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Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Meaninglessness of a Public Apology

Yesterday it was reported that Papa John's founder John Schnatter, the one you used to see on the commercials saying 'Better Ingredients, Better Pizza' resigned as chairman because during a conference call in May, he said 'nigger'

For most, that was a terrible thing to say since for most, they've voluntarily and happily given up control of their individual freedom of word choice to the black race who use it constantly toward one another and in their entertainment with defiance.

For us,  saying the word does not even pale to the terribleness and patheticness of apologizing for it
If you ever say 'nigger' by accident or on purpose, or really anything else that offends or could upset another, you must Never Never apologize for it..  Ever.

This is so important to understand in your daily life if moments like that ever occur where any group is offended by anything you express

Apologizes do no good..  None..   
Neither does crying -  It won't make those you offended accidentally all of sudden like you again, it won't help you keep your job or repair your personal or professional reputation.. 

It just makes you look like a pathetic little worm desperate to pacify whoever it takes so not to lose everything around you.

Remember as bad as saying 'nigger' is, that it is Not a crime.. 

At least at this moment you can not go to jail or be fined or have your assets seized or drivers' license revoked or any other legal punishment befall you for saying it or any other term for any other group so stop the paranoia as if..
The only apologizes in life that ever mean a damn are those given by another voluntarily rather than demanded and expressed privately and kept private.

Everything else is 50 degrees of theatrics and ass-saving

In the past we'd do a segment called 'everyone apologizes' where we take news headlines from the last 7 days and show how many times people apologize for this and that and how often meaningless and unnecessary it is to do so..

With the Papa John's story, we might as well do it again..  All comments by us will start with (*)
--  Henry Cavill apologizes for controversial 'rapist' comments about flirting (PageSix) 

* Cavill is an actor who plays Superman in the various comic book films

-- Texas teen apologizes after video shows him flinging cat into lake (Dallas News)

*  Don't apologize to us.. Tell it to the cat..

--  Sarasota Marriott apologizes for racist sign found in room (

*  If no one working or associated with the Marriott put the sign there, why apologize?
-- Neidhammer venue says no to drag queen music video but later apologizes (Indy Star)

*  A business either has moral/ethical standards or it doesn't

-- Bishop apologizes to abuse victims in statewide message (Wyoming Press)

* It is not that the specific bishop doing the apologizing did anything wrong - he's apologizing in behalf of others much the way so many liberal assholes say things like 'I apologize to the world for Trump'..

-- YouTube apologizes to LGBTQ creators over issues with its ad and monetization policies  (TheVerge)

*  YouTube like pretty much every corporation in America care more about accidentally offending faggots than they do straight people..  Oops.. sorry about saying 'faggot'..  OK no we're not
-- Robinson Cano apologizes to Mariners fans, teammates for 80-game suspension (MLB)

*  Cano is a baseball player who knowingly used illegal performance enhancement drugs to cheat the game, pad his statistics and parlay that to a big contract.. But he's now sorry so..

-- Carlos Gomez issued a heartfelt apology to a Gatorade cooler for his frustrated destruction earlier in the week (AP)

* Probably the best apology in a while in terms of the absolute bullshit in saying it when a public person.  Gomez is another baseball player who earlier this week took out his frustrations at playing poorly by punching out a cooler
One last point on apologies..

The reason people seek out apologizes when they feel wronged is because it gives the other a feeling of power and dominance

The person uttering the 'sorry' is put on the defensive and made to feel uncomfortable and submissive even for a brief moment

Only sincere apologizes made voluntarily and privately (and kept private) mean anything to anyone

Everything else is ego-driven power play.