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Friday, July 20, 2018

Well, Looks like Another Year of Not Watching the NFL

~ This is how black football players want to posture while the national anthem is sung because even multi-millionaires have the slave victimization mindset and want you in white America to feel guilty over it

There sure seems to be a lot of angry people in the country wanting to demonstrate in some way how miserable they are at the results of democratic election..

Defy!..  As in any law or court order that benefits the President

Fight!..  As in protest and rally and engage in violence if need be..

Resist!..  As in create the illusion the nation was taken over in a coup

Confront!..  As in harass and physically hurt Trump supporters
18 months of constant petulant behavior..   

Wonder if the liberal hippie Scum of the late 1960s were this childish?

Of course it can only embolden the bottom feeders to know they have complete support of just about the entire media establishment along with the entertainment industry so no matter how disgusting they act, they will always be covered and looked upon as patriots

Even sports have been contaminated by the stench of liberalism 
The NFL, a multi-billion dollar league with the power along with 1st Amendment constitutional protection to immediately stop all those black barnyard animal players along with white guilt/shame compatriots from kneeling and showing black bullshit 'power' defiance can't seem to have the stomach to crush the Uppities...

They sure have no problem fining players tens of thousands of dollars when a player expresses himself by wearing different color socks or saying the referees made a bad call..

It's just black bastards along with their white submissive teammates middle fingering the flag and hijacking their employer to push leftist social-political messages, the NFL can't seem to deal with 
Two months ago the league's owners voted unanimously to stop the kneeling and black 'pride' fist in the air and all other acts of meaningless defiance by asshole players who wanted to show they hate the country, hate Trump and they run the league

OK..  sounded good, right..

Nope.. The very next day the Jets owner, one of those who voted for it, stated he would not infringe on his players' right to protest and would pay all their fines

This douche votes in favor of stopping players from disrespecting America then the next day defends their right..  Amazing

So we had this sickening feeling in our stomachs that ultimately the league would weaken; would backtrack at the first sign of Nat Turner-like defiance from the colored players

Then of course the Players' Association threatened to sue..

From that, last night a complete NFL capitulation as the two sides agree to sit down over the coming weeks and continue to negotiate how to make all sides happy
What the Fuck is there to negotiate?!

Employees of private businesses do NOT have freedom of speech and self-expression rights

You put an American flag on your desk and boss does not like it, guess who wins?

Boss decides all desks are to have American flags on them and that offends you..  guess who wins?

Not you..
In addition, the NFL has greatly pissed off 50% of its fan base by allowing these uneducated monkeys to continually push the mindset of black lives 'mattering' when the goal of all entertainment including sports is to provide mental diversion from politics and other tensions

Amazing the bastards who run the league do not understand this

And the Commissioner, Roger Goodell is a total bastard.. a liberal with a homosexual brother who believes very strongly in using the NFL to push social-progressive values
Funny.. A few years ago when it looked like the first openly faggot football player, Michael Sam was not going to be drafted, he arm-twisted the then St Louis Rams to take him in the 7th round with the reward they wouldn't have to play overseas games in London for a few years

Then once the guy was taken by the Rams, Goodell issued an edict saying anyone - player, coach, etc that said anything anti-gay or critical in any way (including through social media) of Sam and his lifestyle would be heavily fined

A couple players defied.. The fine was steep..  All was quiet
So the same fuckhead who controlled others' rights to express that homosexuality is Disgusting and openly gay players have no place in the NFL can't lay down the hammer to stop a bunch of black 'pride' idiots from using the league as their platform to push their politics?!!

This NFL problem is just indicative of the wider problem in society right now

If you support Trump or even just want to give him a fair shot, every single G-D aspect of your life has to be completely ruined; from enjoying sports to watching movies/TV to reading a newspaper or magazine because the fucking Democrats just can not keep their mentally sick hatred to themselves!

And we on the political right absolutely Refuse to fight back in any way
We still watch sports and movies and TV and read that crap and still buy products and shop in stores that openly condemn our President and push the most disgusting lifestyle choices

For a long time we've been the silent majority

There needs to come a time where we become the Angry majority and take back this nation in ways that are meaningful and impact our daily lives
We love Trump but he's unwilling or incapable of fighting this fight

So we need to..

Maybe this complete cowardice by the NFL can be the catalyst

But we must do something because the way the nation is heading, we can have Republican Presidents and Congresses and conservative Supreme Courts and Governors and Mayors and we're still going to lose the heart of this nation to the evil which is the social progressive left.