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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Understanding Why the Deranged go after CSA Statues & Other Symbols

So the other day it seems a bunch of over-privileged white guilt/shame pieces of shit college students in North Carolina along with some other lost souls of different races and ethnicities decided to take their ultra-left Marxist-Socialist anger at Trump and the world out on an inanimate object

Under the guise of political correctness and a deep hatred of themselves and history, directed their rage at a Confederate statue that had been on campus over 100 years and toppled it

We're sure the parents of these mindless animals had to be proud

Funny thing about history though..  What comes around, goes around
You better believe in 50 to 100 years off into the future, there could easily be a scenario where college students of that time, decide they're going to tear down statues of MLK Jr, Obama and every other black who was honored this century and in the future looked at as evil

Or maybe just direct their Violence upon any statue of anyone who was Democrat or pushed that belief system

And if someone way in the future is to ask the young adult losers of 2088 why they felt the need to destroy a statue of someone that people of 2018 like or admire, their answer can be a simple one:

"We just copycatted what the youths of 2010's did.."
And really what do these fucks accomplish when they take down flags and statues and monuments of times past?

Well the basic argument is really they accomplish nothing because the Confederacy Did exist, those were Great men who were honored at one time and no alteration of a bronze or marble statue can alter it

But to understand the purpose of the Disease we have in this nation i.e. those putrid G-D liberals you need to understand the end game
When the Communists stepped into the political void in Russia after the Czar abdicated, in order to remold the country into their image, taking power was not simply enough

They had to remove all traces of all that Russia was before so no one would feel nostalgic or experience any visual or emotional triggers to the past that could cause people to want to rise up

They took down statues of famous figures in Russian History, renamed many geographical locations (Leningrad replacing St Petersburg being most famous), banned display of the Russian flag and other cultural institutions, cracked down on all religions including Russian Orthodoxy, re-educated the populace in camps and murdered the Czar and his entire family
So those little white bastards and bitches you saw on TV destroying a Confederate statue with such aggression was simply a page of their Marxist-Socialist playbook

And quite cowardly too considering all those who served in the Confederacy have been dead for 100 yrs so no opportunity to give those liberal losers a good thrashing and flaying

Because most people don't really have the slightest clue or understanding of history, its made their efforts much easier than it should be because the initial belief is 'who wants to defend Confederates and slavery' which is so simplistic, its painful to even type it

But everything is a slippery slope..  Everything!
When these Rats are successful in destroying all historical remnants of the Confederacy and its flag, they will then go after the US flag with such intensity, you can not imagine

And all it takes is a Democrat President with a Democrat Congress and America as you know and love it, is gone from a social-cultural and economic standpoint

You see it now in people burning the flag, kneeling and raising their black 'power' fist like insecure cucks and white politicians spewing nonsense like America has never been all that great and only conservative media expressing concern; liberal media just smiling
The ultimate goal of warped people on the left like those college students is to see a global new world order where America being a 'racist' nation put in its place as every other corner of the world from anti-Jewish Europe to Muslim terrorist Middle East to backwards Africa are all superior to this country and the United Nations makes all decisions

And of course economically, those who work pay for those who don't as everything from college to healthcare is given, which will allow the poor, uneducated and the white self-hating more time to breed with other races to middle-finger their parents

That is the endgame here and every black bitch who climbs on a pole to take down a Confederate flag or young vermin who topple a Confederate statue and have no repercussions done to them, is a victory and passing of another test
One day they're coming after Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and every other person this nation holds dear

Maybe the rationalization will be X had slaves or didn't do anything to end it..

Maybe it will be something absolutely absurd like X didn't support a woman's right to vote or to choose or to take the pill..
Maybe it will be because X didn't have tolerance for gays and trannies or didn't support the right of adult men and underage boys to have sex or whatever other distorted 2018 worldview socio-political prism is applied to people who lived in the 18th and 19th century..

'Ben Franklin? - Fuck him.. Never had black friends...'

'Helen Keller? - Fuck her.. Never let a black man inside her'

All slippery slopes go one direction..  Down and the descent goes faster n' faster
There has got to be some point when people take a real stand and not just vent to like-minded friends

The leadership really needs to start at the top and more than an occasional tweet

We give Trump a little slack because we know everyone is coming at him incessantly in all directions but the President is the one that possesses the bully pulpit and he needs to go on the attack and if there's any executive order he can sign to fight the scourge, he needs to sign it

But he's pretty happy with 36% black approval and defending the CSA and memories of its heroes would not help expand those numbers
So the Confederate flag, statues, markers and monuments are easy i.e. 'soft' targets for these liberal coward cunts

There's going to have to be a point when people stand up for their heritage and history; their traditions and values and beliefs and its getting to the point when others do, it won't be pretty

Which is of course what these rotten people want
The true Enemy of the State is liberals.. More than Iran or ISIS.. More than North Korea or nukes..

They live and work among us, they're members of our family.. our friends..

Evil, rotten to the core and will stop at nothing until they win while not realizing a few generations later, a new group of ideologues will come along and seek to destroy Everything they worked to create

That's just how history works