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Friday, August 17, 2018

Trump and 'Fake' Controversies' - How Important Are They To Bother Following?

There's a lot of things going on in the news involving Trump; so much it can make one's head spin which of course is what the horrible liberal media wants you to feel

So in no particular order, we're going to break it all down so you know what really matters and what doesn't
Paul Manafort trial 

We have not spent a second of our time covering and beyond the next couple paragraphs will not do so again

What he's been charged with were activities done by him prior to Trump running for President so what's most important is Trump is not directly affected in any way

The only reason the liberal media is making a big deal is Manafort worked on the Trump campaign, potential illegality was discovered by Robert Mueller during his witch hunt to go after the the President, and the hope is by association, a guilty verdict can taint Trump indirectly and keep the Russia conspiracy going

So on a 1-10 scale with 10 being very important to follow, we give this a 1

So far all the recorded tapes release have turned out to be a big 'so what?!'

And like her tell-all book. unless there's some bombshell no one knows which comes out like - something she and Trump fucked, we expect this viper to disappear in terms of significance though she'll probably be hired by one of the evil networks in some capacity to irritate the Donald

She did the talk show and interview circuit.. It's the weekend coming up and some new nothing will be the focus of the upcoming news week

The evil left will try to milk the 'dog' reference as something racist but we're at the point where if you think Trump hates blacks, the comment only reaffirms and if you know he doesn't, then the whole faux controversy is stupid

On a 1 - 10 importance to follow scale, its a 2 but always the potential to be more if some information comes out that actually matters in some way or is salacious
Stormy Daniels and other whores

Did Trump have sex with this classless porn star whore?  Probably

Did Trump have sex with a former Playboy model/centerfold?  Probably

Is it really a shock compared to say it being VP Pence accused?  Hardly

So since the media can't weaken Trump supporters' love of him or destroy his marriage, the focus becomes about 'hush' money and bribes to keep quiet during the election..
If this is true and the money came from Trump personally, its not illegal and not rationalizing it but honestly saying this kind of thing has happened very often in political circles including previous Presidential elections (look up Grover Cleveland and Warren G Harding)

If its ever found out that campaign contribution money was used or it was taken from any kind of fund set up for the running for office, then its illegal

Until something damning is released that shows criminality, we shrug the whole thing off and say as we've said before 'show us a powerful billionaire with a big ego who doesn't fuck women on the side and we'll show you a man with a flaccid pecker or a homosexual'

On a 1 - 10 importance scale, its a 1 at the moment..

Trump the 'racist' accusations

This is a complete non-story but obviously the vermin on the left want to portray him as such especially with a stat that came out the other day that black support for Trump has grown in one year from 16% to 34%

This has the Democrats scared shitless since the only way they can win elections is scare minorities into accepting their political plantation mindset to keep voting the 'D' no matter how much their policies keep them economically chained

There was some 'clash' at Charlottesville, VA last weekend where supposedly all these new Nazis and Klansmen were going to spar with peaceful anti-Trump protestors

Turned out only a dozen or so extreme right types showed up while an army of black radical Antifa demonstrators along with white-self hating trash attended
When they realized there was no pro-Trump force to brawl with, they turned violent toward the media including physically assaulting an NBC reporter and camera crew

Of course NBC never reported this the next day on Meet the Press or the nightly news on Monday; didn't fit with the narrative of the black power pieces of crap fighting peacefully for equality and better race relations

Most blacks as individuals are good people but those who embrace the group mindset of the political activist and hate America are worthless fucks.. From Antifa to the barnyard animal multi-millionaires in the NFL who middle finger the flag and this country every time they kneel
No one ever seems to be content being genuinely equal - when a group is oppressed, they want a fair playing field..  When they get full equality, then they want more and more power and a bigger piece of the pie..  When they get the power, then they suppress others as brutal as any other group

Used to be blacks were treated horribly.. Then over time they got equality - a slow process but still..  Then they wanted to hold seats of power in everything from business to government to entertainment and sports

And everyone is scared to death to say 'boo' to blacks and the power grab continues

If that is 'racist', according to the 2018 definition, so be it..
Truth is not always pleasant to the ear

But this is our view not Trump who's bent over backwards to appease and pander to blacks so much not only is he not racist but its a bit nauseating to witness

This accusation where it concerns Trump will probably have an indefinite lifespan but in terms of importance, its somewhere between zero and 2 depending on your views on race in America
Now here's something that should be getting constant attention..

Trump the job creator

This actually matters a lot.. Even more than conservative media is talking about

We'll be regurgitating from Trump's speeches but it is no small thing that at this moment its the lowest unemployment rate for blacks, Hispanics and Asian people than any time in our history as well as the lowest for women in over half a century

Think where the economy was when that slick talking prick Obama shuck'd n' jived his way through eight years of doing nothing to help the joblessness situation
Millions of new jobs created in all fields and economic categories.. Manufacturing jobs and factories returning.. 

The most recent stat from the Bureau of Labor Statistics released Thursday stated that from April to July 2018, the number of employed youth rose 2 million to a total 20.9 million young people between 16 to 24 having jobs

This nation's continued economic recovery a great story and should be a daily focus..

Of course its not because its positive toward Trump

On a 1 - 10 importance scale, this is a 10
Most of what you see and hear in the news concerning Trump is just noise and distraction from his accomplishments

If there is actual proof of illegality or collusion with Russia or anything else where he is accused of breaking the law, then it matters..

Until then its all forgettable crap between the commercials