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Friday, July 13, 2018

The Best Trump Can Ever Hope For from Leftist Media is Backhanded Compliments

Everyone knows that the news is disgustingly biased especially on the political left and for those who are still in a state of blissful unawareness, here's just one of a million billion trillion examples we could have chosen

From the NY Times:
Trump Got From NATO Everything Obama Ever Asked For

"Now that the smoke has cleared from the NATO summit meeting, the most tangible result is apparent: President Trump advanced President Barack Obama’s initiative to keep the allies on track to shoulder a more equitable share of NATO’s costs. 

Mr. Trump even signed on to a tough statement directed at Russia. For once he saw eye to eye with his predecessor."
Now on the surface that may seem like a rare positive toward Trump by a newspaper that deeply hates him, thinks all those who support him are redneck inbred trash and still look at Obama as something of a God

So let's look at what at what the Times really wrote.

The title of the article and first part make Trump look like he is Obama's errand boy - as if the black fuck was the one who came up with the idea of the rest of NATO paying their fair share now, not later and it was not Trump's idea

In fact as Trump said in an interview prior to leaving the NATO Summit, he said Presidents as far back as Reagan had been trying and failed due to a cowardice (our words, not Trump) to press Europe and Canada to step up their financial contributions

If Obama had just 1/10th the motivation to force the deadbeat nations of Europe to increase their contributions the way the anti-Semitic dog had to destroy Israel in the UN before he left office, then he could have succeeded and taken full credit

But Obama was a shiftless n' lazy do-nothing on this like everything else so Trump doesn't have to share the credit with anyone, not even that mulatto bastard.
The second part is really a dig on Trump that he's in bed with Putin and has been from the start but in a rare moment, he did what was best for America by putting his Russia-love aside to sign a statement that Obama would have

So digusting

If Putin would have wanted anyone to win in 2016, it would have been that rancid bitch Hillary, not Trump
It was Clinton as Secretary of State who negotiated with Putin for that very Russia-friendly uranium deal and she received many foreign donations for her shill charity Clinton Foundation from Russians seeking influence and good favor once she was in office.

Also do you think the closet dyke would have made any stink about the massive pipeline deal between Germany and Russia where they will now get 80% of their fuel from them, like Trump mentioned?

And for all this fake-bluster about how Crimea was stolen from Ukraine, guess which little poo colored monkey was President and sat idly by as it happened in 2014?
Obama and Hillary are absolute scum as human beings but they're also that way because they are Democrat.. 

More and more, the party, its media operants and its supporters from sea to shining sea including middle-Tennessee display the same mindset, all eat from the same roadkill and drink out of the same unflushed toilet bowl.

It is amazing to think Trump has only been President for just about 18 months and he's already the among the greatest Presidents since the turn of the 20th century - we rank him just below the two Roosevelts
Yet all the nonstop mentally sick hate from the vermin on the left

And if you keep wondering why, it is very simple:

Those on the left are drifting more and more down a path of Marxist-Socialism and those on the far left who seem to be 're-energizing' their party have a violent anarchistic mindset toward this nation

So just like in a discussion with one of those losers, facts and statistics are ignored in place of emotion and accusals, to them strong sound public policy and job creation mean nothing as long as America is a nation run and controlled by whites
To them (and this includes many white guilters), the entire country must be toppled by force if need be, with everyone overthrown, a new constitution written where people of color make the new rules and essentially we become like African nations where black holds majority rule and whites shut up and take the humiliation or leave

It sounds outrageous to some but that is because you really have never met, spoken to or read articles/books by those with that mindset

They're not fringe anymore.. They're the Democrats' new inspiration since they feel they lost in 2016 because the party got too moderate (they also still believe their election was stolen but that's been written about too often before)
Media like the Times, Washington Post, CNN, etc..  They always had a liberal bias but it was more centrist and they made the effort to hide it along with any disdain they might have felt for Republicans

Now the business model is to lay it all out and compete with each other as to who can be the most hate-filled toward Trump without crossing the line to outwardly wonder why someone doesn't do him in

Trust us, if the Times could write that in an op-ed, it would have by now
The President does not seem to genuinely care and when he expresses he's bothered by the attacks, honestly we think he's not with maybe the exception of jabs about Ivanka which of course is why you see those monsters on the left do so more consistently

So we keep telling ourselves if Trump doesn't care; if he hasn't altered his Presidency in any way, why should we..

Guess its because we know the attacks and vitriol from the left is really aimed at us, his supporters
Had Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush or any of the other GOP nominees in 2016 won, the rotten coverage and evil sewage from the mouths of liberal Hollywood would still occur..

Anyone who threatens the woman's right to kill the baby inside her so to not impede her relationship or career..

Anyone who did not fully acquiesce to black superiority, the normalcy of transgenders and other mentally sick people..

Anyone who dared to put America first in any policy decision instead of United Nations first..
Moses.. Jesus.. Buddha.. Mohammad..  Any of them could be President and the left would viciously and aggressively attack attack attack..

OK, maybe not Mohammad..  Muslims have shown very successfully what happens when you attack their own to the point the left, especially the media is deeply fearful of offending..

No one wants to lose their lives over a political point
Conservative Christians..  No one on the left is fearful of them. 

No one to make sure the left leaning media doesn't attack their political and religious beliefs the same way the Muslims did when those same media outlets posted offensive Mohammad cartoons

Notice that doesn't happen anymore..
Anyways, its weekend and today is the 197th birthday of General Nathan Bedford Forrest, the greatest cavalry commander in North American history

So instead of dwelling on liberal trash, we're going to enjoy the weekend

We hope you do as well..