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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

It's Starting To Feel A Bit Like 'Trump & the Wolf'

Anyone and everyone who reads this blog knows that we at A&G overall think very positive of Trump and have been quite happy with his Presidency so far..

That said, there's still a lot of things we wish he would have and would currently do differently

Because as much as we support him, we've also at times admittedly felt exasperated which is a fancy way of saying pissed off..
Too much of a Peter and the Wolf vibe..

Too much complaining and seeking the assistance of others for problems either not all that important or to which he is more than capable of dealing with on his own

So we may sound harsh at times but we call it tough-love

As good a President as he's been, Trump could be so much better if he didn't seem to possess some kind of Attention Deficit Disorder
For example the situation with his Attorney General Jeff Sessions - the relationship is quite toxic and has been since the beginning when Sessions recused himself from the Russian meddling farce; a quite cowardly thing to do

Trump goes on Twitter and other social media to constantly vent about how bad the AG has been and yet complains as if its up to you or we to make the decision on the President's behalf

Um, no..
If yours truly had the power to fire Attorney Generals, it would have been done nearly 18 months ago when the recusal took place

Trump indicates he will wait until after the midterms to make any decision.. 

OK, Why?  Just, fire him Now!  Fire him Yesterday!  Do it..
This is of course assuming the Deputy AG is someone competent who can handle the reins until a new person is chosen by Trump and ultimately approved by Congress

What is the difference between getting rid of an incompetent now vs November.. 

Just fire the son of a bitch already!
The Mueller investigation is another irritant mainly because Trump keeps constantly complaining about it and acts like he is completely powerless to stop it

Does he not understand the powers he possesses as President?!

Trump can stop the Mueller probe now.. This moment.. Done! 

Could have stopped it last week.. last month.. last year.. 

But he keeps letting it go on and on and on and acts through social media like he is a victim
Maybe stopping it would upset many people especially on the left but so what! -

Everyone knows its a professional take down attempt and if they can not get Trump, the investigation will seek to destroy the lives of as many people as possible even remotely connected to the President.

We wonder sometimes if he allows all this nonsense to continue so he can keep portraying himself in a victim role so we, his base continue to rally to his support and show up in droves for midterms
Remember as we've said repeatedly, people mainly vote out of anger or fear..

If his supporters believe he's in total control of the chaos directed at him, then why get upset.. Just sit back and let him deal with it

Then there's his constant battle with the media which is genuine because they are by and large the scum of the earth and always have been
Quick true story on this..

Back during the Civil War, in 1864 General George Meade who was victorious at Gettysburg the year prior and at this point serving under General Grant punished a member of the press for something the guy wrote

The press pool of newspapermen were so livid that Meade would go after one of their own, they collectively agreed for the duration of the war that any time the Union had any success where Meade would normally receive even general praise, it would all go to General Grant

Every time the Union lost or suffered in any way, it would be reported that the blame would squarely be on the shoulders of Meade.
So yes, the media then as now are little pieces of shit with small egos to match their tiny penises and tits and everything they report is drenched in Trump hate

This brings up the question, why even have daily press briefings?  Why provide those vultures an opportunity to ask questions?

If yours truly was President, every day I would give a video briefing of the day's events. maybe 3-4 minutes and release it on social media and let the public see it; just bypass the press
Trump could do this.. He doesn't.. 

Just bitches and complains about the media that he could muzzle if he sincerely wished

Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson did it..

There is precedent
We love the President but he often reminds us of a child having a temper tantrum because he/she wants a soda and acts like its being prevented and everyone is conspiring against, when all the child has to do is get his/her ass up off the chair and get one from the fridge.

Another issue which has bothered us greatly is the continued defacing and destruction of statues of heroes of the Confederacy by white guilt/shame know-nothings who desperately need to be loved and accepted in a position of submissive inferiority by people of color

Trump says nothing..  Does nothing
If yours truly was President, an Executive Order would be issued that the defacing and/or destruction of any statue, historical marker or tombstone, no matter if person is famous or not, is a Federal crime and thus subject to much harsher criminal penalties

The college aged white rats in North Carolina who knocked down that Confederate statue should all be locked away in a Federal Penitentiary and its been a constant irritant that Trump never does anything to stop it

Guess he's too caught up in this belief that if he keeps saying the super nauseating 'Afr-Am' a million billion times instead of 'black' which those people are, he will gain a couple percentage points in the 2020 election; the voters he will lose by his non-stop race (and gender) pandering
Then there's the whole ICE situation where common liberal trash losers are blocking the entrance to their building in Portland, Oregon among other places and the mayor ordered the police to stand down and not disperse the Democrat-voting garbage

Trump complains.. vents.. does nothing

If yours truly were President, I'd send in the US Army if need be to forcibly arrest every protester then ensure the office building was always accessible to ICE agents.

Then I would Demand the Attorney General issue arrest warrants for the mayor and police chief or fire him on the spot and keep firing every person down the food chain until one agreed.
We could go on and on but the point has been made

Amazing that such a take charge personality as Trump voluntarily puts himself into a position of helplessness, or at least takes the public posture

The President has the power to unleash nuclear war at the push of a button which means he has the power to severely put down the media and political left by all means necessary

He also has the power to arm twist corporations like the NFL to do the right thing in respect to its black militant barnyard animal players and the ability to fire anyone he previously appointed in a finger snap
Maybe the despicable left is correct in one instance..

Maybe the President does tweet too much.

Less type n' hype - more taming of the political 'tiger' is necessary