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Thursday, July 5, 2018

How Does One Develop Their Personal Political Beliefs?

Since its the day after July 4th and really no genuine news worth discussing barring some disaster or tragedy (the next real news story will occur on July 9th when Trump picks his Supreme Court nominee) we thought we'd suggest a fun mental exercise of sorts

Take moment to think back as to how you formed your political worldview.. 

Was it one specific event or a series of them over time? 
Was it a strong familial influence to believe certain ways that molded you or more of a rebellion from it?

Or are you one that would be a sincere centrist who only looks at politics from issue to issue and feels no loyalty or bond to either political party?

This is an exercise yours truly has been thinking a lot about over the last few weeks especially as the pure mental sickness from the far left is completely contaminating a Democrat party I thought I used to recognize and to which most of my family had at one time belonged
Growing up, politics was really not something my family thought much about, certainly not to the point it was brought up at the dinner table, much less having the power to ruin their day

Both parents' families back then were Democrat-leaning but the type of people who voted more because the party seemed to be the best of the two on economic issues like creating jobs and opportunities to succeed, more than any hatred or ill will toward anyone running on the GOP
Because of this, I was able to decide for myself over time without pressure or arguments how I was to believe and from an early age I aligned myself with being Republican

Ronald Reagan had a lot to do with it - his rosy cheery outlook toward life and seeing the best in this nation rather than emphasizing doom and gloom to scare people into voting for him

There were 3 events over time which moved me solidly into the GOP camp during the 1980s which will be discussed very briefly:
1)  1984 election

I remember Jesse Jackson running for President during the Democrat primaries and referring to New York as 'Hymietown', a derogatory reference to Jewish people..

Once I found out what the term meant, it bothered me because I had Jewish friends and no one of that faith ever treated me in any bad way unlike black classmates who by and large acted like attention seeking idiots and thugs

Why would anyone at the bottom of the academic totem pole pick on a group of people who along with Asians are at the top and work so hard to excel and be the best was beyond me

Was this mindset just Jackson's alone or more indicative of the Democrat party as a whole? 

Over time it was clear as they moved to identity politics, the darker the skin color, the more one was treated as a sacred cow
2)  Iran Contra hearings - 1986

I really didn't know much about Iran Contra at the time but it was clear even at a young age, it was a witch hunt by the left to tear Reagan down and destroy his Presidency so to weaken the GOP for the 1988 election as the left did with Nixon concerning Watergate

Nixon had won 1972's election in a massive landslide; Reagan did the same in 1984

So to try to do it, the Democrat controlled Senate sought to destroy Lt. Col Oliver North who was a main player in the deal
The hearings were on TV during the summer of '86 so I had the opportunity to watch and try as hard as they did to tear North to shreds and seek something to prosecute him on, he came across more and more as a decent man of quality with a great love of country following orders of superiors

You know, the typical set up fall guy when things go wrong

And I thought how can so many people calling themselves Democrat be so vindictive and bloodthirsty?

I knew the mindset existed vis a vis the constant tear down of Reagan's dignity through terrible shows like Saturday Night Live (yes they were evil back then too) but North wasn't a politician so their desire to go for the kill felt greatly misplaced
3)  Clarence Thomas Hearings

This was the final straw - why I started looking at the Democrat party with contempt instead of a neutral attitude as before

In 1989 Thurogood Marshall retired and all the blacks were pressuring Bush Sr. to appoint another one so they'd have some colored representation on the bench

So Bush did.. He chose Thomas
The outcry from the liberal blacks was as pathetic as one would expect.. 

'He's not our kind of black'  --  I remember reading that quote back in 1989 and it has still stuck in my mind all these years later.. 

If you are black but don't think in the same lockstep mindset of victimization, handouts and basic commonness that liberal blacks think, then you're not really black
Then desperate Democrats drudged up Anita Hill from the black slime and she accused Thomas of sexual harassment all the while pushing forth all the typical stereotypes of a sexually horny black animal - pubic hairs in Coke cans and porn videos of black men with large cocks, etc..

The goal even if the accusal was not successful was to permanently tarnish Thomas's reputation so forever more people would see him only as the caricature the Democrats created

Sound familiar i.e. how they sought to destroy Trump's dignity throughout the election and to this day so it overshadows any/all successes?
That's what those deeply evil people on the left do

Over time more and more of my family became Republican as the 80s became the 90s and then the new millenium

Some of it had to do with Bill Clinton's disgusting sexual behaviors and the constant pandering to blacks and other groups that in this day & age, are able to fend for themselves
Other family got turned off how Democrats reacted to the 2000 election where W Bush beat Gore; all that insipid 'Not my President', etc and felt he did a good job post-9/11

By the time Obama was in office and showed himself to be a complete liar in every single thing he campaigned on and that the only 'change' he cared about was dividing this nation racially, pretty much my entire family left the Democrat party

By 2012 it was just not recognizable - identity politics, white guilt/shame and extreme social-progressivism were its ideological triad and at least as my family was concerned, it was just sickening
So take some time and really think how you came to believe as you do.. 

It's a fun/interesting exercise when you have the time

~ Unless there is something truly newsworthy or interesting to write about tomorrow (we don't believe in posting just for the sake of posting), we will be back this coming Monday July 9th