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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Hypocritical Dems and why some Reps hate Trump

For today's posting, we're going to start with two videos

The first one (above) from October, 2016 which is about 4 minutes long and we find to be very interesting  {* You may need to click it twice for it to start playing}

Here you will see Obama first scold then candidate Trump like he was some child about how when you lose an election, you handle it with grace and class and move on with your life which is such complete bullshit when you see how Hillary & those Horrible liberals acted from election night to the present

Then you will see Obama smugly mocking then candidate Trump for complaining about possible meddling in the outcome by outside forces, how he's the first candidate in history to ever suggest agents foreign or domestic could be at play and how impossible it is to do so
The second video (above) is about a 4 minute excerpt from when Obama met with Putin in June, 2013

Notice Obama talking the same topics Trump spoke of yesterday..

Notice the facial expressions and body language of both men

Notice how Putin has absolutely no respect for Obama and can't even stomach looking at him while Obama feels the same
Is That what all the vultures on the left and even the establishment right wanted from the Helsinki meeting; to watch the two biggest nuclear superpowers display how much they felt revolted by the other?!!

And so from this we get to the most interesting question of the last 24 or so hours and it has nothing to do with what Trump said or didn't say during that press conference

We expected hysterics from the left but why is it also coming from the right?
First, its important to understand that Trump's election victory was so amazing because he did it with very minimal if any support from what are known as establishment Republicans

The simplest way to think of them is to think back to the 1982 Eddie Murphy-Dan Ackroyd comedy "Trading Places" and picture the two old men who played the villains, the Duke Brothers
Everything was about money..

Didn't care about anyone or anything else..

Had no problems ruining two people's lives over a wager between them..  a $1 bet..

That is not how most Republicans are but it absolutely is how establishment Republicans think
If we had a society where everyone paid a flat tax, social security and other safety nets for the poor, elderly and disabled were gone and laissez-faire capitalism as depicted in the film 'Wall Street' was the rule of the land,

If we lived in an economic globalist society where corporations and markets ran things instead of political leaders and never-ending profit was to be made throughout the corners of the world by investment, trade or never-ending war..

Oh, these people would be more than happy little fu.. umm, ducks
Remember years back when a massive tsunami ripped through Japan killing many people and causing suffering to untold tens of thousands of people

Everyone else felt sadness; establishment Republicans which is really another way of saying fiscal conservatives saw it only in one way.. A great investment opportunity.

So these are the rotten people on the right who hate Trump because he is not a neo-con seeking to start open-ended wars around the world costing untold trillions like W Bush
Trump also, while taking credit for a rapidly rising stock market is not going to base economic policy solely on what's best for the evil Investor class or else he wouldn't bravely and correctly start trade wars with China and others to force a more equitable trade balance

What does an establishment Republican care if a company is making sneakers or Snickers bars here in America or a sweatshop in Somalia as long as the value of his/her shares are continually rising

And specifically to Putin and Russia..  Why do some on the right want us to hate them and vice versa?
When you hate someone, you prepare for potential conflict which means you need to keep updating your military with more and more planes and tanks and nuclear weapons which means the industrial military complex gets well fed

Imagine a world without any war or conflict anywhere..  Who would buy the helicopters and powerful jets and other war toys?

We kinda sound liberal there for a moment but its true..
Most people do not want war especially between Russia and the US and if anyone else but Trump was in office, they would have celebrated yesterday's meeting

Two world leaders who actually seemed to sorta-kinda like each other seeking out common ground

But establishment Republicans like liberals look at most red-state America as fly-over country and ignorant trash; they are as elitist as the Democrats when it comes to Real Americans; the ones who actually Matter..

So Trump is having to deal with a lot of scummy people from all political persuasions and we marvel at how he does it every day without letting it get to him

One day we hope the President can write a book specifically on that; how to completely block out and ignore all negativity and criticism and viciousness while continually moving forward

Without hyperbole or exaggeration, we can honestly say this is the first President in many years who actually gives a damn about everyday people in word and deed and the way the two political parties are constructed, he could be the last for quite a while