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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Trump, Omarosa and all the Maddening Inconsistencies

When we hear and read all the things Omarosa is saying lately about Trump and what he's saying about her and how the despicable fuck media is praising her as some heroine, all we can do is laugh and shake our heads

This is the same Omarosa who was quoted in Variety and other places on August 17, 2016 during the Presidential campaign saying:

“Every critic, every detractor, will have to bow down to President Trump. It’s everyone who’s ever doubted Donald, whoever disagreed, whoever challenged him — it is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe.
This is the same Omarosa who went on 'On the Record with Greta Susteren' on Fox News on April 17, 2016 and said:

“I think that Americans don’t get to know the real Donald Trump the way I have. I mean, truly the man, not just the soundbites that you hear", who added that she had known him for 13 years.

This is the same Omarosa who said during an interview on PBS Frontline back on September 26, 2016 that:

“(I believe..) that Donald Trump is running for president is because he truly believes that he can help turn the nation around."
This is the same Omarosa who went on evil MSNBC back on May 18, 2016 to defend Trump when the despicable fuck liberal media was going after him for his treatment of women by saying:

"Donald Trump is a trail blazer for women..."

So now the left seem to Love her because her book shits on Trump.  Ha!

Here's how Spike Lee described Omarosa on Instagram on July 20, 2016 because of her then loyalty to Trump:

“Ms. Theresa “Omarosa” Manigault ‘Pic Is Like This Cuz I’m Looking At Her SIDEWAYS,” 
Lee wrote in the caption of a picture of Omarosa wearing a clown nose.

“Trump Has Named Her As His “Director Of African-American Outreach. You Might Know Her From Trump’s RealityTV Show The Apprentice. #Who’s Next? Step N’ Fetchit? Aunt Jemina? Uncle Ben? Sleep N’ Eat? Rastus? Lil’ N—r Jim? Omarosa Gonna Give Out Free Popeye’s Chicken With Sides To Deliver Da Black Vote To Trump? YA-DIG? SHO-NUFF.”"

Seems this black fucker like so many in that community can not stomach a black person who does not toe the socio-political line and do what they're told
Reminds us of the putrid black people's treatment of Colin Powell - When he served under W Bush, he was just a worthless house slave to that backwards community..

When he endorsed Obama in 2008, the black liberal scum did an about-face and embraced Powell as one of their own

Just want to spit on them, they're so Disgusting..  No other group of people on earth do that to one of their own.. To treat members of their own race, religion or culture because they don't follow marching orders

Putrid people.. Not all..  Just most..
Now back to Omarosa..   Here's where it gets interesting..

Back on August 8, 2015, she was on MSNBC once again defending Trump but here's how the DC Caller wrote on it:

"Former “Apprentice” star and Howard University professor Omarosa Manigault defended Donald Trump Saturday on MSNBC’s “UP with Steve Kornacki,” saying Trump did “spectacular because he has changed the face of debate.”

Omarosa later said, “Can we stop trying to write the Donald Trump political obituary?” adding that “he’s not going anywhere,” but that she wouldn’t vote for Trump because she’s “a diehard Democrat.”"
Now assuming that is 100% true and we absolutely believe it to be so, why the Hell would Trump ever have someone with that political mindset on his campaign much less in the White House on any level during his first year in office?!

And why did Trump like and admire her so much?

According to 'The Wrap' on February 1, 2017, Trump said  to the media at one point during a needless acknowledgement of Black History month:

“I want to thank my television star over here — Omarosa’s actually a very nice person. Nobody knows that..  I don’t want to destroy her reputation. She is a very good person and she’s been helpful right from the beginning with the campaign and I appreciate it, I really do. Very special."
And now, Omarosa is now called 'wacky' and 'deranged' and a 'lowlife' by Trump

Its funny but really maddening too - no consistency anywhere in this

And why would Omarosa deal with ostracization by the black community and receive numerous death threats over the last couple years to work for a man she seems to now ultimately not like and a political party she has absolutely no connection to?

Back on March 29, 2017, the Washington Post in a hit piece on Omarosa describes her as 'fiercely loyal' to Trump though stated she supported Hillary's candidacy before Trump brought her aboard on his team..
Eighteen months later she's accusing the President of repeatedly saying 'Nigger'  (Don't you absolutely hate that the media type 'N' or 'N****r' because they want you to know the word but too G-D cowardly to simply type it)

There's really only one thing to assume from all this inconsistency..

Omarosa is a Grade-A opportunist

We will go on the assumption based on all we know that she knew of the backlash risk for publicly supporting Trump but also knew no matter what happened, there was a book to be written on the experience
Had Trump lost, she would have wrote on the campaign and trashed him and the whole strategy of Trump-Pence and probably pretended to have some eureka moment where she realized it was for the best Hillary won, etc.. etc..

So when Trump added her onto the team all it did was delay the book by however long she was working at the White House and change the spin

Omarosa also probably figured since she was to be head of black outreach and be a conduit between those people and Trump that she'd have much more power and influence; sorta like a 'Chief in Staff' for the colored community to decide who could and could not speak to him with her being the gatekeeper

A bit delusional but from all we read, we get that impression
People forget the final nail in her coffin was planning for her upcoming wedding to be held at the Rose Garden with asking or consulting anyone and when it was discovered that she and her wedding planner were walking the lawn and making pre-plan preparations, she had to be discarded immediately

We would say hiring Omarosa and all this aftermath; this time-wasting distraction is by far the biggest mistake of Trump's presidency by far

It's not something we see as a major problem - it just gives mentally sick Trump derangement liberals more ammo but not like they were ever going to vote for him and in a way it unites the President's supporters even more

But goodness - what a mistake to ever trust that viper!