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Monday, September 24, 2018

Deeper the Kavanaugh Accuser Rabbit Hole Goes

A lot of things are being reported about Judge Kavanaugh and his main accuser Christine Ford with as to be expected, the liberal media taking her side and presenting accusations as provable fact

A handful of media sources, of course on the political right, are reporting more accurate renderings

We're not going to regurgitate it here.. Go to CNN if you want the lie and FoxNews if you want truth
So what is there to talk about regarding this topic?

We're going to focus on what most do not know..

Such as Kavanaugh's accuser is not just a die hard liberal and political operative, but her family i.e. Dad has CIA ties
Christine’s father, Ralph G Blasey Jr. was a proven CIA operative who, from June-1962 to January-1974, was the Vice President of National Savings and Trust of Washington, D.C.

This was a CIA black budget bank best known for being 100 paces from the White House, and whom, in 1998, was taken over by SunTrust Bank—whose majority share owner is the CIA-linked investment fund BlackRock.

Blasey Jr. today, is the Vice President of Business Development of Red Coats, Inc.—whose Admiral Security Services provides armed security for “Deep State” elites in Washington D.C.

This is overseen by Red Coats, Inc. co-founder and Vice Chairman William F. Peel III—and whose Datawatch Systems, he also controls, has US government contracts extending till 23 June 2023
And guess which current President the CIA along with FBI hate deeply

You didn't think this liberal bitch just popped out of nowhere did you?

Maybe ultimately this will be reported - maybe not

But even so, most people will not pay attention or it will be quickly forgotten as this farce plays on
Everyone knows it is such.. even despicable liberals but of course there are bigger concerns for them, like re-taking power and re-installing their secular social-progressive 1000 year Reich which has now been interrupted twice - first by W Bush and now Trump

So let's get beyond the politics and the specific characters of this little drama

Instead let's look at where we are as a society right now based on #MeToo and any woman making any accusation about any man at point in time based on any moment in history as instantly treated as 'valid'
What has been the collateral damage?

For one thing, men should be scared to shit of interacting with women which is exactly what many of the feminist man-hating cunts who have pushed this mindset over the last few decades have sought

And if you are male and not scared of women, you should be - deeply

Because we are seeing a society where any female piece of trash can come out of nowhere accuse a man of anything from 10..20..30+ years ago with not a shred of proof that would hold up in any court of law (not that they could go to court since there's statute of limitations) and the mere accusal along with one's party affiliation brings about knee-jerk support from half the population

Any woman can say 'He raped me back in the 1990s..'  or 'He exposed his penis back when we were 18..' and it is supposed to matter and be believed
Understand this can be done to anyone about anything.. doesn't even have to be sexual

"When we worked at X Department store 20 years ago, I saw 'John' steal money from the cash register..."

"Back when Y and I hung out in high school 40 years, she used to say 'nigger' to refer to blacks"

"I once saw Z flirt with a 13 year old girl at a party 25+ years ago... Of course he was 15 but Still!"

Etc.. Etc.. Etc.
Then the accused is instantly on the defense which is not a comfortable place to be and very quickly will find their reputation, career and relationships/friendships permanently tarnished as the accuser whistles along his/her merry way

What a horrible society we've become..  Even worse than the era of the Salem Witch Trial or McCarthyism

And who is going to step up and repeat the 'Have you no shame?!' rant during one of the Communist hearings in the 1950s?

Who is going to fight back?   Who can?
Everyone wants to speak political correct on this topic but we will not

Male.. Female.. Tranny.. If you are sexually harassed, inappropriately touched, sexually assaulted, blackmailed into sex or full-on rape, it is Your responsibility to report it to authorities in an appropriate and timely manner


If you are a child and/or genuinely scared for your life, that's probably the only exceptions we can understand why one remains quiet
And if you do not come forward within a reasonable time, don't come forward at all!

You snooze.. You lose

You are not brave to say something decades later or after someone has passed away, the fault is yours for keeping quiet, and we the society should not be forced to give a shit

Will political correctness ever Die?!

Or has it Contaminated the minds and souls of so many people that like a tumor, its deeply embedded into our social psyches and we don't know anymore how to remove it without destroying ourselves even more in the process
Basically one of two outcomes will come about by this Democrat operative strategy to destroy Kavanaugh:  He will become a Supreme Court justice or he won't

Everything else we honestly don't care about specific to this matter

What matters more is how much we've devolved as a nation and our belief always is that nothing that happens in any aspect of society is natural or organic
Barely anything we think, feel, believe, buy, want, wish or how we interact with others is based on our independent choice..  It is all manipulated in some way by forces we can not see and barely understand

And this society wants to destroy conservatives, despises any man who is not emasculated and weak, wants every group of people other than white males to rule, and will Destroy anyone who objects or gets in the way of this goal

Other than that, all is just peachy.