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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Video: Understanding the President

* You may have to click the above video below twice to get it started

Sorry for late posting.. Just one of those days..

President Trump has been in office 18 months now any many, both supporters and haters still do not know who he is and his worldview in terms of how he crafts public policy beyond the fact he does love America and puts it first

Bill O'Reilly who is back on-air through Newsmax (admittedly we don't know if this is a cable channel or just something one accesses over the internet, last night gave a very astute Talking Points memo

For eight  and a half minutes, he explains where the President is coming from, why everyone in Washington seem to hate him and how Trump views the major issues of the day

We don't fully agree with everything O'Reilly says especially concerning Russia (we've always maintained that every nation meddles in the elections of each other i.e they do it & we do it, and as long people's right to vote isn't infringed and their votes get counted, its pretty minimal in importance)

Overall its an informative viewing. .  See you back tomorrow ~

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