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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Paid Protesters - Ah, What a Life

Obviously the big topic of the week is the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and if either of the two lying women who came forward at the very last moment will be believed by a single Republican Senator

Because that is all that matters in its simplest reality

All the Democrats were going to vote 'No' even if these horrible women did not come forward

So why the strategy to do all this at the last moment?
Obviously there's the shock value of it; the sensationalism factor and then the fact that it the nature of Democrats to be snakes..  

Think we read about snakes in the Bible, Old & New Testament so its a pretty good blueprint of the heart and mind of a liberal, especially one holding any power

So in addition to tarnishing a good man for being conservative and threatening a woman's 'right' to kill their child for expediency, it is another petty attack on a great President

Most important, the goal is to try to dissuade just one GOP Senator from supporting Kavanaugh, namely Susan Collins of Maine, the honk-nosed yuk who has betrayed her party before by years ago supporting Obamacare at the last minute in exchange for a basket of financial goodies to help her state
Wealthy Democrat filth have already threatened to donate millions to her opponent in this upcoming election if she didn't vote against the nomination

Of course being pieces of shit, would you expect a Democrat to do any less?

The one aspect we keep thinking about through all this are the 'protesters'

We use the word in quotes because they're really nothing more than paid extras, the kind of lowly lows you find on a film set
These so-called 'protesters' meet in designated areas, sign forms acknowledging they're present in the vein of a punch-in clock, put onto buses and driven to their destination points

They're given the signs to display, told what to say, , shirts to wear, taught how to deal with police and most importantly to save their energy for when there are cameras present

Yours truly will never forget years back when local news was covering a workers strike and the anchors cut away to the reporter on the scene

Behind him were a bunch of union workers standing peaceful and quiet, not realizing the camera had switched to them..  Once the guy started to speak, then those others went into protest chant mode

I never forgot that
So anyways, after a few hours of meaningless yelling and disrupting, they have their lunch break and opportunity to use the porta-potty, then back for more standing around, then meet back at the buses, are driven back to the original area where they all sign out for the day then go back to their worthless nothing lives knowing they got paid minimum wage for their efforts

What a life.

As we said, its no different than extras on a film set - they meet at designation X, get taken to another site in buses as the stars, the ones who really count are driven in comfort..  

The extras are given costumes then like good little idiots, do what they're told - stand Here, say This, yell Louder.. and.. Cut..
As much as we look at the hippie movement of the 1960s as absolute losers, at least they protested with conviction and sincerity, doing so for free

We're sure a lot of the people you see protesting Kavanaugh are doing so because they're sincerely liberal fucks but we don't believe its sincere hate against him; its more contrived

When Trump decided on Kavanaugh, it was from a short list of 4 possible nominees and the Democrat operative protest organizers had professional looking protest signs ready for All Four people to be handed out to their lowly employee protesters as soon as Trump announced

Not too organic and natural the outrage was it?
Speaking of being paid, we wouldn't be surprised one bit if it was ever revealed Kavanaugh's accusers received compensation of some kind to come forward

Just don't expect the liberal media to ever bother to investigate it

Ah democracy..