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Monday, September 10, 2018

How Far Back Does 'Deep State' Presence In America Go?

There's so much talk of 'deep state' in the news as if this is some kind of recent phenomenon

To liberals, a patriotic response to how supposedly 'dangerous' Trump is

To conservatives, a (so far) peaceful coup attempt to do anything possible to have the President ousted by impeachment or election; at the very least a means to undermine Trump's ability to govern so their worldviews stay in place
It is important to understand not just that there is a 'deep state' but it has existed in this nation far, far longer than anyone realizes

For most, the belief is this was created after WWII with the formation of the CIA and buildup of the military industrial complex

A few would say it started with the creation of the Federal Reserve back in 1911 or a little bit further back in 1908 when the FBI was created (it was originally called Bureau of Investigation until 'Federal' was added in 1935 when Hoover became its first director)
A few keen history buffs may even suggest a 'deep state' existed back during the Civil War where as conspiracy theories go, General Ulysses S Grant was supposed to attend the Ford's Theater performance with Lincoln and was intensely dissuaded prompting a last-second cancellation

Whether that is true or not, 'deep state' goes back even further

The first clear cut instance of a 'deep state' trying to take power from elected represented government and doing all it could to sabotage the nation and its citizens' well being in the process toward that goal was during the administration of Andrew Jackson (1829-1837)
Back in 1816, the Second Bank of the United States was chartered by President James Madison to restore the United States economy devastated by the War of 1812 and Monroe had appointed Nicholas Biddle as the Bank's executive.

Jackson believed that the Bank was a fundamentally corrupt monopoly. Its stock was mostly held by foreigners, he insisted, and it exerted an unfair amount of control over the political system.

He used the issue to promote his democratic values, believing the Bank was being run exclusively for the wealthy, stating that the Bank made "the rich richer and the potent more powerful and accused it of making loans with the intent of influencing elections.
In his address to Congress in 1830, Jackson called for a substitute for the Bank that would have no private stockholders and no ability to lend or purchase land. Its only power would be to issue bills of exchange.

The address touched off fiery debate in the Senate and political opponents hoped to make the Bank an issue in the 1832 election, so as to accuse Jackson of going beyond his powers if he vetoed a recharter bill. 

As a result Biddle was pressured by Jackson's adversaries in 1832 to immediately apply for recharter rather than wait to reach a compromise with the administration.

Biddle's recharter bill passed the House and Senate in 1832 and Jackson promptly vetoed as promised
At Biddle's direction, the Bank poured thousands of dollars ('thousands' of dollars was lot of money at that time) into a campaign to defeat Jackson, seemingly confirming the President's view that it interfered in the political process.

Ultimately Jackson won re-election in spite of the attacks on him and believed it was a popular mandate for his veto of the Bank's recharter and his continued warfare on the Bank's control over the national economy.

But supporters of the Bank were not done
They then  quietly directed Biddle after the election to dramatically raise interest rates to purposely cause a recession, financially hurting the citizenry and thus arm-twist Jackson to sign the Bank bill he earlier vetoed

Jackson would not budge and even though the Bank bill would be pushed and passed through Congress during Jackson's 2nd term up to the Presidency of John Tyler (1841-1845), it was consistently vetoed and ultimately failed.

This is what the 'deep state' does - it meddles in free elections, it does all it can to sabotage presidencies and if need be, hurt the people of the nation it pretends to want to protect all in the goal of protecting its political and economic interests
The political left is as evil as they come and those who support/vote liberal candidates as despicable and putrid as people as they've always been

They now go against everything that Andrew Jackson and Democrats of their day stood for, choosing instead to embrace identity politics and promote various barnyard animal groups as superior' to the farmer who really does the creating

Just lost soul party representing the soulless elements of our society