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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Consumer Debt Society

~ There's nothing an emasculated white guy can do to please a black/mulatto girlfriend more than to let her use his charge card to buy things she doesn't need with money he doesn't have

We haven't done an economic post in a while so here we go..

The NY Fed released its latest household debt report the other day and the numbers are staggering but nothing that anyone who follows such things would be all that surprised by

The total US household debt is 13.3 Trillion dollars which is an increase of $83 billion vs 2017
It was the 16th consecutive quarter with an increase in household debt, and the total is now $618 billion higher than the previous peak of $12.68 trillion, from the third quarter of 2008 when the crash occurred

It comes out $56,521.73 per person based on a population of 230 million consumption-driven souls

So before we look at the breakdown, we must give a warning to all the math haters and/or those who mentally freeze at mathematical figures that this post will have a lot of numbers and statistics..  Just try to read slowly and fight the mental block

We start with mortgage balances—the largest component of household debt— it rose by $60 billion during the second quarter, to $9 trillion

No wonder the government did everything humanly possible to protect and prop up the mortgage industry after the 2008 crash and wages are continually depressed even for 'good' paying jobs so its almost impossible to buy a home without going through the mortgage process
Credit card debt rose by $14 billion to $829 billion meaning people are still shopping and spending beyond their means and getting away with it because they can make their minimum payments

Ever wonder what would happen if we lived in a society where the only way to pay for products and services were with cash or one's debit card so all one could spend was what was in their checking or savings account?

We know... 
The entire economic system would crash upon itself within a day because only 39% of Americans have enough money to cover themselves in an emergency where $1,000 was needed

If people didn't seek to live beyond their means and a financial system that wants to do everything to make this a reality, there'd be no economy

Auto loan debt increased by $9 billion in the quarter to $1.24 trillion thanks to low interest rates and so many people leasing
Student loan debt hit a record high of $1.41 trillion, an increase of $2 billion in the second quarter of 2018.

Don't know what makes us madder - all the student loans going to people not yet 21 with no jobs, no collateral and often no ability to pay for a couple decades

Or that most of these loans go to little imbeciles so excited to go to college and end up indoctrinated with socialist-Marxist liberalism and putrid Trump hate while experimenting with drugs, interracial sex and bi-sexual experiences that would make their parents want to vomit

Generalizing a wee bit?  Trust us..  We are not
And at the end of 4 years, degrees in complete worthlessness where most graduates will end up doing something with their lives that have nothing to do with their major

Student loan delinquencies are at 10%, a figure unchanged in 6 years meaning 1 in 10 who borrow money for school will default and carry it with them forever since it can not be discharged in a bankruptcy

The system is set up so any human being who can have a lifetime of debt avoidance is either from an extremely wealthy family, willing to live a very frugal existence or is contented to live with parents until his/her death or theirs..
Every human being is looked upon by those who run this Matrix as a numerical valuation

Person X turns 18.. wants to go to college..  4 years times tuition, board, etc..  Borrows the money..  Now that person is gotten by the balls or the pussy depending on gender

Person X graduates.. Enters work world..  Debt has to be repaid with interest..  Every paycheck is taxed 10-40% depending on income.. 
Need a place to live?  Be gouged in an apartment then save up for a home with a 30 year mortgage that will end up costing the borrower near twice the original loan

Need furnishings?  Put it on a credit card..  Need transportation?  Lease or buy a car with monthly interest bearing payments on a vehicle you either don't own or do ultimately own but depreciates

Are you a guy who wants a woman?  Well they're quite expensive - more so than a dog or cat (and get less love back).. Orgasms that last 10 seconds are expensive don't you know

As an aside, what is the difference between a wife and a prostitute?  The prostitute has sex with a man for money; the wife does it for a washing machine and dryer
Want a family; to bring children into the world and give them lots of love and everything good that makes the human condition?   

Well the fuckers who control the economics of life figured every way humanly possible for you to pay up the ass for this which of course forces you to work more which means more taxes paid and less time to see your precious ones grow up..

And the saddest part is so few take a stand and rebel and say No!

'No I will not just consume and live life for today without thinking of tomorrow ; No, I will not give in to my desires and urges and move out or date or start a family until I have enough money behind me that I can do those things without the System profiting off me'
The way one controls a free people and otherwise free individuals is through debt

The more one owes, the more one must work... 

The more one must work, the more one is controlled

The more one is controlled, the more their spirit is beaten down

Lastly, if you're not in control of your finances, then your finances are in control of you.