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Friday, September 28, 2018

If Ford is Successful, Credit Her Glasses

Well pretty much everyone watched at least some part of yesterday's little Capitol Hill show and has opinions one way or another

This is ours:  In short, Christine Ford's choice of wearing thick coke bottle glasses making her look deeply ugly and as if she was a woman with mental retardation was brilliant

Never seen someone arguing they had been sexually assaulted visually appear so absolutely horrible facially

And this can not be over-emphasized - Ford in spite of the 'Doctor' title that everyone kept calling her to show respect not deserved, looked yesterday like she had an IQ of 75
~ This is Not a photo of Ford when she was younger.. Just a girl wearing similar glasses

Why does this matter - the thick glasses?

Because even for us, we had this brief visual of a 'cool kid', a Mr Popular deciding to be funny or an asshole and jump upon a mentally challenged girl and felt yuk about it

We're not saying it happens.. Who really knows but let's admit it, as a society we're conditioned to think that if a female looks or dresses hot and a guy approaches, there has to be some kind of cause/effect going on

When someone so deeply homely and repugnant to look at makes the accusation, at first the feeling is 'Yeah, right!  This good looking guy would hit on her??'  but then the next visual that pops into the mind is, 'If so, this guy is pathetic'

So looking like clueless retard was brilliant strategy
~ Younger photos of Ford.. No coke bottle glasses present

When we first wrote on this topic which by now has bored us to tears, we posted a photo of Ford taken from a ski slope where she had black sunglasses, hair that looked stylish unlike the unkempt look of yesterday and appeared to be someone who physically could attract men

So either she purposely looked as horrid a physical specimen as could be or over time her looks really devolved to the point she looks like that on a daily basis

Let's do this example and you answer honestly to yourself the questions we pose

Here are two photos of the talented character actor Timothy Busfield from the 1980s.. The first photo is his character in 'Revenge of the Nerds' wearing the type of glasses Ford wore yesterday.. The second photo is his normal look

OK, now to the female readers - which of the two would you most likely desire going out with on a date?  Which of the two would you be more inclined to feel desire for intimacy with?

People who wear those kind of glasses, especially women may possess high intelligence but in appearance alone, it along with the physical and mental awkwardness of socialization issues give the appearance of someone intellectually slow and confused

And that is why you are seeing some Republicans start to fidget about just voting next week to confirm Kavanaugh who still has kept his looks even into his mid 50s

There's a common saying that one picture speaks 1,000 words and don't be naive to think for a moment her nauseating looks combined with those thick glasses weren't going through those Senators' minds

Thursday, September 27, 2018

The One Q That No One Has Ever Asked Female Democrats

Right now as we write this, a charade of a hearing is going on where someone who is seeking to be Justice in the highest court in the land is put in the terrible position of having to prove his innocence instead of the burden being on Christine Ford and whoever others to prove his guilt

But in a way, that term 'innocent until proven guilty' is always been a sham, for people tend to believe the salacious and the louder the accuser speaks and pushes forward, the more the public tends to embrace that mindset
One question that's been rolling in our minds the last week or so that absolutely no media left or right has addressed to our knowledge is this.

All these bitter, rotten female Democrat women - from politicians to everyday folk who are so quick to condemn and destroy Kavanaugh..  Would they react any different if the accused was their husband?

All this talk they spew of 'how would you react if it was your daughter who came forward?' and forget the other side of the coin i.e. 'how would you react if it was your son who was accused?'
We saw how Hillary reacted to the non-stop barrage of women coming forward to tell their stories of encounters with slimy-scummy Bill

She 'stood by her man' (Tammy Wynette reference to her 1992 interview on 60 minutes where she said she wasn't going to just stand by her man and bake cookies) and she rigorously defended him publicly while privately working to destroy the reputations of all the women

Nothing and No One was going to stop her from being First Lady and ultimately President..

Well one man did stop her cold in her tracks  ~grin
How did Camilla Cosby handle the continued barrage of women coming forward to accuse hubby Bill (just something about that first name) of drugging and raping all those women over decades

Impassioned non-stop public support for her husband and lashing at the accusers whenever given the opportunity.

So how would that geriatric post-menopausal Dianne Feinstein have reacted if her hubby was accused of something 36 years ago and let's say the bitch in question was a Republican operative?

Think she'd say 'my husband could be innocent but who knows.. let the process play out?!

The older we get, the more we see what a double standard society we live in and the more hypocritical and disingenuous people overall are

This whole mindset of defending one's own can be traced to childhood

Remember when you were very young and you would play soccer, football, basketball, etc with friends at the park or court, etc.. And someone called foul or argued something..

Everyone on that accuser's team took his/her side and everyone on the accused's team took the opposite argument, and the complaining got to be so much that the game was stopped?

It starts then.. 
Who knows.. maybe the clannish mindset of knee-jerk defense of someone or something based on some shared mindset or trait is part of our DNA

So many examples of this yours truly has observed from a distance and personally - here's just one

I had a friend a few years back who was from Philly and he just Loved sports so he was very loyal to all the local sports teams.

When the whole Michael Vick torturing and killing dogs thing came out, he was genuinely sickened and filled with rightful hatred for the guy
And when Vick was ultimately sentenced to jail in a Federal prison for his crimes, my friend like any other normal person felt good about it.. well as good as one can be considering what the black fuck did to get arrested in the first place

So a few years later, Vick is released and ready to play football and resume his NFL career

Guess which team signs him? 
The Eagles run then as now by the same low-life liberal owner who disrespected Trump by not making his players attend a ceremony honoring the team and pretending it was a scheduling conflict, chose to sign Vick

So how did my friend react?

Something like 'Ooh, what a great signing and when Vick gets into NFL shape, look out!'

It wasn't those exact corny words but pretty similar
Personally I thought it disgusting and probably the first time in my life I deeply hated professional sports..

His reaction was the popular view upon Eagles fans at the time which I guess shouldn't be surprising considering its a very Democrat city and liberals by and large truly possess no morality or ethics

So there's not a doubt in my mind that any of those worthless Democrat women in the Senate who speak so ill of Kavanaugh and so glowing about that bitch accuser would immediately switch positions if it was their husband or father or son
Such a nauseating topic to keep dealing with

Not Kavanaugh.. This all kabuki show of nothing will be over and he will be confirmed or he won't and everyone will move on

But the absolute Rottenness of liberal women; their dyke-like bitterness toward all things male and the power that for some reason society has given them to emasculate and weaken half the country while they promote their power over their collective pussy..

This horrible contamination of our society will never cease

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Chaos, Chaos! - Honest Criticisms of a President We Still Support

During the first year or so of the Trump presidency, we'd express that we love him and then explain based on what he did or didn't do at that given moment, why we felt that way

Lately the last few months we've written a lot where we start with 'we love the President but..'

Unfortunately today is no different
As much as he has enemies around him trying as hard as they can to derail his Presidency and destroy him in every way conceivable without crossing the lines into criminality, Trump seems recently like he wants to do it to himself even more

Let's start with Kavanaugh

Personally we don't care if the charges or true or not or if he's the most clean, moral and upstanding person to ever walk the Earth

Trump should have never selected him as his nominee, not in this poisonous #MeToo climate
He needed to pick the super-Conservative female nominee on his short list simply as a strategic move to declaw and defang the soulless, rancid liberals who contaminate this nation with their existence

Trump didn't..

Why?  Maybe deep down Trump doesn't trust women in any genuine positions of power not named Ivanka..  Who knows

So even those most didn't see problems of this kind with the Kavanaugh selection when first announced, we did - we saw problems no matter who Trump selected as long as that person possessed a cock and balls

Then there's this on-going bullshit with China - in words and actions
Trump thinks he's so clever to keep attacking China verbally then give these asides as if he's not

For instance, he will criticize China's policies but not his 'good friend' President Xi as if this lifetime appointed leader of over a billion people has absolutely no input on the decisions they make

Then when Trump does criticize Xi, he will say quickly afterward he doesn't blame him for doing it

He loves often saying 'We're getting killed on these horrible trade deals with China and look, I don't blame China - I have a great relationship with President Xi.. I blame our past leaders for making the deals..."

Oh, Please!
Maybe its too strong a comparison but just reminds me of someone saying 'The Nazis are killing so many Jews, its horrible but look, I don't blame them.. I blame the Jews for entering the camps so willingly'

We're just absolutely sick of this double talk bullshit from a man who is supposed to speak blunt, direct and not care who he offends which we found very endearing

Truth is Xi IS responsible for a lot of the economic problems and trade disparity we have has a nation with China.
They're also extreme currency manipulators and we're scared to death to ever publicly express it..

In simple terms, what that means is when we try to devalue our currency so to make it more affordable to pay our debts even though it gives hundreds of millions of US citizens less purchasing power, China does the same in response, then more so

This is to guarantee they don't lose any money on our debt repayments and forces us to be even more conniving and devalue further to which the cycle continues to the bottom and everyone wonders, 'Gee why is there so much poverty in the world'?'
Simple - $1 used to be worth $1 then 90 cents, then 80.. then 75 and China is a big reason why

Trump also said at the UN the other day that China is trying to interfere in US elections because they don't want Trump fighting them so hard on trade, etc..

You mean your good friend and buddy Xi wants you removed from office?

Not our definition of 'friend' but OK..
Now let's move on to the Justice Department and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein who stated in jest or in sincerity he would like to have worn a wire on Trump and would like to see the part in the 25th Amendment activated where members of a President's cabinet can vote to have him removed from his position

Most likely none of this is true - a mere ploy to distract from the Kavanaugh hearings before these lying bitches came out of the woodwork like vermin to coordinate their stories at the very last moment

But whether Rosenstein said it or not, its a golden opportunity to rid Trumpof one of the last vestiges of the Obama Administration in government and replace with someone who perhaps will finally end this Mueller investigation
Remember, cowardly Jeff Sessions, the current AG recused himself from the whole Russia meddling nonsense very early on so its the deputy AG who has the power to reel it in or stop it altogether

Something could change tomorrow but from what we have heard, Trump will keep Rosenstein on-board..

Guess Trump figures he'll wait til' after midterms then get rid of both men - who knows

But for the moment, it just looks like incompetence on Trump's part to keep two men in the Justice Department he neither trusts or can stand
In the case of Sessions, its 100% Trump's fault things are so chaotic and that no liberal has been charged with any crime - from Hillary's fraudulent Foundation to the 27,000 purposely deleted sensitive emails and other top secret info on her assistant/lover Huma Abedin's laptop..

On and on.. we don't have the time to go into it all

The Trump Presidency right now feels like a crazy, cluttered mess; a table of shit packed with more shit upon more shit with no desire of the one responsible to take control and get things cleaned up
This has always been our biggest criticism other than the constant race, gender and ethnicity pandering

Yes we know its easier said than done, but if one is to be President or leader of anything, you have to prioritize and know what is important and what is not

There should have been 2 or 3 issues or concerns at most that were Trump's focus and not allow anything secondary to become a major distraction
As we said, we know its easier said than done but constantly tweeting about the Mueller investigation or those pieces of feces Hillary and Obama, and regurgitating the results of the 2016 election 18 months after it happened just..  Ehh,

We still support and love Trump but he's made some pretty serious and needless mistakes in the last few months and we just hope he didn't fuck up the GOP's ability to keep both houses of Congress this upcoming midterms

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Paid Protesters - Ah, What a Life

Obviously the big topic of the week is the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and if either of the two lying women who came forward at the very last moment will be believed by a single Republican Senator

Because that is all that matters in its simplest reality

All the Democrats were going to vote 'No' even if these horrible women did not come forward

So why the strategy to do all this at the last moment?
Obviously there's the shock value of it; the sensationalism factor and then the fact that it the nature of Democrats to be snakes..  

Think we read about snakes in the Bible, Old & New Testament so its a pretty good blueprint of the heart and mind of a liberal, especially one holding any power

So in addition to tarnishing a good man for being conservative and threatening a woman's 'right' to kill their child for expediency, it is another petty attack on a great President

Most important, the goal is to try to dissuade just one GOP Senator from supporting Kavanaugh, namely Susan Collins of Maine, the honk-nosed yuk who has betrayed her party before by years ago supporting Obamacare at the last minute in exchange for a basket of financial goodies to help her state
Wealthy Democrat filth have already threatened to donate millions to her opponent in this upcoming election if she didn't vote against the nomination

Of course being pieces of shit, would you expect a Democrat to do any less?

The one aspect we keep thinking about through all this are the 'protesters'

We use the word in quotes because they're really nothing more than paid extras, the kind of lowly lows you find on a film set
These so-called 'protesters' meet in designated areas, sign forms acknowledging they're present in the vein of a punch-in clock, put onto buses and driven to their destination points

They're given the signs to display, told what to say, , shirts to wear, taught how to deal with police and most importantly to save their energy for when there are cameras present

Yours truly will never forget years back when local news was covering a workers strike and the anchors cut away to the reporter on the scene

Behind him were a bunch of union workers standing peaceful and quiet, not realizing the camera had switched to them..  Once the guy started to speak, then those others went into protest chant mode

I never forgot that
So anyways, after a few hours of meaningless yelling and disrupting, they have their lunch break and opportunity to use the porta-potty, then back for more standing around, then meet back at the buses, are driven back to the original area where they all sign out for the day then go back to their worthless nothing lives knowing they got paid minimum wage for their efforts

What a life.

As we said, its no different than extras on a film set - they meet at designation X, get taken to another site in buses as the stars, the ones who really count are driven in comfort..  

The extras are given costumes then like good little idiots, do what they're told - stand Here, say This, yell Louder.. and.. Cut..
As much as we look at the hippie movement of the 1960s as absolute losers, at least they protested with conviction and sincerity, doing so for free

We're sure a lot of the people you see protesting Kavanaugh are doing so because they're sincerely liberal fucks but we don't believe its sincere hate against him; its more contrived

When Trump decided on Kavanaugh, it was from a short list of 4 possible nominees and the Democrat operative protest organizers had professional looking protest signs ready for All Four people to be handed out to their lowly employee protesters as soon as Trump announced

Not too organic and natural the outrage was it?
Speaking of being paid, we wouldn't be surprised one bit if it was ever revealed Kavanaugh's accusers received compensation of some kind to come forward

Just don't expect the liberal media to ever bother to investigate it

Ah democracy..

Monday, September 24, 2018

Deeper the Kavanaugh Accuser Rabbit Hole Goes

A lot of things are being reported about Judge Kavanaugh and his main accuser Christine Ford with as to be expected, the liberal media taking her side and presenting accusations as provable fact

A handful of media sources, of course on the political right, are reporting more accurate renderings

We're not going to regurgitate it here.. Go to CNN if you want the lie and FoxNews if you want truth
So what is there to talk about regarding this topic?

We're going to focus on what most do not know..

Such as Kavanaugh's accuser is not just a die hard liberal and political operative, but her family i.e. Dad has CIA ties
Christine’s father, Ralph G Blasey Jr. was a proven CIA operative who, from June-1962 to January-1974, was the Vice President of National Savings and Trust of Washington, D.C.

This was a CIA black budget bank best known for being 100 paces from the White House, and whom, in 1998, was taken over by SunTrust Bank—whose majority share owner is the CIA-linked investment fund BlackRock.

Blasey Jr. today, is the Vice President of Business Development of Red Coats, Inc.—whose Admiral Security Services provides armed security for “Deep State” elites in Washington D.C.

This is overseen by Red Coats, Inc. co-founder and Vice Chairman William F. Peel III—and whose Datawatch Systems, he also controls, has US government contracts extending till 23 June 2023
And guess which current President the CIA along with FBI hate deeply

You didn't think this liberal bitch just popped out of nowhere did you?

Maybe ultimately this will be reported - maybe not

But even so, most people will not pay attention or it will be quickly forgotten as this farce plays on
Everyone knows it is such.. even despicable liberals but of course there are bigger concerns for them, like re-taking power and re-installing their secular social-progressive 1000 year Reich which has now been interrupted twice - first by W Bush and now Trump

So let's get beyond the politics and the specific characters of this little drama

Instead let's look at where we are as a society right now based on #MeToo and any woman making any accusation about any man at point in time based on any moment in history as instantly treated as 'valid'
What has been the collateral damage?

For one thing, men should be scared to shit of interacting with women which is exactly what many of the feminist man-hating cunts who have pushed this mindset over the last few decades have sought

And if you are male and not scared of women, you should be - deeply

Because we are seeing a society where any female piece of trash can come out of nowhere accuse a man of anything from 10..20..30+ years ago with not a shred of proof that would hold up in any court of law (not that they could go to court since there's statute of limitations) and the mere accusal along with one's party affiliation brings about knee-jerk support from half the population

Any woman can say 'He raped me back in the 1990s..'  or 'He exposed his penis back when we were 18..' and it is supposed to matter and be believed
Understand this can be done to anyone about anything.. doesn't even have to be sexual

"When we worked at X Department store 20 years ago, I saw 'John' steal money from the cash register..."

"Back when Y and I hung out in high school 40 years, she used to say 'nigger' to refer to blacks"

"I once saw Z flirt with a 13 year old girl at a party 25+ years ago... Of course he was 15 but Still!"

Etc.. Etc.. Etc.
Then the accused is instantly on the defense which is not a comfortable place to be and very quickly will find their reputation, career and relationships/friendships permanently tarnished as the accuser whistles along his/her merry way

What a horrible society we've become..  Even worse than the era of the Salem Witch Trial or McCarthyism

And who is going to step up and repeat the 'Have you no shame?!' rant during one of the Communist hearings in the 1950s?

Who is going to fight back?   Who can?
Everyone wants to speak political correct on this topic but we will not

Male.. Female.. Tranny.. If you are sexually harassed, inappropriately touched, sexually assaulted, blackmailed into sex or full-on rape, it is Your responsibility to report it to authorities in an appropriate and timely manner


If you are a child and/or genuinely scared for your life, that's probably the only exceptions we can understand why one remains quiet
And if you do not come forward within a reasonable time, don't come forward at all!

You snooze.. You lose

You are not brave to say something decades later or after someone has passed away, the fault is yours for keeping quiet, and we the society should not be forced to give a shit

Will political correctness ever Die?!

Or has it Contaminated the minds and souls of so many people that like a tumor, its deeply embedded into our social psyches and we don't know anymore how to remove it without destroying ourselves even more in the process
Basically one of two outcomes will come about by this Democrat operative strategy to destroy Kavanaugh:  He will become a Supreme Court justice or he won't

Everything else we honestly don't care about specific to this matter

What matters more is how much we've devolved as a nation and our belief always is that nothing that happens in any aspect of society is natural or organic
Barely anything we think, feel, believe, buy, want, wish or how we interact with others is based on our independent choice..  It is all manipulated in some way by forces we can not see and barely understand

And this society wants to destroy conservatives, despises any man who is not emasculated and weak, wants every group of people other than white males to rule, and will Destroy anyone who objects or gets in the way of this goal

Other than that, all is just peachy.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Video: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali's Warn of White Liberals & Multiculturalism

~ You might have to click the video two times to get it to play

Today is a rare weekend edition posting to be short, sweet and succinct

Overall we hate group identity politics because it forces individuals who may think different than the masses to conform and shoves the good with the rotten into the same racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation cattle cars.

Really no group we hate more however than white liberals who are the cause of most of the social ills we deal with today
We found an interesting video (above) where the late Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, two people overall we deeply dislike, actually express points of view we pretty much fully agree with

They both express the evil of the white liberal with X expressing their deep insincerity and patronizing in dealing with black issues of the day (and in the present) and Ali on a British talk show in the 1970s where a truly silly-stupid white man named Parkinson refuses to accept Ali's correct belief that blacks should not be intermarrying whites and having mixed raced children that lose their cultural identity.
More interesting to us than the points of view expressed is:

1) How in X's case, he uses the word 'Negro' to describe himself and his people with pride and respect.. Doesn't say 'black'.. Doesn't create some silly hyphenated term to feel good about himself.. The self-confidence comes from within

2) How liberal media portray these people as they wish and not present the complete person in all his ideological views and complexity.

Watch the video above and have a good weekend..

Friday, September 21, 2018

A Time-Travelling Fantasy Back to 1787

This past Monday was Constitution Day - Sept 17, 1787 being when it was completed minus the original Bill of Rights

Ultimately each state's legislature had to decide whether to ratify it and the first 10 Amendments were added in 1791.

Most look upon the Constitution as a wonderful success judged by it creating the first democratic government in the history of the world and for the most part, this is true
It is also very faulty and we're not speaking in a liberal revisionist mindset that great men in 1787 who created it, should have based it on 2018 worldviews and beliefs

The Constitution is very interpretative which is both its strength and greatest weakness

Occasionally as an interesting mental exercise, yours truly has imagined it was possible to transport back in time to the summer of 1787 in Philadelphia as a member the delegation who ultimately worked to create the Constitution and have some power to mold/shape it different
The first and primary issue I would have addressed was slavery, specifically that the new nation was to fully rid itself of it or fully embrace it but no middle ground

No tolerating it in some states and not others, no 3/5ths compromise.. No compromises of any kind

The nation starts fresh and clean with everyone free or it accepts that blacks are not equal to whites, are slaves unless deemed individually emancipated and thus the Federal government is not empowered to make decisions on the issue

Personally I'd rather have seen 2 nations created in 1787 living side by side in peace instead of 1 where ultimately 600,000 lives needlessly die in the Civil War and 150+ years later still dealing with the bitterness, resentment and unappreciative attitudes one race toward another
This connects with the second point I would have argued at the Constitutional Convention - what exactly is the 10th Amendment?

It says basically all rights not held by the Federal government belong to the individual states but what I'd be most concerned with is the right of secession

One reason the Civil War began was because southern states felt the 10th Amendment implicitly stated they had the legal right to break free if they felt tyrannized and the northern states said that right was non-existent
So in this fantasy exercise, I would have demanded that it be as clear and specific as possible - does a state have the right to leave the Union or once it ratifies, it is there forever?   And if one can leave, what are the parameters for doing so?

It would have made things a lot clearer later on when the south seceded in 1861 (SC seceded in Dec, 1860)  because if it was allowed, Lincoln would have no legal grounds to start war and if it was not allowed, the south would have deserved all they suffered as a result

Another issue I would have brought up is regarding the Supreme Court -- What is their role - is it to make law or interpret it
The Court has a history of making law as they see fit and as long as the vocal minority is happy i.e. the ones who control the media of the time, no one sees anything wrong with it

This is why you have abominations like forced integration of the schools, legal abortion, the right of sexual deviants (gays) to "marry", etc..  All decisions the Court made on its own based on how they felt and not the law

I also would have wanted to establish what powers would the Court hold when their views, when correct were being purposely ignored
For instance, during the Civil War, that bastard  Lincoln completely ignored the Supreme Court when it declared his war was unconstitutional and that the southern states did have a legal right under the 10th to secede

Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney directly challenged President Abraham Lincoln's wartime suspension of the great writ of habeas corpus, in a national constitutional showdown

The President who everyone today looks upon as some kind of American Jesus, responded by ignoring the court by saying only Congress had the power to rescind it, and then continued to do as he pleased
Of course I'd also work to make the 2nd Amendment as clear cut as possible so the modern bastards on the left have no legal ground to stand on when they keep trying to put curbs and restrictions on gun access and ownership and establish that marriage is Only between a man and woman

But figure only so much one can focus on in a Friday blog..

There's no such thing as a perfect world but it just makes us wonder how much better this nation would be if this black situation had been dealt with at the very onset of our nation's formation in a clear, decisive manner that left no ambiguities

Instead leadership always took the cowardly way out i.e. compromise
The creators of the Constitution allowed the slave trade to go on for 20 additional years - why?

Why not either end it immediately or let it go on forever?

They decided for taxation purposes a black slave was valued at 3/5th of a person

Once again, why the compromise?
If slaves are people (speaking in a 1787 point of view), you tax their slave owners as whole people.. If they are chattel much like a horse, cow or other barnyard animal, you don't tax them at all

I'll never know why southern states agreed to join the Union back then - the deck was stacked so much against them

And all this of course was followed by endless compromises and can-kicking for another 75 years until everyone involved in the creation of the new nation was dead and left to others to interpret framers' intent

Imagine that mindset when creating a will...
Ah fantasy.. 

The worst part of a fantasy like this is no matter how long or intense one thinks on such matters, it is complete fiction and nothing ultimately will get changed, especially since there is no such thing as time travel

We live in a world that has gotten more n' more rotten thanks to liberal beliefs and social-progressive ideologies

All based on an inter connective timeline of events over our history which should never had occurred if the founders of our nation had made the Constitution more specific and far less opaque