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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Military History - Written by Victors; American History- Written by Liberals

When thinking of today's topic, a story by movie director Ron Howard came to mind

He was giving an interview and talking about when the film Apollo 13 starring Tom Hanks was completed and right before it was ready to be released into theaters, it went through a test screening

And for the most part all the responses were 'good' or 'excellent' except for one person
At the bottom of the card, the reviewer wrote to turn the card over for an explanation which Howard did and the reasoning why the film was given such a bad rating is this:

The person explained the ending was terrible and too Hollywood-formulaic because all the astronauts survived and made it home a la typical happy, predictable ending

Of course what the dummy reviewer did not understand was Apollo 13 was a real event and not fiction, the three astronauts Did come home safe and sound and it reaffirmed why Howard made the film - people didn't know or forgotten the event.
Now if most people in the mid 1990s can completely forget something only a couple decades removed from when they went to see its original theater run (April, 1970) imagine how much of US world history most are ignorant of..

We were thinking a lot on this the last couple days in particular concerning these rotten, putrid Democrats - Obama and Hillary in particular

What will people remember?
Will they remember Obama was pretty much a do-nothing President or will their vision of him be firmly set by all those advertisements and posters of 'Change' and 'Hope'

Will they think him a good or great President because of actual accomplishment or will it be based on no one in the media or pop culture saying a single negative thing or making the slightest fun of him?

Will people remember how racially divisive and purposely polarizing Obama really was...

Will they remember how he was nothing more than a shoeshine boy for Wall Street and the financial institutions that triggered 2008..

Will they remember the national debt doubled in 8 years during his Administration to over $19 trillion?

Will they remember how he was a traitor to the US in his Iran deal while bowing and kneeling to every Muslim under the sun while possessing such a deep hatred for Israel, our only true ally in the Middle East that it far surpassed the line into what one would identify as anti-Semitic?
Will people remember Hillary and Benghazi and she couldn't have given a shit that our US Ambassador and others were murdered and their dead bodies dragged through the streets while the worthless Libyan mob cheered?

Will people remember how deeply corrupt she was from the Russia Uranium enrichment deal to the Clinton Foundation..

A few might..  Most will not
They'll remember Obama as 'Mr Cool', loving his style so much, no one will ever bother to ask if the man possessed any substance?

They'll remember Hillary in 'glass ceiling' terms..  'Oh she was so close if not for the meddling and those deplorable backwoods morons who supported Trump'..

You know forevermore, that will be the narrative in all future historical accounts
In war, the history is written by the victors

In politics, it is written by liberals whether they win or not and in presidential politics, it really is amazing how a 4 to 8 year period in office can be encapsulated by a word or two.. Maybe at best a full sentence...

Let's go back from the 1930s to Trump to see how history is so simplified and the narrative so controlled
FDR - Got us out of Depression and won WWII

He was President for 13 years before dying in 1945 and pretty much that's all most people know or remember of him; few to none of the current generation really bother seeking to learn more

Truman - Dropped Bomb; Korea War

Eisenhower - 'I like Ike'
JFK - 'Bay of Pigs', Civil Rights, Cuban Missile Crisis, Assassination and 'Camelot'

- One of the few Presidents who will actually be remembered for generations thanks to so many movies and other glowing tributes by Hollywood, media and other aspects of pop culture...   

Good thing for JFK's legacy he was Democrat or he might be remembered like other murdered Presidents (Garfield, McKinley) which is to say not at all..
LBJ - Civil Rights Act, Vietnam

Nixon - Vietnam, Watergate

-  For most people regarding both LBJ and Nixon,  they don't want to remember any more

Ford - pardoned Nixon

Carter - hostages in Iran
Reagan - 'Tear Down this Wall', Iran-Contra

- When it comes to Reagan most really don't remember what he did in office policy wise but it will be his optimism and making people feel good and proud about being Americans again which will be how he's remembered now and will be for a long, long time

Bush 41 - Gulf War, 'Read my lips. No new taxes'
Clinton - Monica Lewinsky, 'slick Willie'

-  We don't believe most remember he was impeached.. Certainly future generations will not thanks to Clinton-loving liberal historians who gloss over most of that period

Bush 43 - 9/11, Invasion of Iraq, stock market crash
Obama - 'Change'. 'Hope', killed bin Laden (as if the pretzel stick wimp did it himself)..

Trump - "Hitler"

See.. That is all people need to know about the Presidents of the last 85+ years to feel intelligent about our history..

Anyways, this was a fun exercise but we need to go back to more important things..

You know.. things others care about more than history like finding out if any more Kardashians or related family are taking black men inside them