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Friday, August 24, 2018

More Mailbag Q&A

It's the end of another week so we decided to answer more questions from our mailbag

Should be fun so here we go..

Question - 'One thing clear about your website is you sure hate liberals..  It is political or personal?  It can't all be based on the 2016 election, can it?'

Excellent question to start and one that can not be answered in a a few words though we'll try to keep it concise

To the first part, though clearly we express personal hatred for specific people who align themselves as Democrats, (some in the public eye and some we had the misfortune to know as former friends, etc.) we don't hate liberals overall on a personal level

We absolutely hate their beliefs, values, morals, worldview and everything else that make them who they are because its just so damn warped and nothing like how most liberals looked at the world even in the days of the Clinton presidency which was pretty bad
To be fair, there's a lot of Republicans we absolutely can not stand as well both in public and in private life as well

Liberal v conservative..  Republican v Democrat..  We lump them all in

The only real battle we've ever fully cared about is Individualism v the Collective; to truly live, breathe, think, function and master life and its possibilities as a true Individual rather than identity politics, groupthink, taking too much pride in things one had absolutely nothing to do with
Having black skin is Not an achievement and neither is having white skin.. 

There's nothing to be proud of when a man desires putting his penis in another man's mouth or anus which is all homosexuality is when you cut through the slogans and symbols.. 

Nothing to be proud of by putting that penis in a vagina either.
Pride comes from accomplishment or achievement of goals or at least a satisfactory effort

A person going to college or being hired on his/her own merit without Affirmative Action; someone creating a business that becomes a success without accepting handouts offered solely to some groups at exclusion of others..

That's something one can be proud of.
If this was 1898 instead of 2018, we at A&G would probably all be card carrying Democrats because the politics and the positions of the two parties have changed that dramatically in 120 years

All that is rotten about liberalism and Democrats today started with Woodrow Wilson, who served as President between 1912-1920

It wasn't that he got the nation involved in World War I only 1 year after campaigning for re-election in 1916 under the slogan "He'll keep us out" that caused the alteration

At the close of the war, Wilson pushed his 'Fourteen Points' for keeping the world safe for democracy, 13 of which ultimately the other allies at Versailles peace conference scrapped but the League of Nations was agreed to
This was the precursor to the United Nations we needlessly have to day as well as origin of the concept of globalization, new world order and everything else we've been dealing with today where the left wants to knock US superiority to where we are equals to every other nation and take orders from the UN

That rotten political party hasn't been the same and for 100 years, people who vote Democrat have shown themselves to be deeply stupid people by embracing it

All their snowflake-like temper tantrums and irrational Trump hate just made our disgust of them intensify
Question:  What are your thoughts on the situation involving Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen?  Do you think especially in the case of Cohen, this brings down the Trump presidency?

Admittedly we have not followed this in great detail so we aren't going to lie to our readers or you the questioner and respond with filler

In the case of Manafort, from our understanding what he was charged and convicted of, occurred prior to Trump announcing his candidacy so other than a way for liberals to further smear the President by association, there's no connection

In fact we've read and heard many murmurs that in due time Trump will pardon him so unless new information comes to light, we don't see anything involving Manafort posing a threat
Michael Cohen's case is a little less clear - he was Trump's lawyer and secretly recorded conversations between himself and his client over a number of months while at this time last year publicly defending the President with passion

So the whole situation as it presents itself now is did Trump or the campaign pay off the whores Stormy Daniels and the former Playboy playmate to keep quiet about the affairs during the election and is that illegal, especially to the standard of 'high crimes and misdemeanors' which is what it takes to impeach

If Trump contributed his own money to the campaign for that purpose, it may be unethical but not illegal since candidates can contribute as much money as they wish to their campaign

If the money that others donated for the campaign was used, then its illegal
Simple example - A is running for office and is blackmailed by B so A pays him off by giving B $25,000 from A's campaign account

If A has shown that at some point or over various periods of time, he's put in $25k or more of his money into his campaign then from a legal perspective, A did not necessarily break the law and certainly not serious enough to warrant removal from office. 

If A contributed less or nothing at all, then its a problem
That whole situation will have to play itself out over time but one will have a clearer understanding of the possible direction after midterms.

If the Democrats can re-take the House, they will do everything to start impeachment simply for Trump breathing; if those despicable people can not retake the House, then the protection buffer for the President remains

Remember the process is one Congressperson brings charges of impeachment, a committee run by the party in charge votes if accusations of illegality are valid, then ultimately if so the House decides whether to impeach
Assuming its so, as in the case of Bill Clinton, it goes to the Senate where a hearing is conducted with the Supreme Court Chief Justice prevailing over it and they are the ones who vote to remove or not

So remember impeaching a President is not the same as forcing him out

We can see Democrats trying to play this the way Republicans did when going after Bill Clinton in 1997-98

People by and large don't care about sex scandals, especially not where it involves removing a sitting President..

Imagine how many people would lose their jobs if adultery was grounds for dismissal.

Last question...
Question:  'The NFL situation has been bothering me for some time and I don't know what to do.. I love football but hate the NFL and the players who disrespect America.. Being that you've expressed similar feelings, just curious how those at A&G are going about it?'

This nonsense will be entering its third year with a gutless, cowardly sports league afraid to stand up to its barnyard animal players who seem to possess the intelligence of plantation fieldhands

The first year when Colin Kaepernick started this idiocy and the whole Black Lives (don't) Matter garbage, yours truly followed the NFL season feeling tense and irritated but figured this was just an election year distraction

Then the league rightly blackballed Kaepernick in the offseason when he was a free agent and it seemed the matter would be gone
But those worthless players were scared the league was silencing them so they decided to double down their efforts to middle finger the flag and all the country stands for to show the league they wouldn't be silenced

Of course because they're employees of a privately owned business, the NFL could easily have laid down the hammer on these malcontents but they like everyone else are so scared of colored people, they acquiesce

Then Trump called the players out as 'sonofabitches' and all these supposed tough gladiators got their gentle feelings hurt and decided to also make the kneeling and black so-called 'power' fist an act of 'Fuck Trump defiance
We decided to boycott the rest of the season and we sincerely did so even though it was difficult at times to deprive ourselves of a sport that in the past gave us enjoyment to follow

So this offseason the owners voted unanimously that the kneeling and fist raising black n white monkeys could do so in the locker and not on the field and we were happy

Then a day later the Jets owner said he'd pay all league fines imposed on its players for breaking the rule which made us sick
Felt even sicker when a month later, the NFL cowered to the Players' Association and agreed to open ended talks meaning no guarantee that new rules would be in place for this season, and seeing these pieces of feces players still protest the anthem and flag during preseason games sets us off into a rage

But ultimately we decided this:  We as individuals who make up A&G are Not going to let mindless base mongrel animals who are the gutter of our society control our happiness

That is what liberals want.. to make Trump supporters' lives unhappy
We'll do everything possible to block them out - we know the TV networks don't show the national anthem and really don't want to talk about it so that pretty much is a safe zone

We still continue our boycott as individuals who work here at A&G to not give the NFL a single penny of our money until this is resolved..

We will continue to not attend games or buy from corporations that are official partners or buy any merchandise with NFL logos unless from from a source where we know the NFLPA will not get a penny of the purchase like garage sales, flea marts,  etc..
On this issue like everything else, each individual must do what is right in their heart and clear in their conscience

To an individual here at A&G we will watch again on free TV unless situation changes for better or worse then adjust as necessary

Hope everyone has a great weekend~