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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

What Is It to Be a True Conservative?

Every day when the mainstream liberal news creates its propaganda to spread to the masses, it is always framed in a 'them' (liberals) vs 'us' narrative; sometimes overt but mostly subtle

But when one thinks about it, who really are we, the 'us'?

Who is really conservative in any sincere sense..  Who is on our side?
McCain called himself a conservative..    Far from it

The Bushes seemed to try to pretend they were..  Total letdowns

Trump has done a lot of good things so far but he openly states he's not conservative or liberal which is an odd thing for a sitting President to express
What about the media?

Fox News is not really conservative - It has a few conservative voices during its prime time programming but during the day it has the liberal homosexual Shepard Smith who so disgustingly used Fox News air time to rip Trump after his post Putin press conference

They also have other liberal voices like Juan Williams and Chris Wallace so that's really not our network is it..
Magazines like National Review & Weekly Standard? - Imagine eating burnt white toast with no water immediately after a 5 mile run and that's how Dry and difficult it is to read them

Besides Bill Kristol who runs the Weekly Standard has hated Trump from his candidacy and has gone on CNN strategizing how to defeat Republicans in midterms Solely to hurt the President..

That doesn't sound too conservative

National Review is fiscal conservative and money is all they care about.
Then there's so-called 'think tanks' and institutions like Heritage Foundation and Hoover Organization..

Just yesterday Heritage posted an article on Facebook and other platforms how everyone needs to be more tolerant and accepting of LGBT people and then celebrated the 55th anniversary of that Marxist-Communist MLK Jr's "I have a dream speech..'

We have a dream too.. That conservatives stop turning into tolerant social-progressive liberals
So absolutely nothing representing real conservatism anywhere

It's too radical in super secular 2018 to express social conservative values based on Old & New Testament teachings as the morally/ethically superior stance both in one's life and politically

No desire for modern conservatives to embrace any philosophies of Ayn Rand as they once did

Namely that Individualism is freedom and Collectivism is slavery, the negative aspects of altruism and importance in government stepping out of the way to allow individuals to be productive rather than meddle, tinker and control
The President and GOP also have distorted what America First really means

It's not where we think of ourselves first and every other nation does the same and we'll see what happens

It means the US is not going to be bothered by the problems and continual rots of the rest of the world and not going to come to the rescue militarily or financially for other people's fuck ups
It means that we're not going to station troops abroad to protect other countries, enter into treaties to obligate us to fight like how World War I got started,

When we make trade deals, they're not reciprocal - they're solely for our advantage and we use force if need be to keep the bottom feeder countries like Mexico in line

It also means the UN is completely inconsequential
Conservatism also means not pandering to any group of people for anything; we don't call blacks and others by insipid hyphenated names like the President and everyone else constantly does and we don't set aside money for loans, grants, scholarships or any other advantage for women that excludes men like that Bitch daughter Ivana is so passionate about

Conservatives do not by nature recognize, celebrate or validate in any way same-sex marriage or transgenderism and fight as hard as possible to keep gay couples from adopting and learning of their deviances out of the classroom
So what is conservative today?

Mainly its watered down principles and slogans which to be fair is what mainstream liberalism is and why so many on the far left want to topple it

In establishment conservatism, social issues are not important unless they can drive voters to the polls, to which then they'll be temporarily exploited..

Things like burning the flag, NFL barnyard animals kneeling during the national anthem, etc.
What matters is money..  Making lots of money..  as much money as one can while paying as little to no taxes on it, especially if you possess A Lot of it..

Teaching people to celebrate others who have the means to buy and sell us a thousand times over instead of the natural reaction to despise them for their opulent excess

Establishment conservatives believe the President whoever he may be, is primarily there to put policies into place to expand business domestic and globally, make trade deals that help corporations and investors widen their profit margins and be the mouthpiece to defend and enforce those interests

That's it..  Nothing more
And to get most Real Americans who call themselves conservative on-board, they'll throw some bread crumbs like a middle class tax cut of a couple hundred dollars and pretend they care about 'Merry Christmas' vs 'Happy Holidays' or 'Seasons Greetings'

If retail stores and related corporations thought it was more profitable to express 'Fuck America' at Christmas time, you'd see and hear it in every advertisement

Bad enough they push Push PUSH the 'coolness' of interracial relations, the bullshit 'beauty' of a bi-child and treat as normalcy, homosexual couples into every ad campaign all year round

And if it and the hard sell bothers you, then "obviously" its your problem

But we digress
In a mainstream sense, we don't believe conservatism exists anymore.

It is certainly not represented on cable news, the local newspaper, so-called conservative organizations, etc..   It's just a watered down bastardization of what once was

This is why though we were fortunate Trump won, we keep losing the culture war; we would say its been lost a long time ago but the secular progressives are like cancer tumor - it never stops unless one is willing to destroy the host it is feeding off of.
Perhaps one day a conservative will emerge in the public eye brave enough to re-establish what true conservatism is and viciously and intensely seek to destroy the left..

Or maybe it is as much a fantasy as daydreaming one is a comic book superhero

All we know is there's no real conservatism anymore except at the grass roots level and all those who control the power, especially behind the scenes with the exception of Trump are not our kind of conservative

But anyone bothering to follow politics already knew that.