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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Mailbag Q&A

Today we're going into our mailbag to answer some honest and direct questions with equally honest and direct responses and try to do so with as much brevity as possible

So without further ado, here we go..
Question:  'A&G seems to say negative things about blacks and interracial love, biracial relationships..  Why?'

Blacks as individuals mostly are wonderful but we Hate identity politics.

We H-A-T-E when anyone thinks their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or religion is better than another or they are victims or entitled to benefits and freebies

We also believe blacks should be proud of their culture, history, and everything else that makes them who they are; that means not dating or fucking or marrying whites who generally speaking do not have the slightest clue about any of those things which make blacks unique or special

You take a bi-racial child and he/she is completely lost with no true identiy.  50% white and 50% black yet always looking at oneself as 100% black which is bullshit..

So we look negatively on interracial couples and bi-racial families because its deeply selfish of all participants and love does not conquer all
Question:  'Your blog pretty much seems to be a love affair with Trump.. Do you ever criticize him or just spend every post doing nothing but fawn?'

Well if we fawn its because overall Trump has done a great job, accomplished quite a bit and our deep hatred of Obama and unwillingness to forget his administration makes us express 'Thank God for Trump' every day..

That said, we have criticized the President when warranted
We disagreed with his tax cut and still do not believe in trickle down economics..  We're happy economic numbers are positive for the President but we don't believe its sustainable

We also expressed he's made some dumb decisions in the last 18 months like choosing Jeff Sessions as his Attorney General and bringing in that piece of scum Omarosa into his campaign then ultimately a West Wing job for nearly a year

Lastly we've often criticized Trump for pandering to groups that did not vote for him and using the pathetic language of political correctness by using hyphenated words to describe certain people as if they'd like him for it..  Please!
Question:  'How do you see midterm elections playing out?'

Overall unless there's some truly awful thing that happens like a major terror attack, a financial crash or some piece of real evidence that Trump did something illegal, we don't see any major shift

We see the Republicans still holding onto both houses of Congress though they could lose some seats in the House of Representatives..  We don't follow those races so won't pretend we know how each incumbent is looking

Normally the party not in power gains many seats in Congress during midterms
But the left's infatuation of Socialist-Marxist ideology we believe will turn off many mainstream moderate liberals who ultimately believe in capitalism and don't want to pay for others to have never-ending handouts

In 1984 the Democrats ran an ultra-left kooky platform when challenging President Reagan and were soundly trounced because they were so deeply out of touch with Real Americans..

We see a re-occurrence in 2018 which if it doesn't severely hurt their party now, will do so by 2020
Question:  'Referring to your posting from a couple days ago, any idea why Trump was so kind to Omarosa to allow her to work for him as President until she betrayed him?'

We honesty do not have a good answer as to why Trump felt so positive toward such a vile snake for so long

Wonder if maybe they had an affair and she blackmailed him?

Anything is possible and no logical or rational explanation can we come up with why Trump would embrace someone like her to join his campaign then stay on through to the transition to post-inauguration
We just know that by calling her a 'lowlife' and a 'dog' that Trump feels massively betrayed and we can not understand why he would feel that emotion toward someone that everyone hates and can see from a mile away to be a terrible person

He obviously let his emotional guard down with her whom he's known for over a decade and the 'why' we may never truly know.

Last question..
Question:  'Do you sincerely believe the media is the Enemy of the people as Trump keeps insisting and if so, why?'

Well if you were a regular reader to A&G, you'd know we not only see the media as enemy of the people but of the State and democracy on the whole

These entities do not report news - they create it

They make up false/fake stories based on sensationalism and innuendo with pretend sources and selectively add/delete key facts or elements of a story to fit their agenda to eviscerate Trump
In news reporting, there's the story being told which is supposed to be objective and free of any bias or spin and the opinion or commentary section where its perfectly OK for the columnist to spout his/her beliefs

Often everything is blurred and the writer can do as they wish without any reprimand unless of course its something pro-Trump..  Then its edited or prevented from being seen/heard

Mainstream media has an agenda which is as clear as crystal:  Destroy Trump..  By any means.. By all means..  Destroy.. Destroy..
They are as evil and despicable as they come and as individuals and collectively deserve the absolute worst in life because they're just rotten-rotten half-souls

They are provoking feelings of violence and revenge in others; when someone snaps and decides to get even then rather than look in the mirror and take responsibility, they're going to blame Trump and 'far-right' elements for what they brought upon themselves

Only so often is conservative America going to quietly take being told they are ignorant, backwoods, racist pieces of shit who are the cause of everything bad in the country and need to be suppressed and dis-empowered

Well, that was fun.. We'll have to answer more questions soon..