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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

A&G's Thoughts on the Pick

Well the President made his announcement last night..

The whole run up to last night with the list of 25 which ultimately was shortened to 4 then the ultimate selection reminded me of watching the NBA or NFL draft and wondering who would the #1 pick be when not have watched a single game on the college level

In other words a feeling of curiosity and semi-excitement based on the event yet really no clue who one potential selection was over another and trusting others to fill in the blanks
We thought it interesting and predictable that piece of shit Democrat minority leader Chuck Schumer posted a negative tweet on Kavanaugh mere seconds after the announcement

Also hired protesters already had professional looking 'Stop Kavanaugh' signs to display in front of the Supreme Court

Bet ya that professional signs were made for every candidate on Trump's list so the losers could immediately pick up something to display to the media cameras
We didn't know anything on Brett Kavanaugh before the selection and still really don't know much now beyond what a couple media outlets we trust have expressed.

From what it seems, he's conservative yet really not the most conservative choice, which of course to Democrats mean nothing since Trump could have nominated Moses, Jesus or Buddha and the selection would have still been shit upon by the left

So maybe once confirmed he will be everything that Justice Kennedy wasn't
Then again, since he clerked under Kennedy, maybe he'll be a clone.

All we do know thus far based on his little thank you speech last night is this:

Kavanaugh embraces political correctness when not needed such as referring to blacks as that pretend hyphenated term, seems to be operant conditioned to identity group think (made numerous mentions to how hard it was as a woman for his mother to succeed in law) and at one point briefly thanked liberal current Justice Elena Kagan

Maybe all that means nothing but really... Ugh..
Who knows if once confirmed he will vote against Roe v Wade when the issue finally comes up again before the Court; Kavanaugh is Catholic but so is that whore Madonna and everyone knows how shallow her morality goes

And don't forget that wretchedly liberal current Pope..

If yours truly was President I would have asked each candidate directly their stance on abortion and also that vile abomination called gay "marriage"..  Any candidate who deviated from my views on the subjects would not be selected
Remember, this is what Democrat presidents did all the time when they were in power.. They made damn sure they didn't choose  pro-life Justice and yet Republican presidents are always warned they better not use litmus tests

As a quick aside, ever notice those on the left most passionate about preserving abortion rights are those who are either too young or old to conceive, lesbians who would never allow a man's penis 10 feet from their vagina entrance and those too deeply fugly to attract men to have sex with

Mean?  Yes..   True?   Yep..

So right now we're not super-duper excited over the selection because until we hear different from sources we trust, this was not the most conservative candidate available for Trump to select
To be fair, we do understand from a strategic political point of view why the decision was made

One figures in a Senate of 100 where really 99 are voting since that rotten cadaver of a man John McCain refuses to relinquish his seat while fighting cancer, the margin for victory is slim

The only Senators that matter are the 4 to 5 moderate Republicans like honk-nosed Susan Collins of Maine (we will always despise her for switching sides and voting for Obamacare 8 years ago)
Genuine conservative Republicans would support anyone Trump nominated unless they broke the law or in some kind of scandal,

And pretty much all Democrats are nothing more than Stepford Senators, doing what they're told and how to vote (or not vote) for fear of being politically shunned and having the DNC cut off funding for their re-elections and support others to go against them in the primaries.

Gotta love representative democracy eh..
So Trump had to water down the conservativism of his selection just enough to get those moderate Republicans on board without pissing off genuine conservatives and his base

Plus the fact this Kavanaugh guy worked in the W Bush administration should please those establishment Republicans who honestly were responsible for the weakened state of the party before Trump stepped in to run as a candidate in 2015

So what will ultimately happen barring some scandal or A-Ha! moment that makes this selection not worthy of confirmation?
The left will go nuts and scream and shout and scare everyone that the selection will mean democracy and freedom will be destroyed and women will be pushed back into the kitchen and blacks will be put back on plantations and all immigrants will be kicked out, etc etc,,

All the while their rampant fear will raise a lot of money for liberal causes and candidates by mentally unhinged liberal voters and perhaps get liberal losers from Milwaukee to middle Tennessee to go vote in November that otherwise wouldn't

Both sides will waste a lot of money on PR campaigns and other orchestrated endeavors that will be made to look like natural and genuine that will be pro and con Kavanaugh
Ultimately the only thing that really matters is Democrats can not filibuster since they lost that power after endless stalling to confirm Justice Gorsuch last year

At some point before the November mid-term, the Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell will call a vote and we assume it will be a 50-49 type vote and Kavanaugh will get confirmed to which the despicable Democrats will move on to something else to fight Trump

Think of it like one of those shitty comic book films that Marvel and DC comics keeps churning out for stupid people and children every summer and Christmas..
A lot of posing and posturing and mindless noise and 'battles' which culminate with an ending that everyone knows what is to be from the very start yet somehow gets fooled into thinking the result possibly could be different

Like in those silly-stupid films, good always triumphs over evil and so will this occur with the Supreme Court nomination process..

Kavanaugh will be ultimately confirmed and then we can have another reason to middle finger a political left which deserves so much more of a public reaction