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Monday, August 20, 2018

Thoughts on 36% Black Support for Trump vs 17% Last Year

We've been thinking a lot about President Trump and the recent Rasmussen poll released last week stating that 36% of blacks express support for him vs 17% a year prior

It really is a wonderful thing to see and we're speaking beyond Trump and midterms because we care about long term as much as the immediate

Historically blacks have voted Republican since the days of post Civil War reconstruction and pretty much up to the election of FDR in 1932, three years after the great depression began

The long and short of why they left to go Democrat is once Reconstruction ended, no one in either party really cared about them (this was back when there was Genuine racism toward blacks were treated terribly)
So Republican candidates took the votes for granted and really did nothing for them and Democrats by and large looked at them as that no-no 'N' word especially in the Democrat south where they were more than eager to keep a pre Civil War social order.

So what was it about FDR that appealed to blacks to start making seismic shifts in voting to that party?

Did he promise them goodies and freebies and talk down to blacks like they were children?

No..  FDR promised jobs..
Jobs for blacks.. for whites..  For everyone

And he delivered just like Trump is delivering now, and from there you had a couple decades of Democrats sincerely trying to make black lives better

From the 1970s onward, the party altered their perception of blacks and they became looked upon as the Democrats' political chattel or slaves on their liberal plantation

The strategy shifted where since it was assumed the all blacks (as well as Jewish people and the poor) were never going to vote Conservative, there was absolutely no need to make sincere effort to try to win their votes with any policy to actually make their lives better

Instead they focused on attracting Hispanics, gays, Illegals and legal 1st generation immigrants, win back Reagan Democrats and appeal to affluent whites with guilt/shame issues, etc..
What did the blacks get under Democrats in the last 40 years?

They got affirmative action which like it or not makes the assumption a black person entered a college or got hard based on skin color quotas or undeserved charity

They got a meaningless hyphenated name celebrating where they came from as more important than where they are, that all whites spew out of fear if they say anything else, will be labeled racist

They got welfare reform back in the 1990s which make the lives of many genuinely needy people even harder than it was before and saw an increase of blacks arrested & incarcerated under Clinton
They got a President in 2008 that everyone referred to as black yet really was only 50% so and the part of Obama that was not white, was not even American black who walked and talked white, acted white and conducted economic policy to benefit the wealthy just like every white President before

And if a black person dared to attack Obama's policies or the mindset of liberals or show support for a Republican, was there a healthy robust debate and discussion?

No..  More like labels of Uncle Tom, house-nigger, 'Oreo' (black on outside/white on inside), Step n' Fetchit, Uncle Remus and all the other terms Spike Lee called Omarosa back in 2015 when she expressed support for Trump
So we think the increase in blacks who support Trump is a great thing because it means the tight grip the black 'leaders' have on their communities through fear, intimidation and shame is weakening

Doesn't matter one's background or beliefs..   We are all individuals... 

We enter this world individually, our day to day experiences through life are individual and we ultimately leave it the same

We all have individual wants and needs and hopes and dreams and the only 'brothers' and 'sisters' we have are the ones that genuinely share the same DNA and those by marriage
When we vote for candidates or show support for political parties, it should be based on what is best for that individual and their family

We give a lot of credit to Kanye West for having the bravery to vocally support and defend Trump, to wear a red MAGA hat publicly and communicate the truth about the President

That and really strong job numbers really have helped shift percetion
Its why we wonder if Omarosa is the Democrats' version of a political terrorist sleeper cell or the kind of thing you see in the Godfather movies..  'go to the enemy.. pretend you changed your beliefs or were treated bad and offer services, then spy or whatever it is'

Funny how soon after the poll was released, all the silliness from Omarosa that Trump is racist, that the no no 'N' word was constantly used, etc etc..

Sure seems coordinated doesn't it
The poll was so jarring to the evil fuck media that the Washington Post went out of its way to write a long article disparaging it and saying the percentage is around 12%

Of course the Enemy of the State and the people would...

If the slave owner minded Democrat Party machine loses its plantation workers, it won't win another election of importance in decades and since they can't and don't want to help blacks improve their lives, they use stale fear tactics of racism to keep everyone in line

We hope the trend keeping improving, not only because we want Trump to continue being successful and have another 4 years in 2020 but we hate identity politics along with collectivism and groupthink so much..

This nation can't be a melting pot, a salad bowl and a bean counter all at once