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Monday, August 13, 2018

A View on 'The View' - A Most Brutal Show

~ "Republicans are evil, Trump is a bastard and no, I'm not a rotten old B.."

Most people dread going to the doctor's office.. 

Maybe its the cost or a fear of what he or she may say after doing some in-office tests or looking at blood work, etc.

Personally yours truly hates going to the doctor (and the dentist) because often I am forced to listen to something horrible on the TV which is usually super-loud so the elderly can hear
Often I end up forced to overhear CNN which even the sounds coming from the buds connected to my iPhone can not really fully blot out but for today's Dr visit, I was forced to listen to 30 minutes of a most wretched God-awful show --  

The View..  Christ!  What a deeply horrible program

If these 5 rotten people represent the best and brightest in womanhood, then God needs to go back to the drawing board and figure out where He went wrong, especially in creating lifeforms known as Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar

Of course thankfully, there are many women out there who possess far greater intellect, emotional depth and soul compared to those two bitter, post-ovulating hags
I think both of them went to the same school that teaches when arguing a position, its not about facts or statistics or bothering to listen to the other side for disagreement

Simply, if you have a point of view and express it very loudly and animated and jump out of your seat and at least give the impression you will throw coffee in someone's face or walk off in a huff, then you ultimately 'win' the argument

The audience is full of mostly women and pretty much all deeply ignorant liberals who really believe the crap they've been indoctrinated into thinking and every time one of those two vile women speak, they applaud loudly

Of course the 'applause' signs blaring while people behind the scenes are motioning with their hands to clap and cheer assists in motivating the seals in the audience to go Arff! Arff! Arfff!
There's three other women on the 'panel' - two I've never heard of and who I don't remember a thing they said and Meghan McCain who is very pretty but is the daughter of that evil cadaver of a man John McCain and is at best what I'd call conservative-lite

If you think of being a conservative as a quart of milk, and most people who vote and support Trump being 'D' milk or 2%, Meghan is the equivalent of skim -may taste good but it is very watered down

Thankfully I don't remember too much about today's program content wise other than Whoopi going on a rant about this is not the America she knows and grew up in and how we treat immigrants terribly, etc
But even that stupid comment made me think - when Whoopi was born, there was Genuine racism unlike the fake cries in today's society..  We all know how blacks were treated prior to and during the 1960's..

Is that stupid bitch suggesting that world was better than the society we have today?  And why isn't the token conservative on the show calling her out?   Oh yes - when she finished, she immediately said 'we'll be right back' and cut to commercial

Also I realized that a big difference between conservatives and liberals is people who vote Republican tend to believe policy should be enforced based on laws and if unhappy, you pass new ones..

Liberals believe policy should not be based on laws but emotion and knee-jerk reaction to a given moment..
If you listen to any of them speak on immigration, it is not based on any law or past public policy - it is based on a poem; specifically the one on the Statue of Liberty.. "Give us your tired.. poor.. huddled masses.. etc.."

Of course any person arriving then to this nation from distant shores became a LEGAL immigrant which is NOT the same as Illegal, which is what Trump is working so hard to prevent from continuing to come across our borders with their crime, drugs and lack of work skill and education.

Those bastards on the left never want to make the distinction between Legal and Illegal, and so many watered down pseudo-conservatives who never correct and clarify
The View has always been a truly rotten show since the late 1990s when it first aired but its a relatively inexpensive show to produce with one set, no game show prizes to give out and since those at home every day at 11 am to watch it are mostly elderly, disabled, unemployed and uneducated and/or men-hating women, it seems have a nice viewership niche

But anyone watching with the goal of being informed or educated about what is going on in America and the world would be like getting one's nutrition from eating a Snickers' bar

So anyways..  

Tomorrow is a new day and no matter what it brings - good, bad or in-between I know with 100% certainty I won't be forced to watch those ignorant cackling geese and that in itself is a nice positive