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Friday, July 27, 2018

4.1% 2Q GDP Growth.. And That is Why Trump Will Win in '20

Before we start today's post, you may have wondered why we have written pretty much nothing on the Mueller investigation into Trump or any aspect of Russian 'collusion' or that prostitute Stormy Daniels or Trump's attorney Michael Cohen recording recording a conversation, etc..

Answer is simple..   We don't write on things that do not matter

There was no collusion just like there was no Russian meddling in our election that affected anyone's ability to vote or have their ballot cast..
We also do not care if Trump had sex with her or anyone else - in fact we'd be shocked if a billionaire had not ever dipped his 'pen' in other women's "ink".. 

Someone like Pence, we'd care.. Trump?  We'd only care if he turned gay

Besides what ultimately will matter most when it comes to mid terms and the 2020 election is the economy and today GDP for the second quarter of 2018 was a very, very impressive 4.1% growth
Of course the evil fuck-liberal media will minimize it or just ignore it outright but that number is a big deal

The last time the nation surpassed the 4% mark was 3Q of 2014 and currently is only the 5th time overall in the last 10 years or 40 quarterly periods

Most normal Americans (and we will include moderate Democrats) are content if they have jobs with opportunities for upward mobility, feel safe and free of foreign threat or war and don't feel their personal freedoms are being infringed..
People like us do not make the local and national news

They instead focus on the fringe.. the politically insane.. the dregs and absolute Losers of our society

Most blacks for instance are no difference than anyone else - they want to work, want a better life for themselves and their families;  Same with every group of people

Most people are not social-political activists with a mixture of hatred for country and victimization in their hearts like those barnyard animal NFL players who kneel and all the riff-raff that are employed just to protest and agitate
The fuck-liberal media wants chaos; wants to exploit others to push their social-progressive, globalist economic interests

So like a heavily perfumed old french whore, they lay in bed with the far-left zealots who push identity politics and victimization and black lives 'matter' and keep the lie going that Trump & Putin colluded for the Donald to win the election and he's Putin's bitch..

But ultimately these dregs don't realize that what ultimately matters to most people who love this nation (those on the far left do not) is a strong consistent economic recovery

And whatever faults people may see in Trump as President or person, GDP numbers like today will keep him in office
The last time the nation enjoyed 4% annual growth was 2000 when Clinton was finishing up his 2nd term..  In fact during that period, the nation was at 4% or higher annual growth for 4 straight years (1997-2000)

Whether it be due to 9/11, recession or the market collapse of 2008, we haven't had grown near that number since..

So if Trump can somehow get the economy churning successfully to where the 4% mark is surpassed annually, no parasite on the left will beat him in 2020