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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Chaos, Chaos! - Honest Criticisms of a President We Still Support

During the first year or so of the Trump presidency, we'd express that we love him and then explain based on what he did or didn't do at that given moment, why we felt that way

Lately the last few months we've written a lot where we start with 'we love the President but..'

Unfortunately today is no different
As much as he has enemies around him trying as hard as they can to derail his Presidency and destroy him in every way conceivable without crossing the lines into criminality, Trump seems recently like he wants to do it to himself even more

Let's start with Kavanaugh

Personally we don't care if the charges or true or not or if he's the most clean, moral and upstanding person to ever walk the Earth

Trump should have never selected him as his nominee, not in this poisonous #MeToo climate
He needed to pick the super-Conservative female nominee on his short list simply as a strategic move to declaw and defang the soulless, rancid liberals who contaminate this nation with their existence

Trump didn't..

Why?  Maybe deep down Trump doesn't trust women in any genuine positions of power not named Ivanka..  Who knows

So even those most didn't see problems of this kind with the Kavanaugh selection when first announced, we did - we saw problems no matter who Trump selected as long as that person possessed a cock and balls

Then there's this on-going bullshit with China - in words and actions
Trump thinks he's so clever to keep attacking China verbally then give these asides as if he's not

For instance, he will criticize China's policies but not his 'good friend' President Xi as if this lifetime appointed leader of over a billion people has absolutely no input on the decisions they make

Then when Trump does criticize Xi, he will say quickly afterward he doesn't blame him for doing it

He loves often saying 'We're getting killed on these horrible trade deals with China and look, I don't blame China - I have a great relationship with President Xi.. I blame our past leaders for making the deals..."

Oh, Please!
Maybe its too strong a comparison but just reminds me of someone saying 'The Nazis are killing so many Jews, its horrible but look, I don't blame them.. I blame the Jews for entering the camps so willingly'

We're just absolutely sick of this double talk bullshit from a man who is supposed to speak blunt, direct and not care who he offends which we found very endearing

Truth is Xi IS responsible for a lot of the economic problems and trade disparity we have has a nation with China.
They're also extreme currency manipulators and we're scared to death to ever publicly express it..

In simple terms, what that means is when we try to devalue our currency so to make it more affordable to pay our debts even though it gives hundreds of millions of US citizens less purchasing power, China does the same in response, then more so

This is to guarantee they don't lose any money on our debt repayments and forces us to be even more conniving and devalue further to which the cycle continues to the bottom and everyone wonders, 'Gee why is there so much poverty in the world'?'
Simple - $1 used to be worth $1 then 90 cents, then 80.. then 75 and China is a big reason why

Trump also said at the UN the other day that China is trying to interfere in US elections because they don't want Trump fighting them so hard on trade, etc..

You mean your good friend and buddy Xi wants you removed from office?

Not our definition of 'friend' but OK..
Now let's move on to the Justice Department and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein who stated in jest or in sincerity he would like to have worn a wire on Trump and would like to see the part in the 25th Amendment activated where members of a President's cabinet can vote to have him removed from his position

Most likely none of this is true - a mere ploy to distract from the Kavanaugh hearings before these lying bitches came out of the woodwork like vermin to coordinate their stories at the very last moment

But whether Rosenstein said it or not, its a golden opportunity to rid Trumpof one of the last vestiges of the Obama Administration in government and replace with someone who perhaps will finally end this Mueller investigation
Remember, cowardly Jeff Sessions, the current AG recused himself from the whole Russia meddling nonsense very early on so its the deputy AG who has the power to reel it in or stop it altogether

Something could change tomorrow but from what we have heard, Trump will keep Rosenstein on-board..

Guess Trump figures he'll wait til' after midterms then get rid of both men - who knows

But for the moment, it just looks like incompetence on Trump's part to keep two men in the Justice Department he neither trusts or can stand
In the case of Sessions, its 100% Trump's fault things are so chaotic and that no liberal has been charged with any crime - from Hillary's fraudulent Foundation to the 27,000 purposely deleted sensitive emails and other top secret info on her assistant/lover Huma Abedin's laptop..

On and on.. we don't have the time to go into it all

The Trump Presidency right now feels like a crazy, cluttered mess; a table of shit packed with more shit upon more shit with no desire of the one responsible to take control and get things cleaned up
This has always been our biggest criticism other than the constant race, gender and ethnicity pandering

Yes we know its easier said than done, but if one is to be President or leader of anything, you have to prioritize and know what is important and what is not

There should have been 2 or 3 issues or concerns at most that were Trump's focus and not allow anything secondary to become a major distraction
As we said, we know its easier said than done but constantly tweeting about the Mueller investigation or those pieces of feces Hillary and Obama, and regurgitating the results of the 2016 election 18 months after it happened just..  Ehh,

We still support and love Trump but he's made some pretty serious and needless mistakes in the last few months and we just hope he didn't fuck up the GOP's ability to keep both houses of Congress this upcoming midterms