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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Wishing Happy 4th of July.. To Some

One of things about A&G is we don't look at things in news or society from the same perspective as others and we don't seek to be detached as if what we talk about is over 'there' and not which affects all of us

So when we read things in the news like that pretzel stick Obama recently introduced at a speech to fellow Democrats as the 'true' President, it irks us bigtime..

We know that Obama is completely inconsequential as a man and that it is Trump who gets to decide policy and choose the next Supreme Court justice, not this lil brown monkey..

Yet it still bothers us that such a deeply despicable group of people as liberals are continually allowed to express continued hate toward someone who has improved their lives greatly over the last 16 months via tax cuts, job creation, a safer world..

That's why it is so important Trump picks someone the Democrats deeply hate who will change their rotten social-progressive world forever
And when we hear the same mulatto cunt comedian who spewed hate toward Sarah Sanders during the Press Correspondents Dinner a few months ago refer recently to Ivanka Trump as 'herpes', it makes us angry..

Makes us wish this mixed-race bitch like so many people on the left who spout deeply rancid things about Conservatives, gets cancer

Its gotten to the point where its just too much from too many sides to brush off as silliness or free-speech
And when we hear all these pandering parasitic politicians on the moderate left suddenly make a hard left turn to extreme by suddenly promising if elected they will remove ICE because a dirty leftist bitch from a scummy part of NYC beat out a moderate Democrat in a primary on a platform of that and other socialist-Marxist dreams, it makes us ill

Wonder if the Hispanic woman had ran on a platform of euthanizing all Caucasians, would all these terrible white Democrat Senators and Congresspeople running for re-election campaign on the same policy

We put nothing past them..
They're scum just like those who vote for them.. From New York to California; Scum from sea to shiny sea and even scum in Tennessee

So when we hear people tomorrow wishing each other 'Happy 4th of July' we will be adding a caveat when we express it publicly..

'Happy 4th of July only to Trump supporters' which is out nice/polite way of us saying if you hate the President, go choke on a chicken bone
You hear so much hypocritical talk on the left about the loss of civility in this country as if it started with Trump..  lordy..

You can not have civility and respect for one's political views until mentally maladjusted people on the left express that Trump IS their President until another election states otherwise

Otherwise its all one big non-starter when it comes to discussing news and listening to others' thoughts

We hope our readers have a wonderful 4th and enjoy the festivities..  Well - Trump supporters we wish this for..   Everyone else can keep stewing in the brine of their irrational hate

We'll be back on Thursday July 5th..
~ 4th of July parade 1911