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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Happy 8th Anniv to Us & Nike- Appealing to 'Dogs' n' 'Cats' n' 'Rats'

Before we begin today's post, we want to acknowledge a very special day among the A&G family..

Today is the 8th anniversary of 'Ants & Grasshoppers' with this being posting #2,463

We first started as a means to explain the crash of 2008 and the insidious role of the Federal Reserve, mortgage industry and banks in a way any person could easily understand
Then it morphed into a constant yet needed criticism of a deeply terrible President (and even worse person) in that despicable Obama

From there it slowly morphed during the 2016 election as a means of explaining Trump's positions and why we predicted he would win (didn't hurt we agreed with practically everything he stood for during the campaign..)

And so here we are after 8 long years and we keep going on strong..
So onto today's post and we start it with two questions:

1)  What do you think would happen in our society if dogs and cats and rats were given the right to vote?

2)  What do you think would happen in our society if dogs and cats and rats possessed credit cards?

To answer question 1, in that scenario you better believe Democrats would actively court canines and felines and vermin by calling them a victimized minority

Then they'd promise to do everything possible to elevate them to equal, then superior status to humans who would feel guilty for walking on two legs
To answer question 2, you would see Madison Avenue go out of its way to depict as many dogs and cats and rats as romantic couples (brown dog, grey cat; black rat, white cat, etc..)

Also soulless corporations without any moral values, ethics or decency would tailor whole ad campaigns for companies to court their business while treating humans as inconsequential

That's what is being done with blacks currently

Whites are basically spit on by the greater liberal society so if the dog n' cat n' rat scenario ever was to happen, expect to be treated as second to four-legged creatures
The reason we bring this up is we keep thinking about Nike seeking to appeal to the lowest, most uneducated, common, putrid guttural, segments of our society by retaining that uppity mixed race anti-America fuck Colin Kaepernick to endorse its evil corporation

The target as with all 'hip' and 'cool' companies are urban kids; basically the nigger and the wigger (nothing more embarrasing than a white suburbanite trying desperately to look, talk, dress and act like they're from the 'hood)

They by and large think its alright for athletes to middle finger America's flag, its national anthem, its traditions, history, culture and way of life and a super-greedy uber-Capitalist corporation is pretending to embrace socialist-Marxist economic values to get these little losers to buy 3rd world slave labor products with the swoosh
But the whole Kaepernick controversy is about more than patriotism and respect to the nation and its institutions, and we've been one of the very few to speak candid on this

You have a football league, a privately owned business of white owners scared to death of their G-D black players and they both know it and love it

If the protest was about police brutality and so-called 'social justice' these barnyard animals and their white cuck compatriots would target the police directly
The kneeling and black so-called 'power' fists raised is now about two things: 'Fuck Trump' and basically,"we the colored ballplayers are no longer going to be multi-millionaire 'slaves' on your football plantation.. We are going to revolt and if you keep pushing us, we niggers will go Nat Turner on your white ass"

We expressed it crude but you better understand what is Really going on in this ongoing battle between the league and the players' association on this issue, now in year 3
By hiring that fucker Kaepernick as its product endorser, Nike a company owned and run by whites using children in deplorable conditions to make its garbage, is taking the side of blacks and pretending to believe all the 'black lives matter' Bullshit we've been forced to deal with

PS:  Black lives do Not matter..  Not one G-D iota more than Caucasians, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, Hindus, Homosexuals..

OK OK - we concede black lives matter more than Muslims
Those that Nike are courting with this ad campaign are the bottom feeders of our society and as has been explained numerous times to us and we to you, they are the ones with 100% disposable income and no financial obligations so they can afford to overpay to own Nike crap

The bigger picture is the nation and really world at large is scared to death of black people and they should be..  We all collectively gave them too much power and control to ruin our lives

So a collective 'Damn all of us' for letting it happen over the past few decades
Wonder how life would be different if blacks did not possess credit cards like dogs n cats and rats

We know we'd be seeing a lot less black, bi-racial and interracial representation in print/visual ads which is not a bad thing

We also know there'd be no Nike campaign starting that nappy-head ex-quarterback

We'll there's something to daydream.