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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

A Black Reverend - "Black Lives Do Not Matter"

Feels like forever since we wrote but back from the Labor Day holiday we all are

Really not all that much happened over the last 5 days worth discussing except for one thing we found interesting and most media of course did not bother to report

Besides that rotten despicable cadaver John McCain's funeral late last week, was the funeral of soul singer Aretha Franklin

Most of those who spoke praised her for this and that, and some like in the McCain funeral injected little Trump digs though more subtle than the prick Senator's ceremony which was akin to a Democrat pow-wow
One person spoke at Franklin's funeral, a black Reverend who had the guts to call out the poisons of the black community and say what we've said for a while..

From AP: "Rev. Jasper Williams Jr., was criticized for a political address that described children being in a home without a father as “abortion after birth” and said black lives do not matter unless blacks stop killing each other...

Besides a social media uproar, Williams heard resistance at the funeral itself. Singer Stevie Wonder yelled out “black lives matter” after the pastor said, “No, black lives do not matter” during his eulogy."

Williams had minimized the Black Lives Matter movement because of black-on-black crime. “Black lives must not matter until black people start respecting black lives and stop killing ourselves.”

Absolutely 100% correct!
If blacks do not value the lives of their own people, why is it demanded constantly that non-blacks do so? 

We're not the ones raping and killing blacks, especially the youths in dramatically disproportionate numbers..

They are!

Continued from the AP article:
"He also said “there are not fathers in the home no more” and said that a black woman cannot raise a black boy to be a man. Some people suggested that was disrespectful of Aretha Franklin, a single mother of four boys."

So Aretha's family was offended? 

Tough shit..
We know funerals are typically supposed to be a congregation of lies where everyone says the nicest things about the deceased while purposely ignoring all the glaring faults and rottenness of the person in the casket or cremation box

But truth is truth

The black community generation after generation continues to be lost because its male youths do not have adequate role models in the home or community so they embrace thug rappers and bitter America-hating barnyard animal football players as their heroes and role models

Maybe Aretha Franklin was a great parent.. maybe she wasn't - hard to imagine she was a great parent though when she was such an egotistical diva Bitch

One thing we can most definitely say she was not a male and that is what blacks male youths and teens need - other males directly in their lives teaching them right from wrong and to stop being so angry all the time

The comments the Reverend made on blacks killing other blacks was also spot-on
The deeply Evil white-liberal media refuses to cover this issue for fear of being deemed 'insensitive' or 'racist' and most in the black community continue to want to hide the fact most socio-economic problems they deal with are continually of their own making

According to the Department of Justice statistics for 2015, in cases where the race of the offender is known, about 82% of black offenders killed other blacks; about 18% of black offenders killed members of other races

Among black murder victims where the race of the offender is known, about 91% were killed by other blacks..  91%!!
The black community sure hate when stats like that are brought up by whites and especially hate it when other blacks publicly discuss this reality

By and large, blacks are responsible for the conditions that they live in - the economic blight, the high percentage of black HS dropouts, underage pregnancy and single parent homes, the dependence of welfare, food stamps and other handouts, and the violent crime perpetrated upon each other

One of the big problems is they really have never ever had quality black leadership.
Martin Luther King? 

No, he was a Marxist Communist whom white-guilt society of the 1950s and 60's embraced because he told them in an eloquent way what they needed to hear - that it was the white man's fault

Malcolm X? 

No, he pretty much expressed the similar point of view but did so with the threat of violence and revolution..  Blacks loved it because it would mean a chance to hurt and kill 'whitey' and some whites loved it because they had this mentally sick desire to be punished for their skin color and success
Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton?

Just a couple of race peddling anal polyps who have made a ton of money exploiting the collective ignorance of the black community and using Mafia-like tactics to extort money from corporations and famous people who needed their blessing to prevent their business or career from being destroyed over charges of 'racism'


What a piece of shit he is, and not even a full Oreo cookie.. More like the kind where one side is black, the other is white with white creme in the middle

And if you remember eating such cookies, neither flavor stands out so you get this bland, completely forgettable taste

That's Obama.. a disingenuous mulatto nothing
Bill Cosby was a true leader of the black community before they turned on him

He continually told his people to stop buying $250 Nikes for their children and instead use it to buy 'Hooked on Phonics'.  Also to stop talking that bullshit black-fuck speak called 'Ebonics' because no professional business would hire someone who talked and walked and acted like they came from the cesspool

This deeply pissed off the common blackfolk and so they destroyed him to a point now his name and image is shit and no one wants to listen to anything the Coz says on anything

Doesn't change the fact everything Cosby said then about blacks was true.
The black community does not have a single leader who puts the blame for their faults directly and correctly on their shoulders and help lead them to a place where they can better themselves and each other on their own

They don't want it of course

As with being lockstep Democrat, the plantation mentality is still in full effect when it comes to social and economic issues; everyone keep blaming whites and when they fight back, call them 'racist' then take down more Confederate flags and statues..

Yes, that will curtail the perpetual generational decay in the black community.
There are some black people who absolutely get-it..

They're intelligent, passionate, successful in what they do and want desperately to help their people by teaching them to help themselves

But there is a strong current of black resistance keeping them at bay because those people see little to no advantage to being helped
So we say it now and say it again as the good Reverend did at Franklin's funeral

Black lives Do NOT matter..

Not any more than any others' lives..

Not one damn bit and certainly not until they start doing what is necessary to show in their communities they mean more to each other than uttering slogans and calling each other 'niggers'