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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Liberal Socialist-Marxists if Unchecked, Potentially End Up As...

Every time we think of liberal Socialist-Marxist white trash rats like the ones who destroyed the beautiful Confederate statue NC the other day to demonstrate how inferior and self-hating they feel as Caucasians, we think of a person in American history that really few to none today know or have heard of..

First, here's a trivia question..  In our nation's history how many Presidents have been assassinated?

No multiple choice...  just guess...

The answer is four.
Everyone knows Lincoln and Kennedy..  Who were the other two?

Give you a moment to think..

James Garfield our 20th President in 1881 and William McKinley, our 25th just 20 years later in 1901

Garfield's killer was a mentally sick man who thought he was the reason Garfield won the 1880 election and was upset no one would give him a political position

In the case of McKinley he was killed by a Socialist-Marxist anarchist of Polish immigrants named Leon Czolgosz
Every time we see or hear or think about those liberal pieces of shit demanding America be upturned and wanting Trump out by any means necessary, we think of Czolgosz

Here's some background..

He had been working at a factory when the economic crash of 1893 hit, and when the factory closed for some time and looked to reduce wages, the workers went on strike, putting Leon out of work.

With great economic and social turmoil around him, Czolgosz though born a Catholic found little comfort in the religion and sought others who shared his concerns regarding injustice.
He joined a moderate workingman's socialist club, the Golden Eagle Society, and eventually a more radical socialist group known as the Sila Club where he became interested in anarchism.

Years pasted and Czolgosz became a recluse but never gave up his fantasy of overthrowing the capitalist government which he grew to despise.

He was impressed after hearing a speech by the political extreme radical Emma Goldman, whom he met for the first time during one of her lectures in Cleveland in May 1901. After the lecture, Czolgosz approached the speakers' platform and asked for reading recommendations.
He believed there was a great injustice in American society, an inequality which allowed the wealthy to enrich themselves by exploiting the poor, and concluded that the reason for this was the structure of government itself.

What really emboldened Czolgosz to take action was hearing on July 29, 1900, that King Umberto I of Italy had been shot dead by anarchist Gaetano Bresci who told the press that he had decided to take matters into his own hands for the sake of the common man.

So on September 6, 1901 during a meet n' greet in Buffalo, NY, McKinley was fatally shot by Czolgosz, suffering from pain and infection for a week before dying on September 14th
The assassin was deservedly executed 45 days later on October 29th with his last words being ""I killed the President because he was the enemy of the good people – the good working people. I am not sorry for my crime. I am sorry I could not see my father."

That is how many liberals think..  Not just the radicals but the Stephen Colberts, Jimmy Kimmels, Robert DeNiros and Meryl Streeps

They just have too much to lose to do it themselves so they quietly hope and pray one of the mentally sick youth of America who actually believes the lies they peddle will do it for them.

This guy Czolgosz..  THIS is who we think of every time we see black asshole NFL players kneeling and raising their worthless black "power" fists in the air

Or the white bread chicken shits destroying symbols of the past, etc and the parasites in the liberal media and in the Democrat Party which promote and celebrate the ultra-left fringe elements without taking responsibility or accepting blame for their actions

Every generation, these Rats come out of the woodwork to seek to destroy every aspect of this society and topple the nation from within to make it a Socialist-Marxist fantasy Utopian state
With few exceptions those in power are always reluctant to really put the movement down and inflict serious pain upon those who wish to do the nation harm

Not sure if its like a Road Runner & Coyote thing where one needs the other, but if you traveled back in time to the 1860s.. 1880s.. 1900s.. 1930s.. 1950s.. etc.. its always there..

Always a threat

People on the right.. Our side..  We laugh it off or exclaim some profanity to ourselves..
The conservative media loves it as much as the liberal because it draws eyeballs and that means ratings and  justification to ask advertisers to pay more

Even Trump who overall we love..  He does Nothing!

Maybe he thinks people seeing how horrible the extreme left are will unite and galvanize his base to support him and vote in midterms (people vote in anger and/or fear) where if he actually laid down the hammer on these liberal pieces of trash, it would make his supporters complacent

Who knows.
Just know those on the political left.. all the snowflakes and 'never Trump'ers and 'Resist' idiots and the snowflakes and Black Lives (Do NOT) Matter and the rotten rot people who seek to alter history and push social progressivism at every turn..

They need to be put down.

And no every person or group should have to do it or even think of it..
It is the responsibility of law enforcement..  the government..  Trump to deal appropriately with the domestic Enemy of the State

If he and they don't get really aggressive toward the extremists, they just never will stop and one day some mentally sick liberal bastard or bitch (is there really any other kind?) will take it upon him/herself to be the 2018 version of Czolgosz

And then its too late.