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Friday, September 14, 2018

How Evil Liberals Politicize Natural Disasters

~ The above is not a true quote.. Only representative of how they think..

People ask us why is it we hate liberals so much

Not just dislike or can't stand but at a point where we do not seek or want any relationships romantic, friendly or otherwise with those who have such deep distortions and 100% wrong on practically every belief and viewpoint

In the era of President Trump, the enemy um, we meet our fellow Americans on the left side of the political aisle just make it too difficult to like them even on neutral topics
Being collectively Trump deranged, they can not help injecting their warped views and hatred for the President into everything

Its bad enough to try to stomach the lie they spew and sincerely believe that it is poo-colored Obama who deserves all the credit for the economy's turnaround even though the fucker did absolutely nothing during the eight years in office

But when we read things like in the Washington Post, that despicable leftist newspaper where they have the audacity to blame Trump for Hurricane Florence because he doesn't believe in climate change, it just reaffirms why people who think that way deserve to be spat on the face

Liberals also have exaggerated the deaths and suffering in Puerto Rico from last year's hurricane in a desperate attempt to try to hurt Trump for midterms without giving him credit for his swift response

The biggest shame of the Trump presidency is that his policies benefit all Americans when only 50% of nation really deserves the benefits and the other half deserve whipped creme pies with  bricks hidden inside, smushed to their collective faces

But rather than use this posting to vent something so obvious as liberals being despicable people, we want to address this continual lie we're all told called 'climate change' which is another way of saying global warming which is just as fake

The premise is basically all was right with nature and the world until evil man came along and industrialized causing the ozone to disappear, the polar ice caps to melt and at the rate we're going, destroy the planet
Of course to the liberal narrative, it is American industry that is at fault.. No one else

And so just like how they salivate and dance for joy every time children are killed by guns so they can use the corpses of the innocent to push their goal of ultimate repeal of the 2nd Amendment, they look forward to natural disasters like hurricanes, Nor'easters, tsunamis, etc to push their lie that it is we as Americans are causing it and spreading doom and despair to the world

If you think we are exaggerating any aspect of what we just expressed, you truly do not understand how the strategic mind of the political liberal operative thinks
Because they control the media, many people actually believe their propaganda as well as this notion that hurricanes are a modern phenomenon based on what we're doing to the environment

Did you know there have been over 120 documented hurricanes that hit land in the Western Hemisphere from the 1490's (the great Columbus discovered America in 1492) to the year 1600 alone!

This does not count anything from 1601 onward to the present
It would be too long to put down the entire list so we provide the link below.. It is a very interesting read even if you just skim through it

The first hurricane in the Atlantic basin observed and reported by Europeans occurred in September, 1494 during Christopher Columbus's second voyage to Hispaniola.

The earliest reported tsunami to hit our hemisphere was 1498 in Venezuela

Not too much industrialization going on in the 16th century was there?
For those who do not know, America was created in the late 18th century and the Industrial Revolution started in the early 19th century in Britain and very shortly after the US

But liberals don't like facts.. It gets in the way of their hysterics

Funny thing is we'd think their intentions were noble if it wasn't for the fact that liberals represent and defend the godless and every anti Judeo-Christian value and ethic known to mankind

So it can't be done with morally good intention
It is mainly an extension of guilt..

There's the contamination in the minds of so many Caucasian liberals called white guilt and they and every other color of the multi-ethnic liberal disease embraces America-guilt

Brazen enough to want to systematically destroy and tear down every aspect of our society but too cowardly to simply move to a repressive totalitarian state that they seem deep down to want to live under

They wouldn't bother us so much if not that these distorted people have the right to vote
Nothing ever changes because nothing is ever done to stop them from poisoning society, especially the young with their ideologies

They lie about and distort everything to advance a political goal and have near complete control of the media and entertainment apparatus to skillfully craft and mold their evil intent

And our side continues doing little to nothing to fight them head-on and so they are left unchecked and empowered and this game keeps going on and on