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Friday, August 10, 2018

Barnyard Animals Keep On Kneelin'

Going into this past NFL off-season, the owners voted unanimously to stop those Black Lives (will never) Matter bastards and white-guilt simpaticos from disrespecting and/or drawing attention from the national anthem onto themselves

No more kneeling.. No more black bullshit 'power' fist in the air..

Just stand in dignity and respect the American flag or keep one's no-good carcass in the locker room until the anthem was finished
Then immediately afterward, the owner of the Jets expresses that he will pay all fines the league incurs on its barnyard animal players who defy public policy

This is of course like saying if you break the law while behind the wheel, any/all speeding tickets will be paid for you so not like the tickets are much of a deterrent

So then a month or so after the league decided to put its foot down Finally and stop these uppities from taking control of their league, the NFL Players Association threatened to sue to basically allow employees of a privately run business to dictate terms to their employers
The league being absolute Cowards to stand up to inner city blacks with minimal education decided to rescind their directive and go into endless ongoing negotiations which is a professional way of saying cowardly capitulation to America-hating social-progressive vermin.

So no surprise that last night during the first full week of preseason football, many players on many teams decided to continue their slave-mentality defiance and kneel and fist raise

The media of course is 100% on their side since most are white-guilt/shame apologists and anything that even has a whiff of 'Fuck Trump' they will actively embrace and promote
Many will shrug..  What does it matter?  It's football.. Ehh..

If you sincerely possess that mindset, your head is either in the sand or deep inside your anal cavity

The secular social-progressive left has Contaminated every single aspect of this society over the last few decades and shockingly there are many still oblivious to this intentional and concerted effort to infect every aspect of American life with their worldviews

Everything from children's books to what is taught in the classroom to music and movies and TV to newspapers and magazines and sports..
Football like most entertainment is supposed to be a diversion to the stresses and tensions of everyday life including politics.

Some people detox by yelling at the screen over bad throws and fumbles and stupid referee calls

Others just like to quietly absorb the game and have happy distraction

Pretty hard to do that when some black fucker players along with white self-hating cuckold teammates decide to hijack the sport to inject socio-political messages week after week
If these son of a bitch players (as Trump accurately called them) really wanted to protest how police treat blacks, why is it these mindless people never actually go to a police station or anywhere police actually are present to express their displeasure?

Its like Occupy Wall Street about a decade ago when those liberal losers occupied everything BUT Wall Street itself..

They like the NFL players currently were too cowardly to have real confrontation with those they were targeting
The NFL hates America.  Period.

Going into the 3rd year of negroes kneeling over Nothing, there's No subtle way to say it..

The NFL hates the American flag.. Hates its values and has no respect for anyone who loves this country, its traditions and all that makes this nation special

The NFL especially its players hate middle America, hate conservatives, hate Trump, hate this nation's history and culture and has zero respect for veterans and those who died for this country

Oh sure they do the annual 'Salute to Service' which the US military pays for and which is a great marketing opportunity to sell apparel with patriotic themes to expand the league's coiffer

But if they genuinely respected the flag, anthem and the veterans the NFL would not tolerate those G-D bastards doing what they are doing

Remember, the league will fine a player tens of thousands of dollars if not more if one criticizes a referee (a team won't hesitate to fine a player for publicly criticizing a fellow teammate, coach or ownership)

Isn't that free-speech.. To say the referee was terrible, the headbcoach is incompetent and the  owner is a greedy prick?

Well why would kneeling or raising the fist like a Black Pussy.. um.. Panther wannabe?

What if a player wanted to wear black socks when uniform mandates socks be white?

NFL has a 'uniform police' which fines players for such infractions

What if a player wants to wear a headband advertising Domino's Pizza so he can display it on sidelines or during interviews when the new official pizza of the NFL is Pizza Hut?

Heavy fines..   Why?  Because players are employees and they don't have the right to do any fucking thing they want in a private owned business which the NFL is..
They do seem to have the right to symbolically spit on the flag and basically the feelings of at least half the nation without giving a damn or any fear of reprisal

It's tolerated not just because the league like the rest of the nation is scared to death of angry negroes

The Commissioner Roger Goodell agrees with the kneeling or at least feels by supporting it, it shows both blacks and wiggers (whites who act, talk and wish they were black) that the NFL cares about them since they buy more high-priced NFL crap than any other demographic
Really what needs to happen is Trump go on non-stop attack mode; express to people that while they have every right to do as they wish, they should not be supporting or following a sports league that hates this country, its flag and its anthem

This point really needs to be driven home by the President on Twitter and other outlets

It needs to be done daily.. hourly..

The social progressive left Must lose..  They Must experience a loss in something that matters beyond an election
The evil left will howl and scream bloody murder but the NFL really needs to hemorrhage money and ratings for them to have the backbone to stand up to their deeply ignorant, common trash players.

We can write endlessly.. Others can tweet and text and rage...  But the league is so insulated, it will never hear any of us and those barnyard animals will keep doing as they wish with impunity.

Going into last night's games yours truly had tempered excitement about maybe once again following football after basically taking last year off to completely boycott watching..
Of course as displayed last night, the animals still run the zoo and so looks like the need to boycott another full season of even following scores and standings unless by miracle something changes between now and the beginning of the season

Everything is a slippery slope ..  You must never forget this..

And if no one ever stands up for anything that matters, then maybe the American spirit of conservativsm is gone which is just what those kneeling and fist raising pieces of shit want