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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Individuals Thinking For/Out For Themselves.. Sometimes Not a Bad Thing

At A&G we really hate identity group politics and as a result we sometimes can be harsh towards whole swaths of people based on it

Sometimes even we forget that everything the liberals push and promote is really a bullshit pipe dream and there are many people of all walks of life who think, believe and vote as individuals, not as part of a Marxist-Communist collective as leftists fantasize

And when someone of a minority group has the courage to make decisions for themselves and not do as they're told, the left only knows to label, attack and condemn

We'll get to this in a moment..
To understand how the left operates, think on the beginning of the 1979 cult classic 'The Warriors' because its as accurate an example as any

Don't worry if you've never seen it - we will explain clear enough

Very briefly, the plot of the film is that nine representatives of every gang in the five boroughs of NYC converge together under a flag of truce to meet and hear a man named Cyrus who is supposed to be 'the One' who is going to unite all the gangs together to go after the police and take over the city..
The idea being if each group or gang goes against the police alone, they're outnumbered..  By joining forces and all gangs keeping their members in line and under control, they will be superior

"You’re standing right now with a hundred delegates, from a hundred gangs and there’s over a hundred more. That’s 20,000 hardcore members, 40,000 counting affiliates and 20,000 more not organised but ready to fight. 60,000 soldiers! Now there ain’t but 20,000 police in the whole town. Can you dig it?"

This is how the political left is thinking..  unite all the minorities; everyone not white, male and Christian and by numbers alone you will out-number the ones who have so-called dominated and oppressed them and then they can take over the country and get even

Except it is a fantasy..
In the movie, Cyrus gets killed immediately after his speech and chaos ensues

Democrats do not yet have a current leader to galvanize so its all grass roots and the absolutely freak when people they assume are in their socio-political plantation rebel and think for themselves

A black person thinks and votes Conservative?  -  Uncle Tom, 'Oreo', House Nigger..  Every vile thing that one would want to punch a white person for saying, but its OK for other blacks in this society to put another black person down because we excuse it as them 'keepin' it real'

A gay person thinks and votes Conservative?  We imagine just as harsh
Interesting interview we read yesterday in Rolling Stone which really is among the most rot rotten leftist pieces of trash magazine out there; a music magazine that continually seeks to manipulate and mold the minds of its young readership by hooking them with puff pieces on their favorite artists

Someone who was an obvious disgusting Trump hater was interviewing the author Bret Easton Ellis who wrote 'American Psycho' and 'Bright Lights, Big City' among other books and is openly and proudly gay

Except he is not a stereotypical one as liberals seek us all to believe.. Ellis does not dislike Trump.. 

An excerpt of the interview is below with comments made after every response by Ellis
Q:  You tweeted that you were done discussing politics with liberals at dinner. Is it because everyone plays the role of knee-jerk shock and outrage?

Completely. I live with a Trump-hating, millennial socialist. I am not, as my boyfriend will tell everyone, political. I’m interested in the theater of it, how each side plays the game, and how the media has morphed with it. 

I have never seen liberals be more annoying than they are now. These last few weeks really were a flipping point for me, with the depression over the Supreme Court and the way the detention centers were being spun by the liberal media. 
It’s obviously a game. Here’s Rachel Maddow crying on TV, and pictures of Trump detention centers.  My stepfather, who is a Polish Jew, had his entire family wiped out when he was an infant. 

Throwing around words like Nazi, Gestapo and comparisons to Weimar Germany is like, “Really guys? You’re going there?” I’ve had enough. 

I think there’s a reason why the #WalkAway movement is getting it’s 10 seconds of fame, because there’s a real reaction toward the stridency of how Democrats are expressing their disappointment. It’s turning a lot of people off.
Ths simple minded liberal Americans we all unfortunately work, shop and live among fully embraced the LIE that Trump was Hitler from the very early stages of his candidacy back in 2015 and refuse to let it go

Why?  It makes them feel good to say it and feel justified to act like mentally disturbed emotionally stunted defective people which most liberals truly are

If they concede the connection is a lie then what was the purpose of 'Resist' and 'Not my President' - anger over a tax cut?

And of course most liberals believe black slavery was the most horrific thing to ever happen to human beings in the history of the world and that was 'true' genocide; certainly not anything Jewish people suffered

Pretty fucked up people liberals are.. Shame we have to all share the same air.
Q:  As a gay man, what if your right to marry is suddenly taken away? Doesn’t that anger you on a primal level?

That is suggesting that I believe in identity politics, and that I vote with my penis. It’s suggesting that immigration, the economy and other policies matter so much less than whether I can marry a man. 

It’s not something that I worry about, or is on my mind. That’s the problem with identity politics, and it’s what got Hillary into trouble. If you have a vagina, you had to vote for Hillary. 

This has seeped into a bedrock credo among a lot of people, and you’ve gotta step back. People are not one-issue voters. I am not going to vote as a gay man, and I don’t think the idea of us not being allowed to marry is going to happen. 

Pence has his issues, but Trump is not an anti-gay president in any way, shape or form. I also have gay friends who support and voted for Trump, based on certain policies. It’s not just about being gay and being able to marry.

Even we admit we've fallen into that mental trap which is exasperated by how the news and other media manipulate truth and 8 years of the black community lock-step in support of Obama, that absolute do-nothing at a 92% rate...

Here's the truth that liberals and even conservative do not want to ever publicly admit

Gay marriage, whether one likes it or not is never being dissolved ever; its never going to be overturned even if the Court is 9-0 conservative
Same thing with Roe v Wade; even if the Court did overturn that, it would go to the states where the vast majority would make it legal and make it as easy as possible for women to cross state borders to kill their baby

Same with affirmative action - even if it was made illegal, its so ingrained in people's consciousness even in the corporate world, they would still do it voluntarily

Blacks are not going to ever be re-segregated or put back into bondage or whatever idiotic hyperbole the far left spews

These are called wedge issues.. 
Both parties desperately need them because it rallies the bases into a passionate frenzy and especially with mid-terms, people basically only go out to vote based on anger or fear. 

It also motivates people to donate heavily to candidates and groups that promise to stop or protect whatever it is

In order for despicable Democrats to control their mindless minions, the fear of their rights being stripped is necessary to keep everyone in line..

Like telling the baa-baa sheep if you leave the comfort of your constrictive pen, you will be eaten by wolves when the wolf is really the one doing the talking

So understand, most if not all the left is expressing through their mouthpieces like CNN, MSNBC, etc is pure bluster

They don't have the Presidency, don't have Congress, soon will not have the Court, and are desperate to convey a phony strength in numbers based on warped banana-republic economic policies and scaring whites into thinking all the other colors of the skin-rainbow are united

No, they're really not
Everyone ultimately thinks and acts for themselves and their own best interests and once people see through the constant liberal fear mongering and realize they have employment, opportunities for advancement and/or to save and life isn't so terrible, they vote for what they know vs the unknown

Trump was the unknown two years ago.. Now he's the known..

And no one knows what that rancid Democrat party stands for anymore.