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Monday, July 30, 2018

Maybe Alexander Hamilton Had a Point

Well start with a quote by Alexander Hamilton:

"The voice of the people has been said to be the voice of God; and, however generally this maxim has been quoted and believed, it is not true to fact. The people are turbulent and changing, they seldom judge or determine right."

Historically speaking we used to really hate Hamilton
It wasn't just because of his economic philosophies of the nation being perpetually in debt to other nations and global bankers as a positive thing

It was also how he looked at the common everyday person as basically ignorant and/or easily manipulated trash who should have as little input and say in government as humanly possible.

Over the last couple years when observing the reaction of many to Trump's 2016 victory and all the good he's done over the last 18 months..  you know, common liberal folk who live on the coasts and who especially reside in urban areas..

Well let's just say our harsh assessment of Hamilton has softened a bit
What is the basic difference between normal everyday folk who support the President and those who hate and despise him?

Those who tend to think and vote conservative want leaders in office who will make their lives better; to have a direct impact especially when it comes to the ability to find and hold onto a job, pay their bills, achieve their goals & dreams, etc..

Those who tend to think and vote liberal particularly in the last few decades see every group as a victim to the evil white man and so there must be constant social change to bring about political overthrow about even if it leads to violence
Conservative everyday folk just want to be treated as equals and given respect as individuals

Liberal everyday folk want everyone non-white to be treated as superior even if it means liberal whites have to embrace a secondary subservient status to achieve this

And they wish Trump you-know-what because he will not cower to them in the ways they demand of a wealthy Caucasian man

So they act mentally insane and at times violent like the destruction of Trump's star on the Hollywood walk of fame
The same pure despicable evil in the hearts of those on the left was in full display a year or so ago when they sought to destroy all symbols and tear down all flags representing the beautiful Confederacy

Most people do not realize everything the extreme left common rabble do is taken from the playbook of Communist-Leninist Russia 100 years ago when they overthrew the Czar then established their even more oppressive rule

Taking down of all visual symbols and remnants of Russia's history; blighting out the open practice of all religions, using mob rule and constant violence by the absolute scum of the society to silence dissent and impose fear

Political intolerance, 'us v them'... The Nazis of course did that part as well too..
You better believe there are a lot of deeply worthless people who live among us and they're not all so easily identifiable when they keep their mouths shut

But when they open it to talk politics, thenthey're easy to identify - Deep, deranged despisal for Trump..  Deep hatred for this nation and its history..  Even hating every aspect of the formation of this hemisphere going back to Columbus

Our attitude on that has always been this:   If you hate America so much, then sell your house.. sell your car.. sell your spouse and kids to the first American Indian you meet at one of their casinos then move back to Europe or jump in the ocean and drown

See, that's the beauty of this country.. Always choices
Every generation there always seems to be mindless animals who want to cause chaos and destruction to push their socialist-Marxist, fascist or anarchistic beliefs upon others

They get the news.. they get the attention.. Often they end up making the policies we all are forced to live by then get hysterical when a strong President says 'Nope.. no more'

Thankfully they always get put down most violently by those in charge because you can not have a nation where those who yell the loudest and cause the most destruction while really the statistical minority get to win

That's been the biggest problem with the nation over many decades
For instance blacks only represent 1 in 7 Americans (14%) yet thanks to a very cowardly white-guilt/shame ridden society, we allow those people to really think they are the majority race and deserve exceptional rather than equal status

We're going to be addressing the big taboo topic no one wants to ever talk about so be prepared..

You say 'nigger' or anything even that would remotely imply you don't see them as your betters and your career and reputation is mud
The word quite frankly is nauseating but why did we secede the power to control our individual and collective word choices to blacks?

Why did we allow 'racist' to be more of a social anathema than 'rapist'?

Why did we allow for a setting where whites can not say nigger and blacks can say it repeatedly and everyone is supposed be OK with being told 'you are not allowed to say that'
Why does society treat 'nigger' as more profane than 'motherfucker' or 'cocksucker' or any other classless word?  Why is it called 'N' word or astericks used i.e. 'ni**er'

If we are supposed to know what 'N' means then just G-D say the word

Is it any worse a word than 100 other degrading terms used towards blacks which will not get censored or flagged in comment sections?  And who got to have final say?
Why did we become a nation that tolerates hyphenated terms like 'Af-Am' (we can't stomach typing it) instead of black which is what the coloreds of the Civil Rights and Black Panther movements fought so passionately to be termed?

Why must every book, website (except ours), newspaper, etc use the 'Af-Ar' as if to tell free people in a free society this is what you Must say?  Why did we ever allow this?  To patronize their fragile, delicate sensibilities?

Why is it treated as 'fun' or 'cool' to see movies and TV where whites are put in their place by blacks and why are liberal white guilt/shame fucks the ones who enjoy seeing it depicted the most?
Equality is all one deserves.. Nothing more.. Nothing less

So while we still look at Alexander Hamilton in a very negative light, over the last 18 months of Trump's Presidency, we can concede that when it comes to everyday liberal folk, they're just so ignorant and putrid in their convictions and so discontent and determined to change to society to their way of thinking to the detriment of Real Americans..

Well we kinda-sorta wish some people didn't possess the right to vote