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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Understanding the #1 Enemy of the State

~  Uhh Uhh.. (animal moans)..  Gotta.. Get.. Trump.. Uhhh! (animal groans)

With all this constant nuttiness by mentally sick liberals over the last 20 months since the election and their deranged hunger to get Trump out of office by any means necessary, no one really asks the question that matters?

What are are these America-hating fucks really achieving?

If they force Trump to quit being President before his term is up or decides not to run for re-election, his VP Mike Pence would become President or run in 2020
He is even more conservative and traditional in social values than Trump and is beloved by both Trump supporters and the conservative GOP establishment

In other words, if these rotten bastard Democrats ever succeed in impeaching the President or forcing him to leave office early, they'd just be uniting the party even more than it is now with currently Trump having a 92% approval level among GOP voters

Meanwhile the Democrats can't decide if they want to be a party that is patriotic and loves this nation or a socialist-Marxist leftist party of every cesspool gutter group getting treated like they're superior to 'evil' whites as they turn the nation into Cuba or some backwards African enclave
The Democrats remind us a lot of the book 'Lord of the Flies'; just a bunch of mindless animals willing to devour each other to take control of a nation that by rights any intelligent populace would never allow such vermin to possess any political power

But the hate is so deep.. 

And our side mostly snickers or maybe vents to the like-minded
As we said before, people like those on the left you have to treat as the bullies and empty intimidators they are - with a good 4-5 solid punches to the nose as a start

Figurative..  Literal..  Take it as you like

They really think they can hurt Trump..  Laughable
How does anyone hurt a multi-billionaire who didn't spend his life with political aspirations unlike say Hillary who wanted to be President before her first pre-Bill Clinton lesbian relationship, much less first menstration.

How does a common liberal piece of crap really believe he/she can 'hurt' someone like that?

As people, liberals have been despicable bitches and bastards for many decades; wanting to destroy every aspect of what makes America beautiful from within since the days of the pot-smoking hippie losers of the '60s who deluded themselves into thinking they made a difference in ending Vietnam

The silent majority then as in now completely ignored them; figured once they got jobs and got married, had kids, those people would be such political idiots

It doesn't work that way unfortunately

Giving Communist-Socialist Marxists a taste of the benefits of Capitalism only make them feel guilty much the way those same leftist trash hate that their Caucasian and actually wish blacks were their superiors as attrition for whatever they think their ancestors did

Messed up, we know..  They really do think like this
Feels like a broken record here but as we keep expressing, it is not good enough that Trump is in office and making practical policy decisions to improve everyday people's lives

No one reports the steady drop in unemployment, the accomplishments overseas due to a strong, tough-talking manner and all the other successes he's had

Trump needs to figure out how to go on the Attack vs the media and the far-left fuckers that aren't content to just simply win an election or get a President removed

Their aims are larger and more dangerous
The far left need to be put down like a sick, violent animal..   

How?  We have many ideas but since we're not in any position of power, it will never come to any fruition so no need to type it..

But the threat will always be there until they are dealt with
They remind us so much of the anarchistic and Communist movements of 1900-1920s.. 

They were rabid.. violent..  destructive.. 

They provoked many a labor-riot, one of them assassinated a President (McKinley) and were responsible for putting pipe bombs in government officials' mailboxes

We see the current far-left fucks with the same diseased minds but we don't want the government or Trump to wait until they go down that road to deal properly with this evil.
There's always 'haves' and 'have-nots' and those who have not always have among them disturbed people who would rather take from those who have or destroy the system then work for their share of the economic pie like everyone else

These aren't the fringe anymore.. They are becoming more and more the face of the new Democrat party

All we can do is sound the siren and hope people wake up to the #1 Enemy of the State

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