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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Want to Understand How Rotten the Left is? Look at Magazines

~ "Vogue says I am not a real woman unless I climb the career ladder, play very hard to get with men and date outside my race.."

If one wants to understand how truly fucked up we are socio-culturally and politically as a nation based on the incessant push of the warpedd values, beliefs and all around evil of the political left, the best way to do so is to go to your local magazine stand

Personally I used to love magazines of all variety from weekly news to entertainment to tabloid gossip to you name it
Currently the only type I can stomach is home decorating and interior design because other than perhaps cooking magazines, its really the only periodical safe zone from everything wrong about the liberal worldview 

And even with a topic that would seem so innocuous, a reader to put up with the occasional article about two men or two women pretending to be "married" while showing off a home design..

Just because 5 Supreme Court justices out of 9 decided its the law for 320+ million people doesn't make something right.  Historically the Court protected slavery, validated blacks as chattel like a horse or cow and said segregation was valid..  

Those decisions were bullshit.. So are two gays pretending to be married
Oops.. Got sidetracked there..  Well, it happens..

On occasion I subscribe to a magazine service called Texture which I always end up regretting and canceling because it is a most Brutal experience

The problem is not with Texture.. It is actually in itself a great thing in theory - access to over 200 weekly and monthly magazines for only about $10 a month..  

No, the problem is always with the magazines themselves..  
Pretty much all them so absolutely God-damn liberal; cover to cover with the wretched poison that oozes from the minds, hearts and souls of deeply horrible people that live among us

To give you a better understanding, I'm going to access the site and give examples of what is on the cover of popular magazines as of this writing (and in some cases past covers) so you can see how collectively they all basically push the same narratives and demand the same groupthink from its readership
Since Texture lists the magazines in alphabetical order as well as by category we'll do this alphabetically and no, we won't go over all 200+ magazines..


This is a bi-monthly travel magazine..  Most issue covers are non-political but the previous issue, the main theme was 'You are welcome here' which is obviously a rebellious response to Trump's policy to build a wall and keep the Illegal riff-raff out.

Pretty much all travel magazines are very liberal - they embrace globalism to the extreme along with open borders, multiculturalism and reject America-first in all forms while attracting American eyeballs to their magazines

This like pretty much all women's magazines pushes defiance, empowerment, 'strength' in its most vapid form, faux-feminism and empty attitude that means nothing in the real world

The most recent issue has an article celebrating women smoking pot, getting high and being happy doing so called 'Women and weed - a Higher love'..  The previous issue had to do with 'freedom'  (didn't know women were enslaved other to their jobs/careers) 

Real quick aside before I continue..

Back 100 years or so ago, cigarette companies realized most women did not smoke so to get them into their product and hooked, a massive marketing campaign was developed equating smoking to independence, strength, equality and the right to vote..  

It worked and now women for the last 100 years have enjoyed lung and throat cancer too while being free from the supposed shackles of men and their dominance..

It's a magazine about music and current charts so people in the industry read it..

Because June is faggot month, a bunch of covers were devoted to celebrating them..  The following issue were three black women celebrating strength and empowerment

These are going to be often repeated themes as we go on - celebrating people who are sexual deviants, who are 'victims' or oppressed based on skin color or possessing a vagina and Trump being scum
Bloomberg Businessweek

Super-wealthy Michael Bloomberg hates Trump so the magazine is obviously not going to deviate from it..  Probably the big difference between this and other business or news magazines is the constant criticisms are done more professionally..

A couple issues prior, the magazine had a picture of two globes.. a larger one representing the world next to a smaller one showing the US and saying this would be how Trump's trade policies would leave us...  Just typical fare

For blacks by blacks..   Every issue focused only on their needs and concerns and politics..  Absolute worthless piece of shit magazine like Essence and all other Afrocentric and ethnic specific titles out there

Now imagine a magazine called White where every issue the focus is to talk on the concerns of Caucasians and promote them while ignoring everyone else

For this month's cover, they decide to be bold or shocking or just show their ignorance by stating that 'God is a woman'..  

Well if God is a 'She' that would explain why there's so much suffering..  

Just a little jokey for those reading who truly believe Elle's cover statement which is as pathetic as Newsweek's past cover 'Black Genes Matter'  (psst.. No they don't)

Every single issue of Elle along with every other magazine for stupid women (still waiting for a magazine the promotes and celebrates a woman's intelligence in areas not involving making money) is pushing the defiant powerful take-charge woman and using very insecure and fake celebrities to do so..

Don't care how 'strong' an actress pretends to be.. If she was in the business during the Harvey Weinstein era and was directly impacted or heard the stories and kept quiet, the bitch isn't all that 'strong'
ESPN the magazine

It's supposed to be about sports..  It rarely is..  

The most recent issue is a not too attractive woman with a quote that says "We have to change the way our society views women"..

The quote is really stupid but that aside, why the fuck is it on the cover of a sports magazine?

Its sort of like an article showing men how to check their scrodums for signs of possible cancer on the front of Cosmopolitan

But this is what this worthless network does..  They hook young impressionable minds in through sports then poison with social-progressive ideology like accepting transgenderism as normal, blacks as superior.. You know... Standard white guilt liberal beliefs

On the cover is some black guy who is called 'King' of Hollywood because the colored actor appeared in Black Panther, 

Even though it was just a comic book film, just the thought of the words 'Black Panther' in its 1960s meaning is enough to make white emasculated liberal men cream their Calvin Kleins

Every issue chock full of ways to weaken men, make them ashamed of themselves and Trump hate

The cover is the deeply classless Kylie Jenner, daughter of the deeply fucked up Bruce 'Caitlyn' Jenner who disgustingly at 21 years old is set to be a billionaire and the issue celebrates women who are filthy rich

A few issues prior they celebrate women in business.. 

In caveman grunt:  "Women good.. Men bad..  Forbes run by men..shh"

Previous issues celebrate super wealthy blacks, Hispanics, and every other identity politic group

How about a list of Top 100 filthy rich white men of pure 100% European ancestry..  How would that fly?
This exercise is absolutely exhausting and we haven't even gotten to 'G'!!

You get the point though..  No magazine out there providing any alternate perspective on Anything to dispute liberal secular social progressivism!

No magazine would dare to suggest a woman can find fulfillment and genuine happiness being a homemaker and full time mother and that feminism and a woman's true strength is not measured by career
No magazine would dare to suggest that homosexuality is immoral and deviant, and while no one deserves to be attacked or hurt for any reason, that unethical lifestyle should not be promoted or celebrated in any way

No magazine would dare to suggest that Trump is actually a great President, that his policies are working, he's created millions of new jobs and he's done an amazing job especially considering the rotten black bastard he had to follow

Even conservative publications like Weekly Standard and National Review can't admit it
So even though Texture is a great service, I will have to soon be cancelling again - the magazines themselves are just too sickening and aggravating to bother looking at..

But maybe in 6 mths or so things will improve..  

I know they won't but deep down we all here at A&G who contribute to this blog are optimistic