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Monday, July 2, 2018

#WalkAway - Trump's Slowly Winning Over the Left-Centrists

If there is one constant about the Trump presidency as far as the media is concerned, its that if there's any positives, it will be minimized, trivialized or simply not covered at all

The other day we read that according to a recent poll, Trump enjoys 90% support among Republican voters and they are very loyal.

In addition, he has expanded his popularity among blacks, Hispanics, Millennials and the gay community
Of course we had to get this information courtesy of Fox News because none of the other mainstream media outlets would dare to report something so positive about a man they'd like to literally stomp on if they could

President Trump’s off the charts achievements on jobs and security are improving the lives of every single Democrat identity voting bloc and a small, but increasingly significant number are noticing.

Used to be Democrats cared about the economy, jobs and overall seeking to improve the lives of everyday people

Not anymore..
Now they they are fully invested in socialist-Marxist identity politics and many on the political left are beginning to realize how truly isolated they are from the party they love and identify with

Right now, the white working class solidly belongs to Trump.  Fed up blacks, Hispanics, Millennials and gays are starting to follow.

This because ordinary people, including our minorities, are focused on the reality of their lives. They're not radicals and they do not hate this country like the extreme left which infected the Democrat party.
Most Americans actually care about exactly the two big issues Trump cares about:  jobs and personal safety.

They notice more money in their paychecks.. when they get off food stamps and the unemployment line.. when they move from flipping hamburgers to a high-paying construction or assembly-line jobs.

Securing our border, supporting cops, defeating ISIS in Syria, pressuring North Korea to “denuke” -- ordinary people get that we are safer than we were under that rotten bastard who preceded Trump.

Hardcore Democrats can scream as loud as they want, but they cannot drown out reality.
Trump is gaining inside Democrat strongholds, reaching women and non-whites.

A Harvard/Harris poll shows a 10-point upswing among Hispanic voters.  He has made a four-point gain overall among Democrats.

Pollsters attributed the rise to the strong economy and that a whopping 75% approved of the president’s decision to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Finally, a Pew finding about Trump supporters upends stereotypes: Just 31% are white men without college degrees, while 66% are college graduates, women or nonwhites.
Millennials are growing up, getting jobs and paying taxes.

While they are stubbornly unwilling to give President Trump personal credit since they've been brainwashed to be liberal lemmings from near birth, they do recognize his pro-growth agenda is a good thing, and they don’t want their party to wreck the economy.

Millennials are telling Reuter/Ipsos pollsters that they are going to vote Republican in the mid-terms.

In 2016, white millennials supported Democrats for Congress by a whopping 47 to 33%.

No more.
Millennial support for Democrats has fallen by almost 10%.  If sustained, this is seriously bad news for Democrats.

For the first time, millennials will be the largest eligible voting bloc surpassing baby boomers come November.

Historically Democrats have relied on the youth vote to carry them over the finish line but his new polling suggests a blue wave may be less likely than previously thought.
Racial appeals and labeling Conservatives as 'racist' are also at long last getting old.

Race-baiting is less effective delivered by evil to the core Maxine Waters than by the nation’s first black president who was just as evil.

A YouTube video by a young black woman named Candace Owens where she is praised by Kanye West, is credited with creating a fateful first chink in the black voting bloc.
Following Kanye’s tweet, President Trump’s approval among black men doubled, to 22%, and among all blacks, to over 16%.

This of course is bigger than Kanye.

Trump promised blacks that if they gave him a chance, they would see real economic progress and he has delivered, big time.  Blacks are working more than ever, many at better jobs.  They like it -- and have been voting differently in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.
According to a June Rasmussen poll, twice as many black voters will now admit they are better off under President Trump.

And as well they should since in the history of this nation, black unemployment as a percentage has never been lower

Even the ultimate Democrat stronghold, the LGBQT community is getting sick of the new political left which has taken shape since Hillary's loss and joining the #WalkAway movement

For those who don't know, #WalkAway is a social media movement gaining traction where those who politically are center-left are leaving the Democrat party because they do not want embrace the takeover of their party by the hard left and do not espouse violence and America-hate
It turns out white gay men in particualr are not appreciating the blatant anti-white and anti-gender hate speech of the new Democrat left.

According to the mindset of those on the extreme-left, white gay men are near the top of the privileged bad guys list.  They get less victim points than white women, black women, trans and non-genders.

Most gay men are quite successful financially.  Democrats' hostile rage against successful white men is a turn-off to them. 

But it is more than that.
Many gay people put their love of country before their sexual orientation and appreciate President Trump’s Muslim travel ban, as a rational security measure especially since that backward evil cult-faith would murder every homosexual person if they could simply for being gay..

Now if only most Jewish people would wake up to the reality the party they vote for and donate heavily to, in reality Hates them, blames them for society's ills, hates Israel and only cares about the needs/wants of Muslims

Jews are a smart people.. We'll see in time how politically smart..
People seem to feel safe in groups.. It's how we're all conditioned, from walking home from school to how we vote..

But bloc mindset only works if the group you're associating with genuinely cares about your individual needs/concerns and if you sincerely identify with that group more than shared physical/sexual traits

The Individual must always be more important than the Collective and that means as a voter not to have loyalty to anyone but yourself.
It is good to see many people on the left begin to understand this

Perhaps one day the Democrats will wise up, get rid of the absolute Filth that has taken over since Obama's election and be more centist again

Until then, its hard left turn is turning off a lot of people who are liberal and it will probably take mid-terms to show how much so.