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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

How #MeToo is Actually Quite Selective

~ Singer Katy Perry giving a non-adult boy an inapproprate kiss which he did not seek or desire at a music awards show..  No one cared

The last couple days we've addressed the farce involving the desperate Democrats seeking to do everything possible to derail the Kavanaugh hearings, once again going to the bottom of the barrel (where all liberals spiritually reside)

Today we're going to address something else that is completely bullshit and few to none have the courage to express it openly:

The #MeToo movement
Understand this is different from a woman or even a man being sincerely sexually assaulted by another person and coming forward in a timely manner, notifying authorities and correctly pursuing criminal charges against one's assailant(s)

 As well, someone underage sexually assaulted by an adult, especially in a position of power where the victim is scared to tell another and represses the experience for a long time is also not what we are talking about

#MeToo is about two things:  feminist power and male emasculation
Notice no one ever speaks of a woman being sexually assaulted by another woman which happens more frequently than you think in the lesbian community

The liberal scum who started this hashtag movement certainly never concern themselves with men being sexually assaulted by women whether it be a physical assault of a man's orifice or the power dynamic where a woman forces a man to have sex with her to keep a job or get a promotion then hides behind their gender to pretend it never happened.
People like snickering at that concept as if 'how can a man be sexually a victim of a woman when she wants him to have sex' but remember there's all kinds of men out there - not just the common trash Hollywood depicts

Some men, especially those married are honorable, virtuous and loyal to their spouses.

In addition, don't assume the woman is attractive - if you're male and some 300lb hairy wildebeest demands you sleep with her to get that big raise and the sight of the person makes you want to vomit...
Also interesting how #MeToo hates going after black men who hurt white women because most of these involved in the 'movement' are privileged white guilt/shame filth

We know.. You are thinking 'what about Bill Cosby?'

To liberals, Cosby is no longer 'black'; no longer part of their community since he correctly spoke out so much about how the problems the black community they are facing are of their own doing, and not the fault of whites

That's the ultimate pariah to liberals; a race traitor.. OK to destroy him

The #MeToo movement sure as shit never went after Morgan Freeman even after the accusations - he just said 'sorry' and all was well.
Anyways, this is a big reason why the #MeToo movement is complete liberal shit - it assumes all victims are female, all perpetrators of rape are male and its baked deep into the framework of the American patriarchal society

#MeToo also embraces the political double standard that there really is no such thing as a liberal sexual assaulter or rapist

Everyone knows how all these parasitic women rushed quickly to Bill Clinton's defense every time a victim told her side of the story
They also tried to defend former Senator Al Franken after photos came out showing him squeezing the breasts of a woman while she was sleeping

Ultimately they decided because he represented a liberal state so he'd be replaced by another, they basically cut ties..

Wonder how things would have unfolded had Franken represented a state with a Republican governor who would appointed a Republican to replace him?
Also remember the whole brouhaha last year over Kevin Spacey?  Why were liberals in the #MeToo movement so angry with him?

Was it that Spacey being a queer man pretended all these years to be straight?

No.. Being gay is 'wonderful' and ejaculating semen in another male's anus or mouth is considered 'beautiful'
Was it that Spacey hungered to put his penis inside the anuses of underage males?

No.. Not really..

Was it that Spacey dared to explain the reason he is the way he is was because of his homosexuality?


Everything is a double standard
Back when everyone in Hollywood jumped in with their own phony #MeToo story about Harvey Weinstein, a 2nd rate actress most never heard of named Asia Argento said she was 'forced' to allow him to give her oral sex

Think on that a moment.. A woman being 'forced' to part one's legs so a man can place his tongue inside a vagina'

When it was revealed a month or two ago that she recently had sex with an underage male, no one in that movement really cared

Attractive woman + 17yr old male = 'Lucky Bastard'
Wonder if these people who make up this movement really seek to do something positive or is it just a 'look at me' fad like that time when a dozen or so super-wealthy white actresses adopted little brown babies within a 9 month period of each other like these African children were Fendi bags

If someone is sexually assaulted or even threatened, it is their responsibility not just to themselves and those they love (and love them) but to society at large to come forward and tell authorities as soon as possible

Because every day one remains silent, that other is out there potentially doing the same thing to others
We think on the whole Harvey Weinstein nonsense once more and those pieces of shit Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie come to mind

Both claimed many years later that Harvey did things of a sexual nature to make both very uncomfortable and yet they didn't feel all that disturbed by his presence that they happily accepted one film role after another, earning them awards and riches and fame

Neither had a problem smiling and posing for publicity photos with Harvey or giving him hugs and kisses on the cheek at different parties and public ceremonies

Yet both had sob stories and did the #MeToo spin and eventually got Weinstein destroyed; a man the Clintons had dinner with as one of their loyal friends just a few weeks prior to all the allegations coming forward
Now #MeToo wants to destroy Judge Kavanaugh and any other man who is conservative and in any position of power to curtail their social-progressive women dominate men dreams

The only reason this has gotten any credence much less traction is the same vermin who push this mindset also own the media and run Hollywood so all the avenues to constantly promote this are at their 24/7 disposal

Maybe there's some in the 'movement' who are sincere and have good hearts and intentions but they are a small minority

To deal with an enemy, you must fully understand what you're dealing with and #MeToo is simply another tentacle of the radical left seeking to destroy every aspect of the America they deeply hate and not care who they hurt and destroy in the process.