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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Conservatives: Continually Treated as 2nd Class & Passively Taking It

We've been thinking a lot about the state of conservatives lately..

Not conservatism or conservatives in political power terms but just you, I and we..  everyday normal conservatives living in a nation that more and more is seeking to alienate and ostracize us; to put us as second class citizens in our own country

Made us think of the experiences of Jewish people back in the 1930s when the Nazis came to power
In Nazism which is another word for fascism, the government controlled everything from industry to the media apparatus, and every action to create a society that looked at and treated Jewish people as inferior was directed at the top

So very quickly they found themselves to have no legal rights or protections and quickly placed into a position of inferiority in the hierarchy of their German society

Ultimately you know the rest...
Now we as conservatives are overall pretty complacent because we see a Republican as President, and holding both houses of Congress with ultimately control of the Supreme Court

So we feel safe

But a democracy does not work like a fascist or communist state when it comes to shaming, suppressing and ultimately ostracizing one group of people vs another

It comes from a collusion of various media including film, television, advertising, newspapers, magazines and academia because the 1st Amendment protects all those sources and does not require a fair or balanced representation of truth
As people of conservative values, especially social conservative values not only are we not represented but are absolutely repugnant to social-progressives who have strategically worked to control the above mentioned media for decades

When is the last time you can recall in a movie or TV program over the last few decades where you felt your values and beliefs were represented in any positive way outside of a faith-based program?

When's the last time any character in a program or movie expressed anything negative about homosexuality, transgenderism, interracial relationships & bi-racial marriage or any other kind of social-progressivism?
When is the last time any character in a program or on TV expressed support for law enforcement, made a clear differentiation between legal and illegal immigrant, the importance of the traditional family, a de-emphasis of rampant secularism over faith,  the importance of God in one's life without making it generic...

When was the last time anything you think or feel that makes you conservative was represented in any positive way if even at all?

It is all 100% intentional
You are conservative.. You are mainly white.. You are successful.. You have belief in God and to them you are absolute evil and deserving of a punch to the face or worse

As Bill O'Reilly stated many years ago, there is a culture war going on and we keep losing badly, mainly because as a group we've been too passive and tend to think we'll be protected simply by voting in like minded people every November

Since government can not regulate all the intense Goebbels-like propaganda of liberal Marxism and can not pass laws controlling all the bile that comes out of outlets like CNN and NY Times, you can not look to your Senator or even Trump to save you and yours from this continual onslaught
Here's how the modern social-political ranking order is in terms of Hollywood, advertising, the news, academia and everything else that liberals contaminate

At the very bottom is the conservative Caucasian..   Male.. Female..  Does not matter.

To those who formulate the ideas of the day and create all the entertainment and mass marketing of pop culture, we are the shit on the heel of the shoe, since of course to them, whites are responsible for all oppression, etc..
Just slightly above the conservative Caucasian is the liberal one..

They are actively desiring to be positioned this low due to incredible amounts of distorted race shame and guilt which scarily, they sincerely believe.  So to be at the bottom is something white liberals are joyous over

White liberal women are a notch above their weak pathetic male counterparts because of the activism of '#MeToo, supposed glass ceilings and all that
Next are homosexuals, especially men who are looked upon very negatively overall because gays tend to be highly educated, earn a good living and very successful

To people of color, this means you lump them in with the rest of the economic oppressors

Just above homosexuals are Asians and Jews who are discriminated against constantly when it comes to colleges and universities because they are deemed as too intelligent
There's a lawsuit currently going on by the US government against Harvard because they repeatedly denied admittance of Asian students with excellent grades and test scores to allow colored people who were academically Inferior just to push diversity on campus

This happens a lot.. in academia.. in employment..  Everyone so desperate to have colored representation, they will happily deprive other hard working people of the right to succeed to give opportunities to those who absolutely do not deserve it
At the top of the liberal social-political pyramid are blacks with Hispanics and Muslims just below it

Blacks are superior..  Well they sure as shit are Not but that's what we're all supposed to believe; what we're told to think

Newsweek even had a cover recently called 'Black Genes Matter'

Once again.. no they don't
Just this morning, yours truly was looking through the latest issue of Better Homes & Gardens and over a dozen ads had 100% black representation selling a product with a couple more where it was part of a swath of women of various diverse backgrounds

Only 2 ads did we see 100% white representation

Guess a lot of blacks read that magazine or this is to continually be the new standard..
Ad after ad, program after program of nappy-haired black women in full Afro dressed as if highly educated and wealthy while selling products I'm supposed to buy for my Caucasian family to consume

So why does race matter so much, you may ask?

Because the entire social progressive movement is based on race - to them, they've been kept down for 150 years, things are no better today than when in chains and its conservatives' fault i.e. whites who suppress them in a system where they hold all the power
To them, this system needs to be overthrown by violence if necessary where blacks and others of color control everything and suppress whites, especially conservatives as punishment for past sins

This is what happened and is currently happening in Africa

Very recently the African National Congress, an extreme left-Marxist political body in South Africa made it Constitutionally legal for government to confiscate white-owned farms to redistribute it to blacks
This already had been done in Zimbabwe and that's now the poorest, most rotten place to live in the world

Don't think that the extreme left does not seek this as an endgame

The NY Times the other day criticized New Hampshire as being too white with 92% of the state being Caucasian; they then spent a few thousand words trying to figure how to Force the state to take in more black people and other minorities

It's repulsive but who will stop them from writing shit like that? 
Government?  Nope.. Not allowed.. Advertisers fleeing?  Why would they when those are the values they support?   People stopping their subscriptions?   It's not people like us keeping that paper afloat..

And its just everywhere..  No safe spaces..

The message of conservatives being unimportant and unwelcome in society spreads out everywhere even now into sports where the National Basketball Association (NBA) has long replaced 'National' with 'Nigger' and uses its platform constantly to push black social issues since the blacks run that league

And lets not forget the absolute cowardly NFL allowing barnyard animal players to kneel for the national anthem like shoeshine boys or male prostitutes ready to perform fellatio
The big question is How to fight this and right now we're just too unorganized and in a state of denial to the problem to even begin to work out strategies..

But our beliefs, morals and values are being contaminated all around us, especially through our children every day they go to school and then consume all the various entertainment out there

No one really takes the time to break this all down

We did..  Hope you really take this in and inspire you to think