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Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Obama Years in Pictures

Everyone on the left sure seems to miss the so-called 'good old days'

When a President and VP was in office who they could supposedly be proud of, making decisions only for their benefit while emboldening minorities through identity politics to be ever more dominant and defiant toward the silent Real American majority..

Truth is of course that Obama along with VP Biden were absolute do-nothings who greatly hurt this nation to a point that 18 months into President Trump's term and there's still so much of Obama's mess to clean up

So we're going to look back at Obama's 8 years in photos..

Nothing is photoshopped or fake.. We do reserve the right to inject witty truisms where applicable

No one can say the man didn't love football..
 ~ "Go long.. longer.. keep, Keep Going Hillary.."

 ~ "Michelle says I am not allowed to play anywhere else in the White House"

~ "I hear what you're saying..  Let me consult with my football"

 ~ "Oh Pigskin.. Help me to make the right decision"

~  "So I went back to pass, I threw it and it was caught - it was a touchdown; the crowd went crazy and they carried me out of the stadium on their shoulders.. Should have been there"

Yep.. Seemed he couldn't function without a ball in his hand or his head or clasping a bat
 ~ "You fouled me mid-air.. I call it.. I'm the Commander in Chief!  It's good to be the King.. uh uh.. President"

 ~ "I have something important I need to do.. Tell the Chinese Ambassador to wait.."

 ~ "My African father taught me this trick right after I was born in Kenya..  My white mother never seemed impressed"

~  "Mm.. Yes.. You say your name is Chris..  (strokes)..  Is that Chris like Christine or...  It doesn't matter..  (strokes)...

And Obama was a real charmer.. Could melt even a world leader's heart while Michelle Obama looked away (photos from attending Mandela's funeral)
~ "So you're head of Denmark?  If you were head of Netherlands, we could meet in Amsterdam and have some real laughs.." (for the few who don't get it, that's share some joints)

~ "What are you doing after this boring funeral.. I know this quiet place in Johannesburg.." 

` "Aw Christ, we were only having small talk"

 No one can call Obama stupid.. Like in most black marriages, he knew who truly ran things..

~ "You are my Nubian Queen..  That white woman is beneath us.."

Obama was also a skilled kneeler.. The barnyard animal NFL players should have taken a page or two out of the former President's playbook from when he met various world leaders
 ~ "America surrenders to you.. I surrender to you"

 ~ "Thank you, most Thank you for letting me be in your presence"
 ~ "I am humbled in your presence and I don't even know your name"

 ~ "Allah Akbar.. Our common God and Prophet are the greatest"

Here's President Trump showing how a real man greets a world leader

Obama's VP Joe Biden was some piece of work too..
~ "Mmm Hilly, do you know what I would like to do to you right now?"
    "Oh stop it! (laughs)  You know I only am intimate with women.."
    "If I put on a dress, will it count?" 

~ "Mmm, do you know what I would like to do to you right now.. Mmm"

 ~ "What?!   Married-Schmarried.. She's mine.."

~  "Mmmm what a woman..  come here baby..."

Yep, what a guy..

Obama was very patriotic.. He sure loves America and the flag
~ "Ehh, that's OK.. I will do the hand to heart thing next time.."

~ "Ehh.. I will salute the flag and veterans at a later date.."

And lastly, what made Obama so great in so many people's eyes on the left is the way he was so actively engaged in problem-solving.. He really loved being President
 ~ "Yawwwnnn.. Even I am so Bored with Obamacare"

 ~ "God how I'd love to just settle down with some chicken and grape drink and watch basketball right now"

~ Yawwnnn.. I am sooo disengaged.. Yawwwnn..  I just can't stop... Yawnn"

Yes.. We can see why half the nation is so miserable that Trump is in office and longing for the Obama days ~ eyes rolled ~