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Monday, July 9, 2018

How Far Should A Society Go To Tolerate or Punish Mentally-Unhinged Free Speech?

Originally we thought the President would be announcing his Supreme Court pick at 9am this morning and then we'd share our thoughts pro or con on it with today's post

Guess we read it wrong because it will be announced at 9pm tonight and we'll just do tomorrow what we were going to do today..

But that's not a bad thing - it gives us the opportunity to talk on other things
Lately we've been having an ongoing civil discussion/debate about freedom, the right to just say anything one want with near impunity

Whether there should be more punishments to deal with the increasing threat by the left from the lies in newspapers & cable news to the garbage on late night TV and by 'comedians' to the horribleness written on social media

The knee-jerk side to all of us says 'Yes, hurt those liberal bastards with every law one can create'

The academic says 'When you take away their freedoms, you ultimately take away your own'

Really a difficult topic to find easy solutions especially when often the free speech expressed which is so disdainful is based on irrationality
While we'd love a Stephen Colbert or that black bitch comedian Michelle Wolf who viciously attacked Sarah Sanders at the Press Correspondents' dinner to be censored, fined and/or imprisoned, we want our right to describe people like Hillary and Obama as they Truly are without worrying that PC nonsense aside, we are not allowed

Of course the way this society has become, the only true free speech one possesses is when its aimed at conservatives, Trump and anyone who thinks positive of him

Because today's a short post, we want to re-post a news item which took place in Egypt about a female tourist who went on social media to complain about Egypt  and what happened to her as a result

A Lebanese tourist who was arrested last month for posting a video on Facebook complaining of sexual harassment and conditions in Egypt was sentenced to eight years in prison by a Cairo court on Saturday, her lawyer told Reuters.

Mona el-Mazboh was arrested at Cairo airport at the end of her stay in Egypt after a 10-minute video in which she called Egypt a “son of a bitch country” went viral on social media...

The 24-year-old Mazboh complains of being sexually harassed by taxi drivers and young men in the street, as well as poor restaurant service during the holy month of Ramadan and an incident in which money was stolen from her during a previous stay.

"You deserve what Sisi is doing to you, I hope God sends you someone more oppressive than Sisi."

* Our note:  El-Sisi is current President of Egypt
A Cairo court found her guilty of deliberately spreading false rumours that would harm society, attacking religion, and public indecency, judicial sources said.

An appeal court will now hear the case on July 29, according to Mazboh’s lawyer, Emad Kamal...

In a similar incident, former actor and model (and Egyptian woman) Amal Fathy was detained last month after she posted a video on social media criticising the government for failing to protect women from sexual harassment.
We want you to think honestly - would you like to see this in America when dealing with disgusting, opinionated liberals or is status quo for better or worse, preferred?

It's not a loaded question - our minds have bounced back n' forth a bit and maybe yours will as well..

So many damned Democrats we'd love to see in prison for their anti-Trump mouth sewage but do we want to be a backward country like Egypt?

But because this site is meant to provoke thought and not to tell you what to believe, just really think for yourself what your answer would be