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Friday, July 6, 2018

Random Thoughts on Trump's Eventual Supreme Court Pick

We've decided to write a short post today after all..

It's interesting when you look at this photo above..

Everyone protesting Trump's Supreme Court nominee list and wanting to protect the right of a mother to kill their child inside them for expedience
These know-nothings are either too young to be having sex or the gender that does the impregnating.. 

The little dum-dum girl holding the 'We will never go back' sign looks like she is 12!   What does she know about anything which her parents or favorite actors/music groups told her?

 And practically all given T-shirts and signs made & paid for by others to push a point of view..  $5 million alone was paid by a liberal group to have these morons protest and pose for the cameras

How the left loves to exploit children for political gain

Been thinking a lot about this coming Monday's announcement by Trump as to who the nominee will be to replace Justice Kennedy

Not only who he might select but just an overall feeling of Thank God that he is President instead of Hillary
2016 was probably among the most important elections in our nation's history if for no other reason than the Court and how it will ideologically lean for the next couple decades

When Trump nominates someone and he/she is ultimately confirmed barring some scandal, the Court will be 5-4 strongly Conservative

Now what if Hillary had won?
The Neil Gorsuch selection wouldn't have occurred so that means a extreme liberal would have been selected last year which of course would have dramatically altered the decisions the Court has made thus far this year

Then in all likelihood Ruth Bader Ginsberg would have announced her retirement since she's stated publicly she refuses to while Trump is in office so that would be a rotten liberal replacing another..

Finally we have to logically assume Kennedy would have retired anyways no matter who was in office so that would have been FOUR new Justices that Hillary could have selected in a span of less than two years which would have made the Court 6-3 liberal
It is so important Trump gets his selection right, both in correctness and politically because it seems the Court is the only of the 3 branches of government who can truly keep that plague known as social-progressivism in check

We keep thinking on the disgusting immoral putrid evil which is gay marriage and how 320+ million people have to treat something completely bullshit as 'real' because 5 Justices out of 9 including that bastard Kennedy validated it..

That's how important it is to have those on the Court who make decisions based on rule of law and not take it upon themselves to make policy
We had hoped Trump would choose an extremely conservative black woman to the Court; a female version of Clarence Thomas but since there were none on his list, we are hoping instead he chooses an extremely conservative woman of any persuasion

Having a woman as a nominee makes it a little more difficult for Democrats to oppose because they spent 2 years during the election lying to everyone that they were champions for the cause of gender equality and breaking glass ceilings

To vote against a woman and prevent the Court from having for the first time in its history 3 women sitting on the bench would be a nice political spin to counter their obstruction tactics
Of course Democrats are so despicable and petty, they'd do all they could to block Trump's nominee even if it was Obama because because Trump would be the one selecting and they won't give credit to a great President for anything

So whoever is selected, the liberals and all their salaried resisters and agitators will have a cow..  That's why the best and easiest way to judge Trump's selection is based on their reactions..

If its civil and polite, you know Trump made a bad choice and picked a moderate

If they howl and threaten civil war, you know the choice was to pardon the pun, Supreme