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Thursday, July 19, 2018

US, Russia and our 'Polar Bears'

~ Polar Bear memorial in Troy Michigan 

This whole 'Russian meddling' thing is so absolutely tiring to anyone with half a brain

It's not fake news..  It's non-news.

Only a deeply despicable Democrat party (including all those who vote that way) who are so emotionally Retarded that 20 months after an election, can not accept its results would keep the drum beat going..

So let's just ask/answer some simple questions just to get it all out of the way
Did Russia or agents of Russia meddle in our last election?

Depends on what you define as 'meddle'..

Did Russia or agents of Russia do anything to prevent any voter from going to the ballot box or do anything to cause votes not to be counted or anything else that may have altered the final tally of the electoral college?

Did they create some Facebook pages or take out any kind of small advertising?


Is there anyone who genuinely would vote for Trump or Hillary solely based on a FB page or billboard sign?

God, we hope not..
Did Russian agents donate $400k to Hillary's campaign via the Clinton Foundation as Putin stated the other day during the press conference?

Who knows.. Probably..  Let's just say we believe Putin more than our mainstream media

Does the US meddle in other sovereign nations' democratic elections?

Did we meddle in Russia's in the past?

Yes, at least once.. 1996 with President Clinton helping Boris Yeltsin's campaign

Do we still do so?

Would assume yes.. We know Putin himself doesn't run for office but whoever is his #2 does..
Has the US military ever invaded Russia or US military personnel ever stepped foot on Russian soil for the purposes of overthrowing their government because it was in our political/strategic best interests?


And now we come to the 'Polar Bears'
From September 1918 through to July 1919, we sent out an American Expeditionary Force into North Russia which was also known as the Polar Bear Expedition

It was a contingent of about 5,000 United States Army troops that landed in Arkhangelsk, Russia as part of the Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War and we along with the Brits and French fought the Red Army in the surrounding region

During their time in North Russia, the American forces suffered more than 553 casualties, including at least 109 deaths from battle, 309 wounded, about 30 missing in action, and 70 deaths from disease, 90% of which were caused by the Spanish Flu.
The US also sent over a few thousand soldiers into Siberia to involve ourselves their civil war with the goal of defeating the Communists in post October Revolution Russia..

The experience in Siberia for the soldiers was miserable as problems with fuel, ammunition, supplies and food were widespread. 

Horses accustomed to temperate climates were unable to function in sub-zero Russia. Water-cooled machine guns froze and became useless. 
The last American soldiers left Siberia on April 1, 1920. During their 19 months in Siberia, 189 soldiers of the force died from all causes

Now imagine how we'd feel about Russia had they involved themselves in our Civil War back in 1860s to aid/assist the Confederacy?

So you see our history of meddling in the affairs of Russia go back 100 years

Hard to think of any nation in the world with any semi-importance we have not meddled politically, economically or militarily
The basic point is this:  Don't be upset when someone urinates in your rose bushes when you've gone and done the same to theirs

The biggest irony of them all regarding this is we're all supposed to be upset that Russia may have in some way corrupted our democratic process when our two party political system have done an exceptional job of it on their own

Quick example before we wrap things up..
Back in the day, it was not uncommon to get people to vote numerous times for the same person and do so through most clever means..

We know of one such instance that was probably done numerous times but definitely during the 1932 Presidential election

Democrats to ensure their candidate, FDR would beat Hoover had operatives who in many cities and urban centers put down a lot of fake names on the voter registry weeks prior to the election.

From there, they would recruit drunks, bums, unemployed and other riff-raff and tell them  to grow beards
So in the morning of election, they'd transport the bearded Democrat lowlifes to the polling place to vote, then take them to the barber where the beards would be shaven but mustaches remain..

After a visit to the bar for free drinks, the Democrat scum would be sent back to the same polling places and vote under different names...

Then back to the barber where all mustaches shaved and everyone has now a clean, smooth face..

From there, back to the polling station for a 3rd vote in the afternoon using more fake aliases and then the Democrat pieces of shit could get paid and then probably use it to get further drunk

100% True.
Today Democrats are more sophisticated..   They just gather up the elderly and senile from senior assist centers and take them to polling places then give them free danish

That and look up the names of who's dead and vote Democrat for them.

So um, yes, we need to make sure Russia never meddles because our democratic process is too important to allow others to contaminate with trickery

Leave the corruption to us..