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Friday, August 3, 2018

Video: Why Do Jewish People Tend to Vote Dem & Support Leftist Positions

~ Click twice above to watch video - about 5min long

Beyond trying to comprehend why we as conservatives do not fight back against the constant evil of the secular-progressive left and the daily barrage of attacks coming from all sides we also have been working hard to grasp why some groups tend to vote lockstep liberal

We understand why blacks by and large do so..  They're given lots of handouts by the Democrats and still possess this plantation mindset where no one is allowed to break free from groupthink without their own kind degrading them

We understand why the very poor and uneducated vote Democrat - They don't know any better

But why do Jewish people continually vote Democrat and take such extreme liberal positions?
Some vote conservative just like every group out there but statistically its small in comparison to the liberal loyalists..

Commentator Ben Shapiro who is Jewish and conservative does a good job explaining in a short video which you can watch at the very top..

It was made prior to Trump running for President but recent data shows he received only 19% support from them vs 68% support for rancid Hillary

We're not singling Jewish people out in any negative way.. Just trying to understand why a group of people who are generally so intelligent and hard working would be such absolute nitwits in their party affiliation and political attitudes.