go down that road to deal properly with this evil.
There's always 'haves' and 'have-nots' and those who have not always have among them disturbed people who would rather take from those who have or destroy the system then work for their share of the economic pie like everyone else

These aren't the fringe anymore.. They are becoming more and more the face of the new Democrat party

All we can do is sound the siren and hope people wake up to the #1 Enemy of the State

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Video: Understanding the President

* You may have to click the above video below twice to get it started

Sorry for late posting.. Just one of those days..

President Trump has been in office 18 months now any many, both supporters and haters still do not know who he is and his worldview in terms of how he crafts public policy beyond the fact he does love America and puts it first

Bill O'Reilly who is back on-air through Newsmax (admittedly we don't know if this is a cable channel or just something one accesses over the internet, last night gave a very astute Talking Points memo

For eight  and a half minutes, he explains where the President is coming from, why everyone in Washington seem to hate him and how Trump views the major issues of the day

We don't fully agree with everything O'Reilly says especially concerning Russia (we've always maintained that every nation meddles in the elections of each other i.e they do it & we do it, and as long people's right to vote isn't infringed and their votes get counted, its pretty minimal in importance)

Overall its an informative viewing. .  See you back tomorrow ~

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Military History - Written by Victors; American History- Written by Liberals

When thinking of today's topic, a story by movie director Ron Howard came to mind

He was giving an interview and talking about when the film Apollo 13 starring Tom Hanks was completed and right before it was ready to be released into theaters, it went through a test screening

And for the most part all the responses were 'good' or 'excellent' except for one person
At the bottom of the card, the reviewer wrote to turn the card over for an explanation which Howard did and the reasoning why the film was given such a bad rating is this:

The person explained the ending was terrible and too Hollywood-formulaic because all the astronauts survived and made it home a la typical happy, predictable ending

Of course what the dummy reviewer did not understand was Apollo 13 was a real event and not fiction, the three astronauts Did come home safe and sound and it reaffirmed why Howard made the film - people didn't know or forgotten the event.
Now if most people in the mid 1990s can completely forget something only a couple decades removed from when they went to see its original theater run (April, 1970) imagine how much of US world history most are ignorant of..

We were thinking a lot on this the last couple days in particular concerning these rotten, putrid Democrats - Obama and Hillary in particular

What will people remember?
Will they remember Obama was pretty much a do-nothing President or will their vision of him be firmly set by all those advertisements and posters of 'Change' and 'Hope'

Will they think him a good or great President because of actual accomplishment or will it be based on no one in the media or pop culture saying a single negative thing or making the slightest fun of him?

Will people remember how racially divisive and purposely polarizing Obama really was...

Will they remember how he was nothing more than a shoeshine boy for Wall Street and the financial institutions that triggered 2008..

Will they remember the national debt doubled in 8 years during his Administration to over $19 trillion?

Will they remember how he was a traitor to the US in his Iran deal while bowing and kneeling to every Muslim under the sun while possessing such a deep hatred for Israel, our only true ally in the Middle East that it far surpassed the line into what one would identify as anti-Semitic?
Will people remember Hillary and Benghazi and she couldn't have given a shit that our US Ambassador and others were murdered and their dead bodies dragged through the streets while the worthless Libyan mob cheered?

Will people remember how deeply corrupt she was from the Russia Uranium enrichment deal to the Clinton Foundation..

A few might..  Most will not
They'll remember Obama as 'Mr Cool', loving his style so much, no one will ever bother to ask if the man possessed any substance?

They'll remember Hillary in 'glass ceiling' terms..  'Oh she was so close if not for the meddling and those deplorable backwoods morons who supported Trump'..

You know forevermore, that will be the narrative in all future historical accounts
In war, the history is written by the victors

In politics, it is written by liberals whether they win or not and in presidential politics, it really is amazing how a 4 to 8 year period in office can be encapsulated by a word or two.. Maybe at best a full sentence...

Let's go back from the 1930s to Trump to see how history is so simplified and the narrative so controlled
FDR - Got us out of Depression and won WWII

He was President for 13 years before dying in 1945 and pretty much that's all most people know or remember of him; few to none of the current generation really bother seeking to learn more

Truman - Dropped Bomb; Korea War

Eisenhower - 'I like Ike'
JFK - 'Bay of Pigs', Civil Rights, Cuban Missile Crisis, Assassination and 'Camelot'

- One of the few Presidents who will actually be remembered for generations thanks to so many movies and other glowing tributes by Hollywood, media and other aspects of pop culture...   

Good thing for JFK's legacy he was Democrat or he might be remembered like other murdered Presidents (Garfield, McKinley) which is to say not at all..
LBJ - Civil Rights Act, Vietnam

Nixon - Vietnam, Watergate

-  For most people regarding both LBJ and Nixon,  they don't want to remember any more

Ford - pardoned Nixon

Carter - hostages in Iran
Reagan - 'Tear Down this Wall', Iran-Contra

- When it comes to Reagan most really don't remember what he did in office policy wise but it will be his optimism and making people feel good and proud about being Americans again which will be how he's remembered now and will be for a long, long time

Bush 41 - Gulf War, 'Read my lips. No new taxes'
Clinton - Monica Lewinsky, 'slick Willie'

-  We don't believe most remember he was impeached.. Certainly future generations will not thanks to Clinton-loving liberal historians who gloss over most of that period

Bush 43 - 9/11, Invasion of Iraq, stock market crash
Obama - 'Change'. 'Hope', killed bin Laden (as if the pretzel stick wimp did it himself)..

Trump - "Hitler"

See.. That is all people need to know about the Presidents of the last 85+ years to feel intelligent about our history..

Anyways, this was a fun exercise but we need to go back to more important things..

You know.. things others care about more than history like finding out if any more Kardashians or related family are taking black men inside them