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Friday, September 28, 2018

If Ford is Successful, Credit Her Glasses

Well pretty much everyone watched at least some part of yesterday's little Capitol Hill show and has opinions one way or another

This is ours:  In short, Christine Ford's choice of wearing thick coke bottle glasses making her look deeply ugly and as if she was a woman with mental retardation was brilliant

Never seen someone arguing they had been sexually assaulted visually appear so absolutely horrible facially

And this can not be over-emphasized - Ford in spite of the 'Doctor' title that everyone kept calling her to show respect not deserved, looked yesterday like she had an IQ of 75
~ This is Not a photo of Ford when she was younger.. Just a girl wearing similar glasses

Why does this matter - the thick glasses?

Because even for us, we had this brief visual of a 'cool kid', a Mr Popular deciding to be funny or an asshole and jump upon a mentally challenged girl and felt yuk about it

We're not saying it happens.. Who really knows but let's admit it, as a society we're conditioned to think that if a female looks or dresses hot and a guy approaches, there has to be some kind of cause/effect going on

When someone so deeply homely and repugnant to look at makes the accusation, at first the feeling is 'Yeah, right!  This good looking guy would hit on her??'  but then the next visual that pops into the mind is, 'If so, this guy is pathetic'

So looking like clueless retard was brilliant strategy
~ Younger photos of Ford.. No coke bottle glasses present

When we first wrote on this topic which by now has bored us to tears, we posted a photo of Ford taken from a ski slope where she had black sunglasses, hair that looked stylish unlike the unkempt look of yesterday and appeared to be someone who physically could attract men

So either she purposely looked as horrid a physical specimen as could be or over time her looks really devolved to the point she looks like that on a daily basis

Let's do this example and you answer honestly to yourself the questions we pose

Here are two photos of the talented character actor Timothy Busfield from the 1980s.. The first photo is his character in 'Revenge of the Nerds' wearing the type of glasses Ford wore yesterday.. The second photo is his normal look

OK, now to the female readers - which of the two would you most likely desire going out with on a date?  Which of the two would you be more inclined to feel desire for intimacy with?

People who wear those kind of glasses, especially women may possess high intelligence but in appearance alone, it along with the physical and mental awkwardness of socialization issues give the appearance of someone intellectually slow and confused

And that is why you are seeing some Republicans start to fidget about just voting next week to confirm Kavanaugh who still has kept his looks even into his mid 50s

There's a common saying that one picture speaks 1,000 words and don't be naive to think for a moment her nauseating looks combined with those thick glasses weren't going through those Senators' minds